The living room is a place in our house where we should totally feel at ease. The mind and soul of the house lie in the living room and we spend a considerable amount of our lives making our living room as practical and comfortable as possible. This area is where parties and gatherings happen.

Moreover, when guests walk into our home, the first thing they take note of is the living room. The living room has often been cited as the area where ideas come into mind and later to life. So it is no wonder we spend a lot of time and dedication on making the living room of our dreams.

Rug Size Guide for Living Room

One of the most integral parts of our living room décor lies in the rug. There is a common saying that a rug can either make or break a room. The same is absolutely true when it comes to living room décor. A rug in the living room not only serves as a comfortable and cozy underfoot but also adds warmth, character, and vibrancy into that space.

When choosing the absolute rug for a living room, a lot of details, check-boxes, and factors come into our brain for consideration. But the most integral one out of them is the size of the rug for the living room. That is right, rug sizes for the living room are the most important point for consideration we have to make while decorating our living room space.

A rug for your living room that is too small or too big can change and affect the whole vibe and energy of that area. So we have brought you an integral guide, including all the specifics that you need to keep in mind while rug shopping for your living room.

How Important are Rugs Sizes For Living Room? 

One of the biggest worries that may arise in your mind while rug shopping is generally, whether the rug is too small or too big. No one wants to get stuck with a rug that is not desirable in size, no matter how great it looks and how much it costs. A rug that is not perfect in size for your living room is not at all useful unless you find a space to use it. But we are not looking for alternative solutions, are we? 

Rug Size Guide for Living Room

To get the size and fit perfect to adherence to a living room floor, you need to measure out space and visualize how a rug will look on the surface. There are different sizes and variations of rugs that cover the floor differently. A square rug looks different gracing the surface than a circular one does.

While rectangular rugs are the most chosen out of the options of rug sizes, there is no rule, formula, or general dictation that you must adhere to the trends. Any shape or size of a rug looks great within a living room if it actually complements the space and uplifts the whole décor of the room.

Searching for the perfect living room rug can appear to be a daunting task, considering the factor that there are so many rules and details that you need to keep in mind. The general rule of thumb is to determine which size of rug you would prefer to grace the surface of your living room and pick the best one out of the options. If you are shopping in the market in person, there are generally sizes mentioned in cardboard placards that let you know which ones to pick from if you have a size in mind.

Rug Size Guide for Living Room

Rug shopping comes with a lot of ease if you do it online because you can visualize the look of the carpet on your living room floor while actually doing the picking and purchasing. Moreover, there are options for sorting that you can avail in accordance to your desired size in accordance to the dimensions of your living room floor.

For instance, The Rugs Cafe is a great place you can check out while rug-shopping for your living room. The Rugs Cafe has a great collection of different types of area rugs that you can choose from according to sizes, styles, and materials. 

What are the Standard Rug Sizes For Living Room? 

Thanks to trends, styles, and general rules, there are standard sizes of rugs available in the market that are manufactured according to our needs and wants. The standard sizes of the living room are generally estimated to be 6x9 feet, 8x10 feet, and 9x12 feet. While a living room space and size can vary considering different house styles and shapes, the general guideline or estimate of rug size for a living room usually lies between 8’x10′ and 9’x12′.

Standard rug sizes and measures

Now you can want smaller rug sizes for your living room area too. For instance, smaller living room area rugs usually measure up to 5’x8′ to 6’x9. What matters is that you have to measure, measure and then measure some more, keeping in mind furniture, floating furniture, plant pots, and more while choosing the ideal rug for your living room. After all, it is your living room. You can choose whatever you like but following these general standards helps bring the best results.

Picking the right size of rug for your living room space should be based on the style and character you are looking to create. Each size and shape of a rug can create the illusion of a completely unique look in the living room. You can pick a small rug out of the options and use it to grace the floor in the center of the living room. In this way, your small rug size for the living room stands out and highlights the clear border that separates the floor from the piece of furniture present inside the living room, surrounding the rug.

Area rug with hardwood flooring; rug size guide

A larger rug for your living room is a great and safe choice. It creates an atmosphere full of warmth and vibrancy, hides any flaws on the surface/floor of the living room, and adds a new character and personality to the living room space. You will find different types and textures confirming the general standard sizes of rugs for living rooms in the market, both online and offline. The choice is yours, whether you pick the smaller, medium, or larger size according to your style, household, and other factors determining your pick. 

