Rugs are one of the best ways to supplement a delicious dose of style to a room. Rugs are aesthetic and appealing, they offer a burst of colors, fresh textured layer, eye-catching prints, and warmth to space. We already know rugs look ridiculous on wood flooring, concrete flooring, and even tile flooring. But, the question here is, what about a rug over carpet?

The thought of putting the rug over carpet is worth it in terms of design reward but, it may seem counter-intuitive at the same time. A rug can take your space to another level as it looks flawless when placed atop on the wall-to-wall carpeted floor.

There are several reasons when you can lay an area rug over carpet. Be it hiding the soiled spot or a worn in the carpet (that otherwise is not ready to be replaced), to make your space even luxurious, or to add some personal touch to your area.

Whether you're living on rent or don't like much your carpet, or want further elegant floors, here are the best ways to add rug(s) over carpet.

1. Layer in Threes

How to lay an area rug over carpet

Think how better it would be when there will be a double stack of cozy landing pads? Three chic originals laid over each other. You can have this set up for your kid's room or nursery or playroom. It ensures extra security and comfort for your little ones.

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Suggested Rugs Are


Fall Foliage Rug

fall foliage orange area rug

Size: 8 x 10 Feet

Shop Now

Charbagh (Four Gardens) Design Carpet - Light Blue

Charbagh (Four Gardens) Designer Carpet

Size: 5 x 7 Feet

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2. Switch up the styles

Switch up the style rug over carpet

If you have a light-colored carpet on the floor then you can pair the carpet with vibrantly patterned pieces. The size of the rug must be smaller such that it can anchor your furniture. Since I love the blue color and the color is dark itself, the blue rug is supposed to meet all your requirements.

Suggested Rugs Are

Transitional Kerman Design Carpet

Transitional Kerman Design Carpet

Size: 4 x 6 Feet

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Royal Blue Rug - Phoenix Wool Dhurrie Rug [Handwoven]

Size: Multiple

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3. A statement-worthy focal point

Rug over carpet - statement making area

If you have a room where you feel like playing with a range of colors, patterns, and textures; then choose a rug that is capable of drawing the attention of a person. Let's say in your nursery, you have an amazing and colorful wallpaper, then you can go with a black and white (or dynamic) rug.

The rug will serve as a graphic point of departure and adds extra comfort and safety to your kiddos' room.

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4. Place and purpose

You may have space (or room) that you use for specific reasons, be it meditation, music, or so on. Then you can place a rug over carpet considering the purpose of the place.

A place with purpose: Area rug over carpet

Let's say you are thinking of a rug for the meditation and relaxation place, then go with a dark statement area rug, colors like blue work best. Color must define the purpose of the place and prove to be an add on. Rest, to finalize a color, consider your furniture and other colors in the room.

Suggested Rugs Are

Chobi Hightwist Rug Black

Chobi Hightwist Rug Black

Size: 8 x 10 Feet

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Transitional Palace Screen Rug

Transitional Palace Screen Rug

Size: 6 x 9 Feet

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5. The one runner

If you have recently installed a new carpet, then you may feel like counter-intuitive to cover up new floors and spend money on the rug(s). In this case, when you have fresh carpet installed, love your carpet, and don't want to cover it up; try and go with a single runner rug.

You can choose a vintage runner as it adds a fun and stylish transition to space. You can put a runner next to the bed or in the hallway.

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Suggested Rugs Are

Honeycomb Black Runner Rug

Honeycomb Black Runner Rug

Size: 2.5 x 8 Feet

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Runner Rug with Medallion

Size: 3 x 8 Feet

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Intricate Modern Runner Rug

Intricate Modern Runner Rug

Size: 2.5 x 10

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6. Monochromatic layers

Monochromatic Layer: How to lay an area rug over carpet

Neutral carpet with a neutral rug, how does it sound to you? I feel this is one of the best ways to sprucing up your space. The addition of some extra texture in a room is always fascinating and subtle. Try this combination when you are not interested in placing a statement-making rug.

Suggested Rugs Are


Blurred Lines Minimalist Design Faded with Transitional White

Size: 3 x 5 Feet

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7. Layers of cozy

Layers of cozy: Rug over carpet

No doubt, carpet makes you feel pretty cozy. But, if you want to add extra layers of softness to your feet, a plush rug works perfectly. The extra cushion is needed in kids' room and nursery, it's just perfect for learning how to crawl or playtime.

8. Added definition

Added definition: Area Rug Over Carpet

You may have doubts about a round rug over carpeted floor, but when placed in the right place with the right pattern and color, it says a lot. An oversized round rug highlights the furniture and draws attention.

9. Chic décor

Chic Decor: Area Rug Over Carpet

Sometimes the simplest rug can make all the difference. If you like a minimalist theme and want to go with the trend and make your place fashionable and dreamy. Try placing a light-colored rug over the carpet that must tie the look together and balance the space.

Suggested Rug Is

Transitional Beauty Area Rug

Transitional Beauty Area Rug

Size: 9 x 12 Feet

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10. Design and style

If you want to achieve a certain style for your room, rugs are a great way! Do you know, some people first choose a rug and then paint the walls accordingly. This much important a rug style and design are! 

 Rug over carpet

When it comes to the pattern and design of the rug, opportunities are endless. For a carpeted floor, I'd suggest you shop for a traditional rug. Traditional rugs will elevate your bedroom or any other space as they have stories to tell.

Suggested Rugs Are

Gol Gumbad Design Carpet

Size: 5 x 7 Feet

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11. Unexpected contrast

In general, I've seen several people using beige carpet these days, but this is not the case every time. A few people love bolder style and use dark-colored carpet like a dim gray carpet. 

Unexpected contrast: How to lay an area rug over carpet

At such places, rugs with better contrast work well. A traditional red rug if paired with a dark carpet brings life to the room. Ready to turn your room into an ultra-sophisticated space?


12. Full coverage

Full Coverage rug over carpet

If you dislike your carpet and helplessly living with it, there's something you can do about this. Buy an area rug that could cover your most floor. Extra-large or large area rugs prove to be best if you are living in a rental space or your home is in the renovation. All you have to take care of is, the rug must not be too overwhelming in colors and print as it'll be covering a lot of space. My suggestion is to buy a modern rug like this:


There may be several reasons someone would be wanting to lay an area rug over carpet. But it might be confusing what style you should adapt over a carpeted floor. I've even seen people performing Google search like 'Is it dumb to put an area rug over carpet?'.

I want to let you know that there is nothing like that. You can lay an area rug on the carpet. If you place an area rug properly combined with carpet can anchor your space and adds comfort to feet.

In this article, I've mentioned 12 ways you can lay an area rug over carpet with recommended rugs that you can shop right away.

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