Stepping in to buy a rug for your house, office or commercial space is a big decision to make. Upon review of all the available options displayed online or in the market, we, in general, come to the conclusion that expensive rugs (or hand-knotted rugs) are the best choice to make.

After all, there must be a reason why hand-knotted rugs are expensive in the first place. What might usually escape our notice while we are busy carpet-shopping is the fact that the most expensive, luxurious looking and desired rugs are more often than not hand-knotted rugs. Now, what makes hand-knotted rugs so special that people are ready to spend big bucks on them? Is it just their price tag? Is it the quality and build of hand-knotted rugs that appeal to people?

Making of hand-knotted rug; why hand-knotted rugs are expensive

There are several reasons behind the fact, behind high price tags for hand-knotted rugs. For instance, as signaled by its name, hand-knotted rugs employ a unique weaving technique that affects their quality, texture, design complexity, and price.

The intricacy in the design, build, and overall feel of a hand-knotted rug is brought from hours, days, and weeks of labor by skilled craftsmen. Lets us learn more about the facts that make hand-knotted rugs sought after in the market and their analogous tendency to be so expensive.

Hand-Knotted Rugs Material

Hand-knotted rugs in general are made of superior quality materials. And the superior quality of materials used to create hand-knotted rugs is usually exclusive and expensive. For instance, hand-knotted rugs are created using the most unique, durable, and finest quality of wool, silk, and other materials.

Why handknotted rugs are expensive

Woolen hand-knotted rugs are the most desired and primary material used in the making of hand-knotted rugs. Pure silk hand-knotted rugs are expensive too. Altogether, a blend of silk and wool fabric hand has been the most desired set of hand-knotted rugs in the market because of their blended qualities and remarkableness.

Hand-knotted rugs are environmentally sustainable and friendly too because of their material build. The all-natural materials unite and wear down evenly, giving your hand-knotted rug unique characteristics unlike any other you will see in the market in the same price range or below.

Hand-Knotted Rugs Knot Density

When buying a rug, you will notice people inspecting or asking the shopkeeper about the tightness of the weave or knot count. These details are of particular importance when it comes to luxurious and high-end rugs such as the hand-knotted ones. The more knots in an area rug, the more valuable it is.

Hand-knotted rugs; colorful

Now the knotting technique as prevalent in the making of hand-knotted rugs is difficult to master quickly, and the KSPI (Knots Per Square Inch) is the key determinant that matters when fixing the price of a hand-knotted area rug. Hand-knotted rugs with KSPI less than 80 are determined as low-quality carpets or area rugs thus they will sell for a lower price range.

The medium or good quality hand-knotted area rugs usually have KSPI between 123 to 330. Within this range, hand-knotted rugs are pretty remarkable of a kind, and each hand-knotted rug shows unique characteristics of its own. After all, no two hand-knotted rugs are made equal. The high-quality hand-knotted area rugs customarily have a range of KSPI upwards of 330. At this KSPI range of hand-knotted rugs, the price tag and similarly the quality and build of the rugs start to become exceptionally high. 

Why hand-knotted rugs are expensive

Of course, granting the labor and uniquely traditional form of area rug construction displayed in the surface and feel of hand-knotted rugs, the price of the rugs is justified. The knots of the surface of a hand-knotted rug make it more dependable and long-lasting. There are other points and factors too that determine the answer to the question; why hand-knotted rugs are so expensive?

Hand-Knotted Rugs Design And Patterns

Hand-knotted rugs on the surface show off the skills of craftsmen with years of experience behind them. The embroidery on the surface of hand-knotted rugs that is often seen is unique and inspired by the tales of mythology, culture, and environment. Even the modern and contemporary hand-knotted rugs have a unique story to tell and these rugs never go out of style and trend.

Making of handwoven area rug

The timelessness of hand-knotted rugs plays a key factor in its demand in the market. Hand-knotted rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. For instance, the hand-knotted rugs present in the inventory of The Rugs Cafe each have a different and magnificent story to tell through their style.

Many Hand-knotted rugs

Even the hand-knotted rugs that are passed down from generation and have a muted or faded tone of the surface are considered highly valuable for their longevity. Even the antique hand-knotted area rugs are considered a piece of rare art because they tend to hold the stamp of time and cultural influence on the surface through their patterns and design. The rareness of embroidery, patterns, and designs along with colors created of the surface of a hand-knotted rug is a few of the determinants that play a key role in their high cost. 

Hand-Knotted Rugs Labor Cost

Each hand-knotted rug is a masterpiece on its own because no two hand-knotted rugs are exactly similar in every way. This is because, well hand-knotted rugs are made primarily through hand labor by skilled artisans. Every single know you will see on the surface of a hand-knotted area rug has been individually tied by hand.

Hand-Knotting an area rug; why hand-knotted rugs are expensive

So, you can come to the conclusion of your own that making a hand-knotted rug from the start to the end is labor and time-intensive. Warping of yarns and tying of knots in a single hand-knotted rug may take months or even years. All the effort, determination, influence, and time that has gone on to make a hand-knotted rug exclusively ask for rewards too, mostly in terms of the cost of purchasing the same rug.

