Wherever you are in the world, one of the most required calls from your body will be telling you to rest your feet on something. Carpets come synonymous with this call of comfort and more. You can use a carpet as soft and cozy as underfoot, or as a piece of decoration to uplift the décor of the room or space. In short, carpets are part of the main components of elements that make a home truly feel like a home.

Of course, you can use carpet in commercial spaces and offices, but inside all of these spaces, you eventually want something to bring in homely energy to calm your mood and a carpet does exactly that. Now if you have recently moved into a new living or commercial space or want to remodel your interior décor, chances are you may also want to introduce or change your carpet.

Many carpet; types of carpets

Carpet shopping can be excruciating. After all, there are so many varieties and types of carpet available at all price ranges. In moments like these when we have too many choices in front of our eyes, we often fail to make rational decisions while purchasing according to our needs. And buying a carpet should always be treated as an investment. 

To avoid making a rash decision when it comes to purchasing carpets, it is always better to decide beforehand that what type of carpet you want. Now, carpets can be divided into several major categories in regards to their build, material, and more. But the major category that is used to differentiate various types of carpet is based on their pile style. We are here to tell you more about the different types of carpets available in the market and their specific traits:

Level Loop Pile Carpet

Created from a series of looped yarn that has been prior measured to the same length. This process of carpet making gives the surface of a level loop carpet a smooth appearance and touch. You can easily distinguish level loop piles from all other carpets in the market by identifying their small loop sizes. 

The tight and solid appearance of the carpet holds true in its quality too as level loop pile carpet types are hard-wearing and durable. You can easily identify a level loop pile carpet in the market by its distinguished textured loop end formed by a simplistic loop.

Carpet; Close Up

You will not witness any left imprints of vacuuming or footprints on the surface of a level loop pile carpet. All of these qualities make a level loop pile carpet best suited to be laid in areas where there is high foot traffic outdoor or indoor. Lay a level loop pile carpet in the hallway, porch, store-front, or dining room and you will notice satisfactory results for a long period.

Berber Carpet

One of the most popular choices of carpets chosen by people while carpet-shopping points towards Berber loop pile carpet. Recently started your company and want a decorative yet durable carpet to grace the floor of your store or office? Well, a Berber carpet is one of the best options available. You might notice a nubby texture when you feel a Berber carpet as they are mostly hand-knotted.

Not only are Berber carpets long-lasting, but they are also modern, trendy, and stylish. So expect a few gasps of adorations from your patron as soon as they lay their eyes on your Berber carpet. Made from a series of looped yarn, Berber carpets are much tighter than all other loop pile carpets. The build of Berber carpets is strong and dense which makes them stay fine for a long period of time.

Multiple carpets; colorful; types of carpet

Versatility often becomes closely attached to Berber carpets everywhere because of its attributes. Berber carpets have become increasingly popular in the last few years because of their durability while gracing the floors of residential or commercial areas, no matter the amount of foot traffic. Also, Berber carpets are reasonably priced in the market and they offer a lot of pros which appears as a golden deal to everyone.

Saxony Cut Pile Carpet

If you want a carpet to make your room's décor feel sophisticated, comfortable, and luxurious, then Saxony cut pile carpet is one of the best options there is. Made from uniformly cut loops, the surface of this carpet is even and plush. A Saxony cut pile carpet should not be confused with a plush carpet because the build of a Saxony carpet consists of longer threads. The slightly bent look of the threads on the surface of a Saxony cut pile carpet is created as a result.

Saxony Cut Pile Carpet; Types of carpet

Bear in mind that footprints and vacuum marks are easily imprinted on the surface of a Saxony cut pile carpet. There are of course numerous pros too in getting a traditional Saxony cut pile carpet, one of the reasons being its innate quality to never go out of style. Saxony cut pile type of carpet is one of the best choices you can opt for to lay on the busier sides of the office, home, or store.

Multi-Level Loop Carpet

Also known as High-Low Loop pile carpet, a multi-level loop is a type of carpet that has a textured appearance that is created using loops of multiple lengths. In short, the appearance of the loops of fiber on the surface of a multi-level loop carpet is not uniform, which gives it a unique and distinct look, thus setting it apart from other loop pile carpets in the category. The variable sizes of the loop on the surface of a multi-level loop carpet are often done to create definite decorations, patterns, and/or textures. 

Multi-Level Loop Carpet; Types of carpet

A multi-level loop carpet is known to be remarkably durable, so go ahead and place it on stairs, entranceways, and hallways, anywhere high traffic is receptive. To design pattern impressions, a multi-level loop type of carpet typically has two to three different loop heights which provide it with good durability and a three-dimensional appearance.

