One thing that we can all agree upon is that rugs tie a room together. 

Rugs are the room's best friend. They feel nicer to walk on, play on, or sometimes even take a nap on. Also, they feel soft under your feet and are very comfortable.

Best area rugs for playroom

Rugs also play a significant role in uplifting the design of the room. It anchors and beautifies the space, making the room look complete.

Close your eyes and imagine walking into a playroom. Once you visualize it, you will realize that there is not much to add. Just a rug, cushions, few toys, and a couch would do the trick. Right? So let's find the perfect rug for the playroom in your house.

Best Area Rugs for a Playroom

Rugs feel easier on feet. They provide a warmer feeling and improve the indoor climate of the room. We can ourselves feel the difference while walking in a room with or without a rug. 

Also, when we decide the theme of a room, it is not necessary to go all modern or all traditional. You can mix and match and make a statement by different rugs.  

I am adding my top 11 recommended rugs for the playroom. They are all made with superior quality, lends a cushioned feel, and are long-lasting. 

1. The Moscow Striped Rug

Size: 6 x 9 Feet
Price: $ 1150

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This rug adds a stylish edge to your playroom. Multi-colored yarns are employed while making this rug. The highlight of this pattern is that it adds a pop of color in the room but, at the same time, does not make the room too bright. I find this to be one of my personal favorites and hence my first recommendation.

2. Rust Round Rug

Rounds rugs have been a trendsetter. You can always choose a round rug for your playroom. They make the room look different and can be used to highlight an area of your playroom.

Size: 5 x 5 Feet
Price: $ 620

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The pattern of this rug is traditional and is beautifully laid out all over the carpet. The material is super soft with a subtle design that will give the playroom a very soothing as well as a comforting look. 

3. Colorful Modern Round Rug

As I said, round rugs are very chic and captivating. Colorful Modern Round Rug is another suggestion if you prefer modern design rugs. It is full of colors with an abstract pattern.

Size: 6 x 6 Feet
Price: $ 880

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The best part about this rug is that it goes with all types of interior. Hand-knotted with superfine wool and admirable craftsmanship, this rug is well-liked by most. 

4. Mughal Tribal Design Carpet [Teki] - Multi-Colored

Size: 6 x 9 Feet
Price: $ 1050

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This rug is versatile and gives endless decorative options. You can put it in your child's playroom and later place it into another room. The pattern of this rug inclines towards traditional. It lends a rich and royal look everywhere. The element of vibrant colors makes this rug a perfect fit for the playroom.

5. Pell Mell 02

Size: 6 x 9 Feet
Price: $ 1331

A rug so scenic is an exceptional choice for the playroom. It will help the child in developing a vision of the world. You could also use this rug on your wall, as it gives a perfect illusion of an opulent painting. Wall- rugs are also fashion-forward. It looks equally beautiful on the floor and feels like a thick, soft cushion. 

It is one of the most enjoyed rugs for playroom because of its quality and pattern.

6.Tribe of Blues

Size: 6 x 9 Feet
Price: $ 1331

Blue is a classic nature's color. The design of this rug is a comprehensive blend of traditional and contemporary. I am sure you can imagine how flawless this would look, lying next to the couch. Along with a spread-out pattern and sheen texture, this rug brings a par excellence look to the room. 

It is a woolen rug (very soft) and is a suitable choice for the playroom.

7. Mughal Garden Design Carpet

The Mughal Garden Design Carpet is an inspiration from the picturesque Mughal gardens. Each block in this rug represents the garden motif(s) of that era. All these (or types of) blocks are put together to give an illusion of the garden during the spring season.

Size: 5 x 7 Feet
Price: $ 760

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This pattern is a perfect example of class and luxury. It has an exquisite color combination. So, to add a natural yet colorful theme to the playroom, you can consider placing this rug.

8. Blue Colored Handwoven Linear Striped Rug

A dark-colored rug/dhurrie can never go wrong. Using very dark or very light colors lends the room depth. Dhurries are a cost-effective alternative.

