As the saying goes, home is where the heart is! After a long day, we all want to curl up on our favorite couch or bed to relax and unwind. Undoubtedly, family and friends make a house a home, but interior design also plays an important part. Changing a few pieces here and there is a terrific way to upgrade the inside of your home while making the surroundings more cozy, pleasant, and colorful. Rugs are the ultimate solution for creating a cozy atmosphere. By including a few rugs, you can make your home look warm and inviting. Diverse rugs with bold designs to vibrant colors complement different interiors.

If you are not sure of what rugs to get, let us introduce you to five popular types of area and modern rugs for the living room. So, read on to find your perfect living room pal!

Eco-friendly area rugs

With the spreading awareness of climate change, we are all more conscious of the life choices that we make. More and more people are moving towards a minimalistic and sustainable style of living. Even the home decor trends these days feature decor accents made of sustainable natural materials. If you are looking for a rug that aligns with the idea of environmental conservation, then hand-knotted rugs from India made of bamboo silk, wool, and pure silk are your calling.

Additionally, carpets made out of natural yarns are incredibly durable and resilient. The natural sheen of these rugs is unmatched and looks stunning in the living area. So, if you are looking for sustainable carpet options, you should invest in a beautiful silk area rug.

Dhurrie area rugs

Dhurries are long, flat handwoven carpets that come in a range of colors and are quite durable. These are ideal for bringing boho elements into your home. These can also fit in well if your home includes contemporary and colorful décor accents. If your living area is the space where a lot of kid and pet action happens, Dhurrie area rugs are your best bet. Dhurrie rugs are reversible and easy to clean, making them an ideal addition to a living area.

Another plus for Dhurrie rugs is that they are more often than not manufactured from natural materials like wood, cotton, or silk. While you can call them everyday rugs, these rugs come in beautiful striped designs and can be used as runners to make cosy nooks in the living room.

Oriental area rugs

The term "Oriental rug" is commonly used as a general description for practically any type of patterned pile rug. Genuine "Oriental carpets" come from Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and some of the former Soviet Union's southern areas (such as Azerbaijan or Armenia). They are the most adaptable in terms of decoration because they work well with a wide range of design styles, from traditional to modern.

When you buy an oriental area rug, you know you're getting a one-of-a-kind work of art that will never go out of style. It is impossible to locate two identical oriental area carpets because each rug is painstakingly woven by hand. Oriental rugs are available in an infinite variety of sizes, patterns, styles, and colors.

You can be certain that there is an oriental area rug that is ideal for any living room, no matter how large or small it is or what décor style it already has. Furthermore, their colors and designs are versatile enough to be used in any room. If you are looking for such carpets, then buy handmade silk carpets in oriental and traditional weaves to add warmth and character to your living room.

Needlepoint area rugs

Needlepoint rugs are handmade rugs created by stitching a design onto a wide swatch of cloth canvas. Different patterns, textures, and effects can be created throughout the needlepoint rug by employing various types of stitches. Needlepoint area rugs are often smaller in size than other types of artisan carpets. Although a few countries now mass produce needlepoint rugs, traditional needlepoint rugs are still made using the ancient methods used hundreds of years ago. Original needlepoint rugs are often constructed of 100% wool or cotton.

Needlepoint rugs are delicate and must be handled with caution. Regular cleaning and other maintenance are required to keep the needlepoint rug's beauty and value intact.

Shaggy area rugs

Shaggy rugs, as the name suggests, are a type of rug that appears textural and messy. They may look frizzy, yet they are actually gorgeous. These kinds of rugs are marked with an irregular pile that makes them look busy and lumpy. The uncommon materials used to make these rugs effectively give them a one-of-a-kind character. Furthermore, the pile is thicker, making them both original and incredibly soft. The USP of these area rugs is their softness and shaggy nature.

The carpets' loose strands are not purposely cut to give them the shaggier look that these rugs are known for. They are so fluffy that looking at them makes you want to roll around on them all day long.

Shaggy area rugs look great when assembled in a contemporary or Scandinavian interior style living room. However, when you buy modern rugs of this style, make a note to vacuum them every week to keep them clean and fluffy.

Take away

Area rugs are a great way of jazzing up your living room without much ado. All you have to do is buy Indian rugs online from The Rugs Cafe and complete the look of your living room. Different styles of area rugs can be used for different interior aesthetics. If your living room style is bohemian or Indie, you should choose Oriental or Dhurrie area rugs. Shaggy rugs and needlepoint area rugs are suitable for living rooms that are styled with more modern and contemporary decor.

Rugs made out of natural fibers are comparatively more durable than carpets made of artificial fibers. Thus, you have to think of a handmade carpet as an investment for the future, as these are going to last you a lifetime. So, browse through our collection and shop for your favorite handmade carpet to enliven your living room!

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