Charbagh (Four Gardens) Design Silk Carpet - Red

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The Story of Charbagh Carpet

Charbagh carpet design is having a central medallion and floral motifs with arches, represent the 'concept of paradise'. These patterns fall under the category of Charbagh (this is a Hindi Term) motif, where 'char' means Four and 'bagh' means Garden. Which basically means that there will be four gardens in the carpet. And, this is the same concept on which the Taj Mahal was built.

In religion, it is believed that there would be a day of judgment. The day when every body, who is dead would rise from their graves. Then, god would descend and decide who is going to heaven and who is going to hell.

The kings and queens who supposedly did all the right things in their life shall always have the chance to go to heaven. A paradise is created on the earth until the day of judgment.

If we consider it from the mindset of the people come from the desert region, near Iran (Mughals). They presume a paradise, there would be a center residing place covered by gardens on all four sides. It would have the gateway for the entry of the god and supplementary garden on the outer of it.

The same is the concept of this carpet. It has the center medallion representing the residing place. The floral works represent the garden, the arches represent the gates, and the border represents the supplementary garden.


  • Material: Silk
  • Size3 x 5 Feet
  • Construction: Hand-knotted
  • Origin: India (from Rural Area)
  • Collection: Silk Rugs
  • Best for: Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Pile Height: ~ 9 mm

Care Instructions

  • Vacuum whenever needed: Keeps dirt away from getting trapped into fibers. 
  • Rotate occasionally: Keeps the tone uniform.
  • Clean immediately: If spills occur, clean immediately but don't rub the stain.
  • Use protectors with furniture: For heavy furniture(s), put protectors under the legs helps to avoid flattening and piling.
  • Professional cleaning is recommended after specific intervals.

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Please Note

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  • No two products will be identical, leads to the uniqueness of handmade items.