Modern Interior Designs: 19 Best Interior Designs For Modern Homes

Modern interior designs have begun on a new outlook on life while waking in pace with rapidly advancing society. What was deemed as complementary in a room before has faded. Instead, modern interior designs seem to focus on a practical, clear, and minimalistic way of living. What is introduced to a room is functional in that space when we take instances of modern interior designs in rooms.

There are dimensions, clear lines, a planned set of furniture, and more involved in modern interior designs and décor. In short, the modern interior designs that we see nowadays are based on the idea of 'less is more'.

Modern Interior Design

Now there are different kinds of modern interior designs and décor prevalent in homes across the world. Modern interior designs are dynamic and customized in nature so it might be difficult for the naked eye to differentiate various forms of modern interior designs from each other.

That is why we bring all the information you need to know about different modern interior designs and decide which among them will suit your home or office space the best.


Minimalist modern interior design and décor are spearheaded by the minimalist movement towards life. We currently witness minimalism as being widely prevalent around the world. Minimalism is a simpler sense that devotes itself to the meaning of living with only the 'important things' around you.

Modern Interior designs; window; natural light

Influenced by the late 20th century, people have now overwhelmingly adopted a minimalist style of life and living everywhere. Letting go of the excess that distracts you has been one of the main goals of the minimalist style of life and modern interior design based on the same.


The combination of traditional and modern interior design seems to appear as a juxtaposition in many of our imaginations. But the real result of traditional-modern interior design in homes is marvelous.

Traditional and modern interior design

Inspired by European keenness, the traditional modern interior design looks classic with lavish furnishings. An abundance of additions inside rooms are coated with hues of dark rich paint and positioned perfectly.

Traditional modern interior design often has one thing in common, the introduction of wooden pieces of furniture which completes the sophisticated and elegant look you desire to bring within your abode.


If you have kept up with the pop-culture in the last few years then you must have noticed the prevalence and celebration of the carefree lifestyle that is bound by fewer restrictions. That same philosophy of lifestyle is called Bohemian and it’s not just a lifestyle.

Bohemian is an all-encompassing style that is based on the idea of following what your heart says, or the heart wants what it wants and we should follow the same. People who have lived within restrictions are finally letting themselves go by adopting a Bohemian modern interior design as one of the first steps.

Bohemian style modern interior design

Bohemian interior design in the present modern period signifies decorating your home with vintage wallpaper, vintage furniture, showcasing exotic collections on walls, and more. Whenever you step into a Bohemian-style home, the first thing you notice is the representation of various cultures and their artifacts on the walls and the selves. You do not need to restrict yourself in the Bohemian home interior design as no boundaries exist altogether.

Hollywood Glam

Ever seen the houses of celebs on social media and noticed how they all look fundamentally similar to each other in one way or the other? While the décor and interior design of a house depends on the area and house they live in, we can mutually agree that when we are talking about Hollywood Glam homes, we eventually mean the Beverly Hills houses.

Modern Interior design

Swimming pools, sprawled lawn chairs, bold wall colors, personalized dark furniture, and more are some of the common features in the Hollywood Glam interior design. If you want to make your guests gasp in awe when they visit your home, Hollywood Glam’s modern interior design should be one of your top picks.

Mid Century

Want to live or relive in the mid-1900s? Well, you can experience the golden decades of 1950-the 60s right inside your home by introducing it to mid-century modern interior design. The mid-century vibe of interior design had quite a libertarian outlook and thus, their privacy was somewhat ensured. The interior of the home is connected with the exterior like a river flowing with a gentle stream. 

 Modern Interior Designs

The beginning of the minimalism movement started from this time with the first real prevalence of open play layout of furniture within rooms. To live the mid century vibe with modern interior design as its base, one of the basic things that complement this specific style is hardwood floors and white pieces of furniture. And just like that, you are transported straight into Frank Sinatra’s mid-century modern marvel house in California.


You might be wondering that in an era where the definition of modern interior designs stands somewhat synonymous with minimalism, where does maximalist come up in the ideas? Maximalist stands as quite opposite to the minimalistic ideals of the modern world, you might sense but that is actually not quite true. As we begin to buy more things in life to suit our taste, serve our purposes, and compliment our home, minimalism does not serve as the best plan to adopt.

Maximalist interior design

In cases like these maximalist approach to modern interior designs serves our purpose and desire which seeks to customize our home to our hearts' content without worrying much about aesthetics and openness. 

While we seek to bring maximalist into our modern interior décor and design, we must plan ahead with precision. You do not want your house to be jammed up with furniture in attempts at maximalist. Planning is the key process to maximalist modern interior designs.


