Gol Gumbad Design 3x5 Red Rug

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Story of 'Gol Gumbad' Design Carpet

'Gol Gumbad' (also called Gol Gumbaz) is a Hindi term, where 'Gol' means Round and 'Gumbad' means Dome. The Taj Mahal has a flawless interior of the dome, a unique and beautiful pattern within. One can not describe the beauty of it in words. The 'Gol Gumbad' Design Carpet is inspired by the same.

The center medallion of the carpet is inspired by the central ceiling work. And the outer design of 'the diamond cut niches' is also inspired by the magnificent ceiling design.

‘Gol Gumbadh’ is surrounded by rare folk tales and they are unique in their way. These tales have been passed from designer to designer, merchant to merchant, and trader to trader.

The story goes like this:

A long time ago, there was an artisan who was determined to recreate the aesthetic design of the interior of the dome in the Taj Mahal. He was so fascinated by the design that he tried to capture it with his eyes. And he did!


He used to visit the Taj Mahal and record the pattern of the interior design of the dome, simply with his eyes (there were no digital cameras and smartphones easily available for capturing the same).

The problem he faced was, he forgot the design numerous times while drawing it. It took him several attempts to complete the design on paper and hence multiple visits to the Taj Mahal for this but certain objective.

Thereafter, he started weaving a carpet following the same design he made the hard way. To get it done, it took another one and a half years. This is how the 'Gol Gumbad' design came into form.

"The Taj Mahal is a widely recognized Mughal Art and the ceiling depicts incredible workmanship and that same workmanship is reflected in the carpet."

About Gol Gumbad Design Rug

This rug is made from rich quality silk and gives warmness to the room.  The Rugs made of silk are prone to damage so we have to take extra care of the rug. This red area rug is the best-selling rug from our master rugs collection. 

This 5x7 red rug of Gol Gumbad design is of high quality and it can be determined by seeing it, as the number of knots used in making the carpet is more than a normal rug white itself determines that the density, durability, and clarity of the pattern. 

Details of Red Area Rug

  • Material: Silk (Masterpiece)
  • Pattern: Gol Gumbad
  • Color: Red
  • Size: 5 x 7 Feet
  • Construction: Hand-knotted
  • Origin: India (from Rural Area)
  • Collection: Master
  • Best for: All types of rooms
  • Pile Height: 9 mm

Care Instructions for Red Area Rug

  • Vacuum whenever needed: Keeps dirt away from getting trapped into fibers. 
  • Rotate occasionally: Keeps the tone uniform.
  • Clean immediately: If spills occur, clean immediately but don't rub the stain.
  • Use protectors with furniture: For heavy furniture(s), put protectors under the legs helps to avoid flattening and piling.
  • Professional cleaning is recommended after specific intervals.

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