Our Story

The lineage of rug and carpet making in India was established by the Mughals when weavers were brought to India from Central Asia and Middle-Eastern countries. These weavers were well-trained to craft beautiful designs and weave luxury carpets for the Mughal emperors. 

The long-age tradition of carpet weaving has made  India stand tall in the international rugs market. India prides to be the third biggest exporter of the best hand-knotted rugs in the world. 

It feels immense pleasure to mention that The Rugs Cafe is a prominent rug exporter in India and an inseparable part of India’s rich heritage. We treasure our 1400+ artisans and weavers who bestow upon us their exquisite rug and carpet weaving skills. 

Mr. Siddharth Kalra is the founder of The Rugs Cafe. He is a young entrepreneur with a vision and aim to build a purposeful business that gives back equally to the society. Rug and carpet making is a labour intensive process where artisans spend months crafting the best rugs. He along with his sister envisions this brand to generate the maximum employment and returns for such artisans and weavers. 

Mr. Kalra upon completing his higher studies got placed in an eminent corporate organization. He enjoyed everything there but his heart still remained in his hometown Agra. He always wanted to stay with his family and his people. Soon, he decided to leave his job and join his family business. 

In no time, Mr. Kalra learned his business inside out and it was time to give a modern-age makeover to his traditional family business. Things were going smooth but who knew the year 2020 had different plans for everybody!  Covid struck and India saw one of the most stringent lockdowns ever. Everything was halted then and there. The pandemic impacted a lot in everyone's life and the times were indeed worrisome. 

Siddharth’s tech-savvy mind found immense opportunities in the Internet world. He chose to tap all such possibilities that come with the internet while staying safe at his home in Agra. In 2021, The Rugs Cafe was born. His father assisted him in his new venture as he shared his experience in the Indian rug and carpet industry. 

Within weeks, Siddharth realised that there lies a vast gap in revenues between the artisans, the retailers, and the exporters. To make things seamless and profitable for the artisans, the gap must be filled! 

The whole concept of The Rugs Cafe (TRC) works like the Amazon of artisans and weavers. It is an online marketplace where artisans’ carpets and rugs can be listed on the platform. When an order is generated, the carpet can be acquired from the house of the artisan and can be delivered to the customer after final touches. 

The concept eased the inventory handling process and gave maximum returns to the artisans. This unique concept won the applause of many and helped The Rugs Cafe to become a differentiator in the market. 

The Indian Rugs industry has huge potential to prosper. However, it requires modern transformation where the artisans are rewarded and provided with employment and appropriate remuneration. With The Rugs Cafe, we aim to transform this industry in an effective and efficient way.