What does chic exactly mean? If you have heard traditionalists complain about chic, but they might have the wrong idea about the definition of chic. Chic is a French word that nowadays equates to being stylish, smart, and trendy. Chic as an interior design décor has existed for centuries It doesn't merely equate to keeping up with the time, chic also goes on to consist luxurious fashion and style as its base.

Modern Interior Design

At present, chic associates itself with being modern interior design in the same way as before, the only change noticeable to the eye is the change of style. You now see wall arts from famous luxury and fashion brands on display.

Chic interior design does not always have to mean curating the LVMH exhibition in your living room, you can as well plan and introduce a chic modern interior design at your place within a sensible budget. You can even bring on shabby chic interior décor with vintage style as the prime influence.


Scandinavian countries are celebrated and held as prime examples of stable prosperous countries. There are numerous reasons why people have a better lifestyle there, and one of the amazing things that make living in a Scandinavian country amazing is the Scandinavian interior design.

Modern Interior Design

Scandinavian modern interior design is popular all over the world for its practicalness, 'no-fuss ideas, and paying homage to the Nordic ideals of living. Simplicity and elegance are the center points of focus in Scandinavian modern interior design. 

White walls and wood play a key role in this style of interior design. To bring vibrant pops of colors into the rooms, art pieces, rugs and furniture often act as the source of necessary warmth and emphasis personalization of the space.


A definitive result of the industrial revolution and the constant advance of industries, industrial modern interior design showcases a different side of the world in a new way. What often goes outside our homes reflects inside too. The same is precisely true for the industrial modern interior design structure. Homes with these interior design style furnished represents different forms of industrial elements inside. 

Modern Interior design; industrial theme

The clear aesthetic presentation of the exposed gas pipes or water pipes in the home is actually symbolistic of industrial interior décor and design. The most prominent show of industrial modern interior designs comes in the shape of brick walls, high ceilings, concrete flooring, and wooden frameworks inside houses.

These industrial interior décor styles have stood the test of time, and have maintained themselves as inclusive of the practical rustic approach of living life in the present days.

French Country 

When we think of French Country, beautiful sceneries from the first-hand experience from a trip to France, or scenes from movies set in the said country come to mind. You are right to think so because in a way French country as a modern interior design is based on the same. France has a celebrated culture of art, style, luxury, and living. 

Modern Interior Design

The modern interior designs of the French country are based on the shades of sultry hues such as red, gold, moss, and yellow. These shades are often paired with walls and pieces of furniture made of natural materials such as stone, brick, wood, and porcelain clay. The real highlight of the rooms in a French country home is often the drapings, lines, and covering that adorn the rooms.


A widely appealing offspring of modern and traditional styles of modern interior designs is exactly how the transitional style can be best described in brief. The reason behind the popularity of transitional modern interior design inside homes might be because of its innate style of customization. There are specific rules to modern and traditional interior design and transitional design as a modern décor style lets you play with both of them while conforming to none. 

Modern Interior Design

Transitional modern interior design often showcases pieces of furniture made of steel and glass, paying tribute to modernity while conforming to traditionalism through by keeping vintage décor pieces and wooden floors intact. 

Transitional furnishings as modern interior décor and design showcase elegance, while keeping itself trendy at the same time. 

The mentioned above modern interior designing styles are only a few of the most prominent ones at present that suit the general taste and lifestyle of people around the world. There are of course region particular and tribal interior designs that are modern because they transcend the test of time and are protected by their group.

In the global specter, a few other modern interior designs that are popular worldwide are modern glamour, contemporary, rustic, Hamptons, and more. At the core, all these interior designs have the common essence of modernity intact that we witness with each passing day.

Now that we have gained an understanding of the various types of modern interior designs, there may be qualms in your mind on what are the basis of these mentioned above interior designs. Well, these modern interior designs are similar and different from each other.

There are certain areas of similarity that we find in existence in all the modern interior designs. Let us see what are these points of relations that all the modern interior designs and décor seem to have within themselves. 

The Play of Colors 

One of the common points of similarity that you may have picked on from all the examples of modern interior designs is that they primarily have walls painted with a wide variety of colors. There vibrant primary colors on the walls of traditional and French country houses while minimalist and Scandinavian modern interior designs have somber or softer shades painted on their walls.

Colorful walls in modern interiors

Of course, there are wallpapers of different shades and patterns too included in the conversation but generally, modern interior designs involve painting the walls. Neutral walls were often seen as symbolic of modern interior décor and design but that is a fundamentally false presumption.

Even in minimalist houses where the stillness experience is represented through the walls painted grey, pops of colors through pieces of furniture and art pieces often bring vibrancy and warmth to the room.

Open and Airy

The most common trait of modern interior design is in reality the sense of openness and airy-vibe entering through open windows and doors. The sense of being closer to nature while setting inside your abode has led to the rise of porch installation and indoor gardens.

