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Mughal Tribal Design Carpet Cream 4 x 6

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Origin of Mughal Carpet Designs

The tribal carpet designs mostly contain abstract motifs with bold and rusty colors. During the Mughal period, when the kings were on the battlefields. They used to live in the luxurious tents in which the floors were covered with carpets. 

The carpets were never taken from the palaces because they had floral motifs. The floral motifs were not going with the decor of the tents. This is why the colors used in tribal designs were earthy & rustic. The patterns were more abstract and symbolic than artistic and floral. The symbols were painted on the outer walls of their houses, the meaning of those symbols was happiness, success, and victory. 

The carpets used in the palaces had cotton warp and weft and the fringes, look very nice with artistic, floral, fine, and intricate patterns.

Tribal carpets have their bold patterns and rustic colors look very nice with the wool fringes. And the fine cotton was also not easily available in the tribal areas and it was the reason for not having the cotton fringes. But these carpets are still made with the wool base, maintaining the originality of the tradition. 

Now, you know why these designs are still handed down and therefore they are called "THE MUGHAL TRIBAL DESIGNS".


  • Material: Wool
  • Color: Cream
  • Size: 4 x 6 Feet
  • Construction: Hand-knotted
  • Origin: India (from Rural Area)
  • Collection: Traditional
  • Best for: Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Pile Height: 9 mm

Care Instructions

  • Vacuum whenever needed: Keeps dirt away from getting trapped into fibers. 
  • Rotate occasionally: Keeps the tone uniform.
  • Clean immediately: If spills occur, clean immediately but don't rub the stain.
  • Use protectors with furniture: For heavy furniture(s), put protectors under the legs helps to avoid flattening and piling.
  • Professional cleaning recommended after specific intervals.

Shipping and Returns

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  • Ready to dispatch in 1-3 days. Delivery may take 6-10 days.
  • *15 days hassle-free returns (not applicable for the custom rug)

Please Note

  • Actual colors may vary slightly due to certain factors (lighting, camera settings, angle, etc.)
  • No two products will be identical, leads to the uniqueness of handmade items. 

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