Beautiful rugs with stunning patterns are made using the traditional skill of hand-knotting. A hand-knotted rug is a unique piece of fabric that is woven entirely by hand on a loom. Hand-knotted rugs in India typically come in two basic designs: Oriental and Persian. These rugs are composed of organic raw materials, including cotton, silk, and wool. A hand-knotted carpet takes a lot of talent to weave and also takes a long time to complete. The number of knots per square inch affects both the quality and the price of a hand-knotted rug. A larger density of knots indicates a better quality of the carpet.

Indian hand-knotted rugs are renowned worldwide for their exceptional design and quality. Many homeowners and designers choose Indian Persian rugs over Iranian Persian rugs due to their affordability and easy availability of handmade carpets online in India. But are Indian hand-knotted rugs really worth it? Keep reading the article to know the top 10 reasons why Indian hand-knotted rugs are just the best!

1.   Attractive and versatile designs

Different consumers have varying needs when it comes to selecting a rug to decorate their house or workplace. No matter if the client owns a private residence or any other type of establishment, Indian weavers are capable of creating a beautiful rug for each individual client. While some clients might like a traditional design for their rug, others could prefer a cutting-edge, contemporary design. Indian weavers can satisfy customers' requests and create rugs for them in accordance with their unique needs, tastes, specifications, and expectations.

attractive and versatile designs

Also, Indian carpet weavers can make rugs to order for clients whose homes lack the space for a standard rug. Thus, the possibilities are infinite with Indian hand-knotted rugs!

2.  Strength and durability

Hand-knotted Indian carpets are strong and long-lasting because of the superior quality natural materials used in them. Changes in seasons or climatic conditions won't have an impact on these rugs. They will therefore provide users with the greatest return on their investment and serve them for many years to come.

strength and durability

3.  Premium quality raw materials

Rugs weaved by Indian artisans are created from high-quality natural materials like wool and silk. These materials are sourced both domestically and internationally by Indian rug manufacturing enterprises. Some of them buy wool from New Zealand because it is robust, silky, and dyes beautifully. These businesses often source their silk from China or India. Depending on the quality and polish of the material, the colour of rugs can range from lustrous to extremely bright.

premium quality raw materials

4. Sustainable products

Indian rug manufacturers make sure their artisans only use natural fibres that are favourable to the environment when crafting the rugs. They don't use any toxic colours, chemicals, or materials in the creation of their carpets. Thus, Children and people with allergies can use them without any risk.

sustainable products

5.  Flawless pieces

Reputable rug manufacturing enterprises in India engaged their experienced, and trained weavers to create rugs. Additionally, they uphold strict quality control throughout the rug-making process. The quality check starts from sourcing the raw materials to spinning, dyeing, and weaving the rugs to washing and finishing them. This guarantees that the finished product is free of flaws that might otherwise be an eyesore for users and their visitors.

flawless pieces

6. Carpet weaving as a heritage

There are some regions in India where rug weaving has a long history. Since the sixteenth century, rug-making has been done at Bhadohi, sometimes referred to as Carpet City. It is the centre of South Asia's hand-knotted rug industry. In this town, there are about 3.2 million individuals employed in the handmade rug industry.

The custom of weaving rugs began during the reigns of the Mughals in the 16th century. In 1520 A.D., the Mughal emperor Akbar invited several weavers from Persia, laying the groundwork for India's rug-weaving culture. He helped rug weaving facilities in Delhi, Agra, and Lahore to produce Persian-style carpets that were modelled after those from Kirman, Isfahan, and Herat.

carpet weaving as a heritage

Over the course of time, these weavers' skills were passed down from one generation to the next. This is how rug weaving has continued in India to this day. Indian weavers have a long history of making fine handmade carpets, so you can rely on them to produce the best and most exquisite ones. So, the decision to buy handmade carpet from India is not just about home decor but also about the preservation of heritage.

7.  Affordability

Due to the availability of cheap labour, Indian carpets are less expensive than those produced in other regions of the world. As a result, customers from Western nations and other parts of the world can cut costs while purchasing carpets from India. Despite being less expensive, products do not skimp on the quality of the materials or the craftsmanship.


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8. Soft and lustrous

Indian rugs are quite nice to the touch since they are made of premium wool and superfine silk, which is very soft. The rugs are warm as well. Therefore, when people step on them, they enjoy the unmatched underfoot comfort provided by hand-knotted rugs. Leading Indian rug manufacturers often give their rugs a special lustre wash to add gloss and shimmer to the colours. Thus, Indian hand-knotted rugs are a visual treat for the users and their guests.

soft and lustrous

9. Easy maintenance

The higher reflecting quality of the wool used in India to create hand-knotted carpets allows them to conceal dust, grime, and lint. Also, the carpets made from natural raw materials like wool and silk are easy to wash and maintain.

easy maintenance

10. Adaptable to any interior style

Hand-knotted Indian carpets enhance the look and feel of any property, be it a home, workplace, or another type of building. These rugs help the properties look beautiful and create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

adaptable to any interior


To summarize, Indian hand-knotted rugs perform highly in every aspect, from quality and weaving process to their price range. These rugs are truly magnificent decor accessories for any home or office.

We hope these 10 reasons will help you better understand the allure and quality of Indian hand-knotted rugs. And perhaps motivate you to buy handmade luxury carpets from Indian artisans?

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