Modern Interior design; open and airy

All of these new and gradual introductions of specific traits within homes point to the 'Open and Airy' attribute as the basis of modern interior design. Glass door windows and doors are just some of the instances conforming to these attributes.

Natural Lighting

The focus of natural lighting seems not only to bring as much brightness as possible as long as the suns remain but also to glorify every corner of the room. In comparison to natural lighting, artificial lighting serves the bare purpose of illuminating the room.

Modern interior designs; natural lighting

Natural lighting entering through open windows and doors not only brightens a room but also prevents dust from settling on top of furniture, lets in the breeze, and is actually good for our health. Modern interior designs centering on natural lighting are great environmentally too. From dawn till dusk, rooms are brightened by natural light then we fall back on the artificial lightings when deemed necessary.

Line Centered in Design

Among the few reasons because of which homes with a modern interior design appear somewhat perfect to the eye are line-centered designs in place within rooms. Line-centered in interior designing is not a new concept, albeit it is a central theme in modern interior design.

Modern interior design; lined

Strong lines in the setting and architecture themes are noticeably prevailing in modern homes. Thus the introduction of straight-lined furniture is often as the embracing lined centered modern interior design themes that are deemed as the most functional at present.

Art Adorning The Walls

Art is the prime way to customize any home or living area while adhering to the rules of modern interior designing. In fact, you are allowed to be as creative as you can with modern art adorning the walls. Follow your instinct and choose the modern art pieces you think will suit the whole modern décor at your house.

Wall; modern interiors; paintings

Traditional art pieces are very much complementary to modern interior designing, granted you showcase them well. Visualize where and how these art pieces will appear within your home. The art pieces adorning the walls should of course complement the whole interior design of the rooms so be wise when you purchase any art pieces.

Open Plan Layout As Primary

The concept of modern interior design became the forerunner in the interior designing trend at present because people were tired of the old leaning of interior decorations. Decades ago, the primary inclinations of interior designing used to be on vibrant patterns, maximalist, and the introduction of grand and expensive pieces of furniture inside every room. If you have ever seen an old Victorian home décor in pictures or first-hand, you might have concluded on the spot that 'this is not my preferred interior design'.

Modern interior design; minimal

Early trends of interior design had an unnecessary amount of furniture inside rooms, thus with modern interior design, we choose to no longer follow the mentioned style. Instead, open plan layouts have taken the throne in modern interior design and décor due to their charm, openness, and practicality. Considerably less amount of furniture inside rooms, restricting to the basics and highlighting each piece of furniture by keeping them at a considerable distance from each other.

Wood is Your Best Bet

Wooden pieces of furniture are instrumental in modern interior design. While wood pays tribute to the early trends of interior architecture and design, it also serves the purpose and complements the interior designs of the modern age. A vintage wooden tea table will suit your living room space even when set close to the marvels of the latest technology such as an entertainment unit.

Modern interior designs

Wood has never gone out of trend, nor will it go any soon. Not only in the case of furniture, but wood also complements the flooring of living space, no matter with modern interior design you wish to implement.

Large Windows With Sheer Curtains

Large windows often act as central to modern interior design that we see on television. This, to a certain degree, is true. Large open and beautiful windows allow natural light to enter through the day and make your home feel nice and fresh.

Large windows; sheer curtains; modern interiors

Large windows are aesthetic, modern, and practical. To answer calls for privacy, add-in drapes to the windows, not blinds since they tend to block out all lights. Sheer drapes match the setting of modern interior design marvelously while making the room look celestial.

Things To Keep In Mind To Bring Modern Interior Design In Your Home

Several other key attributes come in while implementing modern interior designs in places such as inspiration from the early decades, the beauty of structural elements in décor, skipping the curves, overhead layered artificial lightings, and moldings from the décor such as from furniture in place and architecture. Keep the essence of elegance and simplicity in place while designing a house with a modern interior in mind.

While deciding and customizing one's own modern interior design into effect, important decision-making comes into play. Such as, do you really need the table or not, or the décor and design that I have in mind will correspond with the budget or not. To conclude while playing the modern interior décor and design to set in a place, choose what is best suited for you and follow your judgment.

When deciding which modern interior design to opt for your space, choose what is best suited for you. Customized modern interior design is the best way to decorate your house in your own way, according to your personal desires. You are welcome to keep the above-mentioned modern interior design styles and their basics in mind when curating the interior design of your dreams.

Whatever you do, remember not to overdo it. Less is more when it comes to modern interior designs. Inspiration for modern interior designs is readily available on the internet and affordable furniture is present in the market. What’s left for you now is to go out there and start planning your craved modern interior design to make it a reality. 

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