Size: 5 x 7.6 Feet
Price: $ 185

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This particular dhurrie is an epitome of simplicity. The solid color is a style statement itself and can help create a contrasting look in the room.

Another key highlight of this is that it's hard to spot stains easily (if any). The delicately suggestive linear stripes would also make the room look bigger. It is also a suitable choice if you have already filled the room with many colors and patterns through walls and curtain décor.

9. Hand Made Wool Persian Geometric Rug - Multi Colored Handwoven Rug

Dhurries are easy to maintain and economical. This multi-colored geometric pattern is visually intriguing. The use of warm colors makes this a perfect rug for the playroom. Using these tones helps in making the room more intimate and homey.

Size: 5.6 x 7.9 Feet
Price: $ 235

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You can layer dhurrie rugs and play with different patterns. Layering also helps in making the floor cushiony.

10. Hand Made Wool Persian Tribal Rug with Geometric Pattern 

A fusion of patterns with traditions is what makes this dhurrie rug unique. The material is high-quality wool. This rug is a good option for a gender-neutral playroom.

Size: 3 x 5 Feet
Price: $ 95

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With a soft base color, this dhurrie will pump up the style in any space. 

11. Handwoven Multi Colored Abstract Dhurrie Rug

Abstract patterns are very trendy and voguish. This dhurrie is full of vivid colors and indicates joy and playfulness. It gives a modern touch to the interior and brings warmth to the ambiance making the room cozier. Also, this dhurrie has a beautiful shine and is incredibly soft. 


Size: 5.6 x 7.9 Feet
Price: $ 199

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P.S: Colors have a significant impact on growing children. Therefore, while choosing a rug for the playroom, always pay special attention to the color(s) you decide. For children, warm and bright color schemes are ideal. Cool colors also work out well for playrooms.

Carpeted Flooring Vs Wooden Flooring

Are you trying to choose between a carpeted flooring or regular flooring with an area rug on top? 

Well, if you want a carpeted flooring, choose a single color and break the monotonous color scheme by adding shag rugs (furry rugs). They add a beautiful look to the room and are multi-functional. You can also put a colorful patterned rug and place it in a way anchoring the furniture. 

And if you are considering a regular flooring, you can always place an area rug according to the setting and theme of the same.  

Hence, you can go for either or both.

Tips to remember when styling a rug in a playroom

These tips would help you to create an ideal play-space for your child.

Tip 1: Oversized Rugs

The playroom for kids is usually not a very big area. You can use an oversized rug to make the playroom look spacious and larger (you can use this tip for any other space too). 

Stripes also give an illusion of making the room look bigger. 

Tip 2: Layering Rugs

I love the concept of layering. It is super-chic and tasteful, and a lot of people seem to enjoy this idea. Layering rugs helps you to add color, mix patterns, and whatnot? This concept is very relevant for the playroom (kid's room) as the element of color is the beauty of a playroom. You can play with various patterns and sizes while layering. 

Tip 3: Dark-Colored Rugs

Usually, rugs in darker shades and intricate patterns provide a nice illusion for stains. I recommend going for such rugs for spaces like kid's room, playroom and kitchen. It also takes time for them to get visibly dirty. 

Therefore, if you have a light-colored carpeted flooring, you can choose a darker shade rug (to place on top of it) for the most used area in the room. Like, maybe, near the sitting area or couch. 

The Bottom Line

Rugs are comfort and luxury at the same time. They protect the flooring and enhance the outlook of the space. Every room in the house needs carpets, whether it is a nursery, a playroom, or a bedroom. When choosing a rug for playroom, make sure it has a warm and fun element in it since it's the place where the child spends a fair amount of time. 

Keep in mind the size of your room, which rug would best complement the furniture, the budget, and the material you like (choose a child-friendly material). Avoid using jute or sisal rugs since they're not as smooth.

I hope with the help of these suggestions and tips, you can decide on the best rug for the playroom.

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