Chart Sizes of Rugs For Living Room

When buying the best area rug for the living room, we may often reach the conclusion that this task at hand is excruciating. While picking and purchasing the best area rug for your living room is no easy task, one of the best estimates to keep in mind are the standard chart sizes for an area rug that are suitable for the living room.

Rug size guide for living room

As we already mentioned, the standard sizes of area rugs for the living room are 6 x 9 feet, 8 x 10 feet, and 9 x 12 feet. These sizes can accordingly be named small, medium, and large. Chart standard sizes are of course made to suit the common living room sizes across the world. If these standard sizes of area rugs do not suit your space and do not fit the vision of what you want your living room to look like then you can always get your area rug for the living room custom made.

Depending on what type of area rug you want to be gracing the floor of your living room, in general, custom carpeting isn't always that much more expensive as you think. To help you pick the best area rug for your living room, we have brought you some of the best affordable hand-knotted area rugs from India that you can choose from, all within the different standard sizes of rugs for the living room. 

Red Allover without Medallion - 6 x 9

This high-quality, wonderfully woven Red Allover hand-knotted woolen rug will embrace your feet from the beginning to the end of the day in your living room. You can see the beauty of the 'All Over' design on the carpet which is unique and wonderfully set out on the surface. Hand-knotted in rural India by skilled craftsmen with years of experience, this traditional carpet is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Red Allover without Medallion(01) 6 x 9

Size: 6 x 9 Feet

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The captivating embroidery on the face of this area rug is suitable to be laid on the floor of your living room, under the pieces of furniture present there as the floor pattern is fairly dispersed out and visible across the area rug. This symmetrical red area rug with an Allover design is of 6 x 9 feet standard size for your living room floor.

Chobi Hightwist Rug Red - 8 x 10

The Chobi Hightwist rug is remarkably graceful, created using superfine handspun wool, and a vision for sore eyes and feet at the descend of dusk and dawn. Place your feet and hands on this exquisite tie and dye rug and experience the touch of luxury. The vintage and antique look on the surface of this Chobi high twist red rug comes to the tie-and-dye created by highly twisting the wool, thus this area rug is aptly named.

Chobi Hightwist Rug Red - 8 x 10

Size: 8 x 10 Feet

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This intriguing Chobi area rug with a rich history and culture is available in multiple sizes but we have picked the dimensions 8 x 10 feet to show you an example of a standard-sized area rug that is suitable for your living room. This woolen hand-knotted area rug for your living room has been made by hand by skilled artisans in rural India over months.

Large Blue Area rug with Floral Pattern - 9 x 12

Do you want to seamlessly blend your living room and area rug into a comfortable space for you and your guests? Well, this Large Blue Area rug with floral patterns might be the perfect choice for you. Beautifully woven on a special loom in rural Indian, this hand-knotted area rug has been created by skilled artisans with intricate care and attention.

Large Blue area Rug with Floral Pattern 9 x 12

Size: 9 x 12Feet

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With dimensions 9 x 12 feet, this area rug measures as the largest suitable standard sized rug for an ordinary living room. This traditional rug is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses and is made of superior-grade wool.

What Do You Need To Keep In Mind While Buying A Rug For The Living Room? 

As a general rule of thumb, whenever you are selecting the perfect area rug to grace the surface of your living room, keep in mind to leave at least 4 to 8 inches of bare floor on all the sides of the carpet. This way your area rug can bring warmth and vibrancy into the room without making it look congested. When laying the area rug, remember that different rug sizes for the living room will look distinctive from one another. 

Rug Size Guide For Living Room

While setting the area rug, you can either choose the all legs on a unified look where all the legs of your living room furniture are on the surface of your area rug. This can be done best with a large or medium standard-sized area rug within your living room. Front legs on style can also be opted for with these standard sizes for the area rug in the living room. With these styles, your living room will have a character of sophistication, elegance, and comfort, all within the same space. 

Rug Size Guide For Living Room

If you have selected a small or medium-sized area rug for your living room, you can pick the all legs off or rounded agreement style in your living room. This creates an airy and vibrant vibe within your living room space and it's the best choice to opt for when deciding on your living room interior décor if your space is small. 

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