The world we live in is filled with stress. Everyone is working hard day and night to support him/herself and those that are dear to them. Therefore each one of us should have a place where he/she feels relaxed and at peace at the end of working hours. The bedroom be it in your house or an apartment can be that source of relaxation. It is the simple things that make your day end spectacularly after being on edge from the morning. For example, your master bedroom should have furniture and tools to enable you to have a nice time when home and prepare you for the following day.

Rugs can greatly influence the look of your bedroom. Without a rug, a room feels incomplete. It gives it a splendid finish. Hand-knotted silk rugs especially are very comfortable, trendy, attractive, and provide the charming look you need. There is no high traffic in the bedroom hence silk rugs placed there have a long pile. However, for all this to work the rug needs to be in the correct position and skillfully placed. If this is what has been stressing you or you are thinking of introducing a master bedroom area rug then read along.

The foot of the bed

This is the most widely used way of featuring a rug in your master bedroom. This is the space around where your legs lie when you are on the bed. The head of the bed is the space around where your head lies. We want to consider two scenarios in this case:

  • If the rug purchased is smaller than or equal to the width of the bed, ensure to leave around 12-18 inches of space all around the rug to achieve maximum impact
  • If the width of the rug purchased is larger than that of the bed, place the top of the rug just under the foot-side stands of the bed

Underneath the bed

Let’s look at three ways of accomplishing this.

  • The top 6-18 inches of the rug are pushed under the bed. Remember for this to work the layout must be symmetrical. It is also important to have 12-24 inches of the rug on either side of the bed making it necessary to purchase medium or large-sized rugs to achieve this effect.
  • The larger part of the rug is placed under the bed. This means only a quarter of the rug or roughly 2.5-3 inches of the rug bottom peeks out from underneath the footboard. Again, we need large or even oversized rugs for this to succeed.
  • Lastly, the rug can be placedat an oblique angle underneath one corner of the bed. A medium-sized rug best fits this style.

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The side of the bed

This style is not commonly used but it works quite well. The rug can also be placed on both sides of the bed. If the room is big then use small rugs of 3x5 inches or 4x6 inches depending on the amount of space available. For better appearance, leave 12 to 18 inches of bare floor around them.

Rug layering under the bed

Many don’t know about this technique but it adds a touch of style and class. Layering with different rugs of different sizes, colors, and textures. The challenge however lies in the ability to match the colors. We don’t want to layer the rugs and have everything look like it’s thrown around clashing against each other. Two thumb rules to use are: choose colors lying on the opposite end of the spectrum and place the light-colored rug underneath the bolder one.

 Accentuating furniture around the bed

The rug you are buying does not have to be matching your bed. It can be matched with the furniture present in the bedroom. This means that a rug can also be placed underneath a chair or a table in your master bedroom.

Understanding the shape of the rug

Making your master room attractive is not all about purchasing any rug that looks stylish, it involves much more. You need to have in mind the shape and size of the room and furniture. A king-sized bed requires medium and oversized rugs while a slightly smaller bed calls for small to medium-sized area rugs.

Round rugs complement all kinds of layouts of bedrooms while rectangular rugs have an intricate effect when placed in your master bedroom. If you opt for square-shaped rugs, you must put in some thought since generally they do not compliment the shape of most beds. However, they can still be used for layering larger rectangular rugs.

I hope that this guide will greatly help you in deciding how you’re going to beautify your master bedroom.

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