Flat Woven Rug - Cat's Eye Pattern Curved Dhurrie Rug [Handwoven] - The Rugs Cafe
Flat Woven Rug - Cat's Eye Pattern Curved Dhurrie Rug [Handwoven] - The Rugs Cafe
Flat Woven Rug - Cat's Eye Pattern Curved Dhurrie Rug [Handwoven] - The Rugs Cafe
Flat Woven Rug - Cat's Eye Pattern Curved Dhurrie Rug [Handwoven] - The Rugs Cafe

Flat Woven Rug - Cat's Eye Pattern Curved Dhurrie Rug [Handwoven]

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What are Dhurrie Rugs?

Dhurries (also dhurri, durrie, durry, or dari) are thin flat-woven rug or carpet used traditionally in South Asia as floor-coverings.

Flat Woven Rug - Cat's Eye Pattern Curved Dhurrie Rug [Handwoven]

Prepare your eyes and your living space for lift-off! Elevate and excite your mood. Color is fun, color is excitement, color is life, and that's precisely what this rug will inject into your life, your home, or living space.

This Cat's Eye Pattern Curved Rug will pump up the style in any space while adding warmth to the entire ambiance. Give your home a makeover with one small change and fresh natural color and ethnic charm to your floors with this natural flat woven rug. 

Made from wool and cotton this dhurrie rug is durable and is sure to add charm and style to your room decor. This dhurrie is woven on a loom using cotton and wool yarn. The warp and weft are cotton yarn, and it is the interlocked weave that makes it reversible. The color-fast natural dyed yarn is the reason they are completely washable to suit the practical need of the modern home.

You can enjoy the peaceful and happy sense of serenity you get by seeing a light-colored rug in your house.

This flat-woven rug is perfect for any space but also a great kid and teen-friendly rug for children's bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, classrooms, or any other kids' space where the vivid colors will entice and heighten their mind and mood. 

Woven with the extra thick, dense, extended pile, your feet will be as happy as your eyes and your mind. 

Ideal for:
Living room, family room, dining room, bedroom, office, kitchen, den, library, coffee shop, guest room, pool house, and TV room. 


  • Material: Wool with Cotton Touch
  • Size: 5.6 x 7.9 Feet
  • Color: Cream (Multiple Shades)
  • Construction: Handwoven
  • Origin: India (from Rural Area)
  • Collection: Dhurrie Rugs
  • Best for: Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Pile Height: ~ 8 mm

Care Instructions

  • Vacuum whenever needed: Keeps dirt away from getting trapped into fibers. 
  • Rotate occasionally: Keeps the tone uniform.
  • Clean immediately: If spills occur, clean immediately but don't rub the strain.
  • Use protectors with furniture: For heavy furniture(s), put protectors under the legs helps to avoid flattening and piling.
  • Do not pull yarn: If the thread comes out, trim it with a scissor.
  • Professional cleaning recommended after specific intervals.

Shipping and Returns

  • Free Shipping worldwide. (*Local taxes may apply depending on the laws of respective countries. Have a query? Get in touch with us at therugscafe@gmail.com)
  • Ready to dispatch in 1-3 days. Delivery may take 6-10 days.
  • *15 days hassle-free returns (not applicable for the custom rug)

Please Note

  • Actual colors may vary slightly due to certain factors (lighting, camera settings, angle, etc.)
  • No two products will be identical, leads to the uniqueness of handmade items. 

 Your purchase of handcrafted items helps preserve craft traditions worldwide.