Mughal Garden Design 2x3 area Rugs (Premium)

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Story of Mughal Garden Design 2x3 area Rugs

Mughal garden carpet design creatively originated in 637 A.D. The carpet was designed to give the king an illusion of spring, in the months of winter. You can observe, the carpet consists of nine different types of blocks. Each block represents the garden motif(s) of that era.

Out of these 24 blocks in 5 Different Rows:

  • 2 blocks represent the 'weeping willow plant'
  • 1 block represents the 'tree of life (in abstract form)
  • 1 block represents the 'tree of life in the highly decorated style with a flower and arch
  • 1 block represents the inverted lotus
  • 2 blocks represent the 'Millefleurs' design. Where Mille means thousand and Fleurs means flowers, that means a thousand flowers motif.
  • 1 block represents the 'R' symbol of paisley design
  • 1 block represents the branch of a tree

All these (or types of) blocks are put together to give an illusion of the garden during the spring season. Also, the Mughal garden carpet was used for floor and wall decoration for the king. 

About Mughal Design 2x3 Area Rugs

Comprising of beautiful color combinations and interesting Mughal art design patterns, this captivating piece of silk carpet has a personalized touch of rich Indian history. Extended durability, lavish looks, and true luxury on its own are the other few exquisite attributes of this carpet. To own the experience of this rich tradition.

The rug is available in size 2 x 3 Feet is a hand-knotted rug made by the artisans of Rural Agra.

Details of 2x3 Rug

  • Material: Silk
  • Pattern: Mughal Garden
  • Size: 2 x 3 Feet
  • Construction: Hand-knotted
  • Origin: India (from Rural Area)
  • Collection: Master Rugs
  • Best for: Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Pile Height: 9 mm

Care Instructions for Design Rug

  • Vacuum whenever needed: Keeps dirt away from getting trapped into fibers. 
  • Rotate occasionally: Keeps the tone uniform.
  • Clean immediately: If spills occur, clean immediately but don't rub the stain.
  • Use protectors with furniture: For heavy furniture(s), put protectors under the legs helps to avoid flattening and piling.
  • Professional cleaning is recommended after specific intervals.

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Note From The Rug Cafe 

  • Actual colors may vary slightly due to certain factors (lighting, camera settings, angle, etc.)
  • No two products will be identical, which leads to the uniqueness of handmade items.

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