The hours of labor and intricate details that go on to create a single hand-knotted rug carry a lot of importance. For instance, the labor put in by skilled craftsmen who have mastery in this unique traditional art of making hand-knotted rugs make rugs like these highly durable for years to come. Thus, a single piece of a hand-knotted area rug can go on to become an investment and a part of generational wealth, passed on from generation to generation.

Flat-weaving an area rug

A medium good quality or a high premium quality hand-knotted rug can easily last up to decades or even a Millennium. Hand-knotted rugs from famous households of the past, such as the royalty, become famous auction pieces. For instance, hand-knotted rugs from the Napoleon era actually go on to sell for thousands of bucks. The finest examples of durability and timelessness of hand-knotted area rugs.

Hand-Knotted Rugs Age

The process of creation of a hand-knotted rug is lengthy and as we mentioned earlier, labor-intensive. The process of manufacturing hand-knotted area rugs starts from dying the yarn. mapping of designs and patterns, weaving, washing, stretching, clipping, and at last, finishing. There are of course lots of customary and specific steps involved in the creation of hand-knotted rugs when they are made exclusively for someone or a unique characteristic is added in the process of making.

Man and woman weaving a dhurrie rug

A hand-knotted rug has the ability to last in good condition and be passed down through generations and decades. Hand-knotted rugs from royal households have been known to be sold at skyrocketing prices at auction. When there is a sale of antique hand-knotted rugs in the market, the amount of wear and tear signs determine its price. The higher a hand-knotted rug's worth, the fewer signs of wear it has.

The durability of hand-knotted rugs is much higher than other types of rugs in the market because of their build, material, and other factors. These determinants make a hand-knotted rug ideal for areas with high foot traffic. Every hand-knotted area rug or carpet is valuable, as their value improves as they age. 

Hand-Knotted Rugs Condition

If you are determined and have your vision set on a hand-knotted rug, keep in mind that it is precious and original, just like any piece of famous artifact you see in a museum or sold in a high-end auction. Colors, knots, build, and natural materials all come together to make the hand-knotted rug you desired that will continue to be a part of your life for years to come.

Hand-Knotted Rugs Collection; Why hand-knotted rugs are expensive?

One of the most particular ways to identify whether the rug that has your interests is really hand-knotted or not is to check for tiny variations that you will be able to see from knot-to-knot. Also, the edges of the hand-knotted rug are generally woven as a part of the hand-knotted rug. These characteristics are a few of the factors that helps anyone distinguish a real hand-knotted rug from others in the market.

Woman feet and traditional area rug

Hand-knotted rugs can grace the floor of any space such as your home, office, and commercial areas and still manage to maintain a great appearance for years to come. One of the points justifying the high costs of hand-knotted can be accounted for as their tendency to be ideal for high foot traffic areas. The condition of hand-knotted remains pristine as for their foundation of knots that makes them more reliable and enduring over time.

You may notice your hand-knotted rug shedding initially if it is brand new but these rugs tend to shed less comparably. The shedding will reduce with time as the hand-knotted rug will grow older. With the slow demise of casual culture and growing tendency to own something vintage, antique, and ever-lasting, investing in a hand-knotted rug seems the best way for the current generation.

Hand-Knotting a woolen area rug; Why hand-knotted rugs are so expensive.

Hand-knotted rugs never go out of style and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thus, the supply and demand of hand-knotted rugs are huge in the market which in return has a massive impact on their value too. Most of the time, purchasing a premium quality hand-knotted rug seems like partaking in an auction even at a bazaar. 

Are Hand-Knotted Rugs Worth Purchasing? 

Bargaining for hand-knotted rugs is a skill, just like the ancient art of making the knots of the area rug itself. Old Persian and Oriental area rugs and carpets are more often than not actually hand-knotted and the more ancient they are, the higher their value is in the market.

Tribal design hand-knotted rug

The phenomenon of the antique hand-knotted rug being sold for millions of dollars depends on the durability and luxury factor. You can only imagine at first how great and powerful a hand-knotted rug will look gracing the floor of your desired space. Hand-knotted rugs are a pleasure to behold, both aesthetically and tactically, when you touch them with your feet or hands.

For instance, you can see this spectacular hand-knotted rug from the Rugs Cafe that has Persian influences and beautiful designs and patterns on its surface. This Kerman Design hand-knotted carpet has been created by skilled artisans with years of experience in rural India and it is available for purchase in multiple colors. 

Hand-knotting is a competence that is nearly inconceivable to fathom in today's fast-paced, inpatient world. The fact that a number of highly skilled craftsmen had come together for months and years to create this wonderful-looking rug is sure to elicit a gasp of astonishment and appreciation out of you.

When you finally land yourself in the position of buying a hand-knotted rug for your home, office, or commercial space, you want to leave your guests, patrons, and anyone who lays on it awestruck. Moreover, functionality and practicality, along with finesse are some of the main determinants that come first when buying a rug.

The Bottom Line

Hand and carpet; Why hand-knotted rugs are expensive

The above-mentioned factors and qualities are some of the many key reasons that determine and justify the high prices and value of a hand-knotted rug. What's crucial to remember within yourself is that the justified cost of the real hand-knotted rug is well worth it when you consider how its made, all the labor put into its creation, and the astonishing fact that the same hand-knotted rug can be treated as an investment and may be passed down through generations in your family who will continue to appreciate its value and worth.

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