Textured Cut Pile Carpet

Textured cut pile carpets are one of the most famous choices for the home, commercial, and office spaces currently. Combing the process of a cut pile that consists of rugged and or bent fibers, a textured cut pile carpet is made to both durable and long-lasting. Dirt, dust, and other things do not get stored in dents and tracks in this kind of carpet because it is notably hard-wearing.

Got a fairly busy home, store, or office, with high traffic from patrons, guests, and pets? Then, bring in a textured cut pile carpet is bring a solution to your misery and provide a soft underfoot for everyone who steps on it for the longest time.

Textured Cut Pile Carpet

A textured cut pile carpet is reasonably priced in the market. In general, a textured cut pile carpet does not require much care or attention, so you can vacuum when there is a need or set a routine to vacuum once a week or so. With pros of course comes the cons. You might find textured cut pile carpet not very colorful or trendy enough due to their build and creation process.

While there is a solid advantage that textured cut pile carpet provides which is the fact that it does not leave tracks marks of vacuum and does not let any dirt or dust appear glaringly on the surface of the carpet, this kind of carpet often has a blotchy aesthetic. This mottled appearance of a textured cut pile carpet may make it seem less formal or luxurious but that does not mean that it won't serve as a fantastic underfoot or won't be able to uplift the décor and vibe of a room.

Frieze Cut Pile Carpet

Identifiable by long fibers with a great twist, consisting of a comparatively long pile of fibers that have been wrapped several times under steaming conditions, a fantastic frieze cut pile carpet is created to grace any floor you want. The process of creation of a frieze cut pile carpet gives it a "curly" textured surface, thanks to the greatly twisted yarns on the surface of the carpet.

There are several benefits that this creation process of the frieze cut pile carpet brings such as the fact that no track marks from vacuuming or walking are imprinted on the surface of the carpet. Frieze cut pile carpets are extremely suitable for use in areas with frequent traffic. A frieze cut pile carpet is also the type to hide seams, dirt and feel cozy and comfortable as an underfoot. 

Frieze Cut Pile Carpet

If you are thinking about purchasing a Frieze Cut Pile carpet, keep in consideration that this kind of carpets is comparably difficult to clean, a bit pricey on the wallet, and often has an informal look. A frieze carpet is more suitable for residential use in bedrooms, living room, and more. That does not mean a Frieze carpet won't complement your office or commercial décor. While picking a frieze cut pile, think about your area's décor prior and make the right choice by imagining how it looks in that space where it will grace the ground. 

Pattern Carpet

A perfect mix of looped and cut yarn spots comes in form of pattern carpets. Also known as patterned carpets, these are the kind of carpets that have a unique and distinguished look on their surface which makes them easy to spot and identify. What makes a Pattern carpet unique is its build and creation procedure taken up by the artisans. Distinguishable patterns are created on the surface of a patterned carpet with the help of planning. Prior plans are made while making a patterned carpet regarding where a looped yarn will make an appearance complementing the cut yarns. 

Pattern carpet; types of carpet

Specific, often different hued patterns on the surface of a Patterned carpet make its texture and appearance look remarkable. The fusion or a blend of colors on the surface of a patterned carpet makes it appear trendy, modern, and stylish. A pattern carpet can be the perfect type you can opt for if you want to bring the energy of modernity, art, and style into your life. While it is extremely durable and strong, a patterned carpet can sometimes bore trace marks and appear to get dirty easily over a period of time. 

Plush Carpet 

Have you ever seen the red carpet segment right before or after an award ceremony? The red carpet used in a scenario like this is generally a plush kind of carpet. Plush carpet also called the velvet-cut pile carpet is created by artisans and machines using short-length cut pile fibers which are densely packed on the surface to form the smooth, strong, and velvety feel. Plush carpets are the definition of luxury, style, and class.

Plush Carpet; Types of carpet

There are of course glaring cons in plush carpets which is why they are rarely used in residential or commercial settings. For instance, trace marks from traffic become easy and extremely visible and this kind of carpet is known to be temperamental. That is why plush luxurious carpets are most often used in less-frequent traffic settings only once in a while as they are prone to wear and tear and scuffing too.


There are several other kinds of mixed looped and cut pile fiber carpets such as sculpted pile carpets, cable carpets, shag carpets, and more. Types of carpets are most often distinguished as above according to their production process and how the fibers of the carpet are attached to the backing of the specific carpet. Before purchasing your best-preferred carpet from the available options in the market, keep in consideration the attributes of different types of carpets and which one suits best to your needs. 

If you are thinking about which kind of carpet fiber would be best, the answer to your query is generally wool as it works perfectly in every scenario. Silk fiber carpets are a close kind of carpet you can opt for while choosing the best carpet to lay on the floor of your residential, office, or commercial area. The next best step for you now would be to head on over The Rugs Cafe and the wide collection of different types of carpet they have in their inventory to sell and pick your most favored choices. 

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