Recently relocated to New York City and looking for an interior designer? Or are you planning to bring more spark into your NYC and have been deliberating about accepting an interior designer to do the same? A good interior designer is worth every penny because they not only make space look stylish and customized, they also make your house feel like home and straight out of a magazine catalog.

Looking for an interior designer in NYC is not a tough job but looking for a good interior designer is. An interior designer who listens to every one of your wishes and conditions and delivers on them perfectly is sometimes perceived as a celestial being and often, mythical.

Color pallet; interior design

But what if we tell you, great interior designers actually exist in NYC who can make your living space appear more than you dreamed of in the beginning. To serve your wishers, we bring you the names of some of the best interior designers in NYC at present and brief instances of their best works that will motivate you into considering them. 

Ken Fulk

On the top of the list, the mention of Ken Fulk is pretty much merited. The famous interior designer who is said to be based in New York and San Francisco is the person behind the amazing appearance of houses of famous people such as Sean Parker and Pharrell Williams.

Gaining a well-deserved notice from the Architectural Digest was perhaps the next big peak for the famous interior designer in NYC. Ken Fulk Inc. is owned by the famed interior designer, also called the "Magic Factory", according to LinkedIn.

Wall painting with a modern design

If you are worried about the presumption that Ken Fulk only works for those with big bucks, you are mistaken. The interior designer has been known to have created beautiful interiors inside many homes, big or small. You can contact Ken Fulk and his interior designing company on LinkedIn and website in hopes for them to bring their charm into your living space.

Champalimaud Design

The creation of Alexandra CHampalimauf certainly paid off with the start of the Champalimaud Design. Champalimaud Design, based in NYC, is an interior designing company that has been known to create fascinating displays and expressions of hospitality, elegance, and extraordinary sense of detail into every one of their top luxury hotel and private projects.

Champalimaud Design has its headquarters in NYC but is known to work globally. Through their plans and making interior dreams into realistic goals, Champalimaud Design has taken the interior designing market in NYC by storm, their projects taking the character of uniqueness and compelling.

Interior designers in NYC;

Exemplary creations of Champalimaud Design features in the interiors of Raffles Hotel Singapore, Halepuna Waikiki, Big Sky Residence, and more. You are welcome to contact Champalimaud Design through their website and describe your ideas on how you want your NYC place to mimic your daydreams. 

Anastasios Gliatis

If elegance and style come together in any form, it is through the projects executed by Anastasios Gliatis. Anastasios Gliatis is an interior design company located in NYC who are famed for their superior creations in interior designing.

Instances of Anastasios Gliatis popular projects can be witnessed in PRIME, NYC as leading. Anastasio's interiors ensure that you "get the classy, luxurious, interior design for your home or workspace that you’ve always dreamed of." The portfolio of work of Anastasios Interiors in commercial and residential places is marvelous to look through, also their before-and-after examples.

Interior design work

Among other luxuries hotel interior designing under their forte, Anastasios Interiors have been known to show the same work ethic and brilliant results in the case of private properties too. To hire Anastasios Interiors to work their magic into your living space, you can head on over to their website.

Jeffrey Beers International

Jeffery Beers International sure knows an important thing or two about spectacular interior design. The visions of amazing interior design structures and architecture are reflected in their creations based all around the world. Perhaps the reason they have won numerous awards for their works of interior design. From the hospitality area to the marvelous structures illustrations, everything is reflected in the pieces from the Jeffrey Beers International (JBI).

Wall Painting; interior designs in NYC

The sophistication and bond between culture and modernity are really transparent to the naked eye when Jeffery Beers is involved in interior designing such as Jay-Z’ Roc Nation, Atlantis, and other famous places. You as a client can now hire one of the masterminds behind some stunning global interior design to showcase and uplift your visions and wishes of interior design within your NYC apartment, with Jeffery Beers International.

Bjarke Ingels Group, BIG

Scandinavian way of living is considered one of the prime modes of living your life in this world. Among its numerous advantages and positive features, one of the significant parts of Scandanvavian life actually stems from its décor. That is right, the famous Scandanavian décor that can now come to your apartment with BIG. BIG stands for Bjarke Ingels Group.

Bjarke Ingels Group or BIG’s vision articulate their creations or as BIG themselves describe it as in their website, “BIG IDEAS is an internal technology-driven special projects unit, expanding the traditional scope of the architect in to the realm of information and material. BIG IDEAS explores new intellectual territory in both the digital and material realm through three specific areas.”

Interior designers in NYC;

BIG's founder is Bjarke Ingels who's a Danish architect and interior designer, part of his identity ensures his precious and stunning execution of Scandanavian and sustainable interior design in BIG's inventions. Based in Manhattan, you can have a look at BIG's stunning repertoire of interior design at places such as VM Houses, Mountain Dwellings, and more. 

Jonathan Adler

If you want the glamour of luxurious life and a showcase of modernity to present itself to the naked eye through décor and interior design, Jonathan Adler is your man. The “grooviness to your home” sets in with the intertwin combination of your interior design visions and Jonathan Adler's creations. Adler's works in interior designing have been said to replicate the ideals of mid-century, modern, and pop culture inspirations.

 Blue wall; chairs; wall hangings

Bring in lavish interiors within your NYC living space with Adler who is one of the most desired interior designers at present. Find Jonathan Adler through his website to know more details about his pieces. 

Ovadia Design Group by Jack Ovadia

High-residential and commercial interior designs often appear synonymous with the name of Ovadia Design Group by Jack Ovadia. Owned by the man, Jack himself. Ovadia design group is an NYC interior design and architectural design studio. You can witness fascinating displays of modern, contemporary, and other blended forms of interior designs in the creations of Ovadia Groups.

Modern Interior Design

Do not worry about whether or not they will agree to work on your comparably smaller NYC living and/or commercial space, because they surely will. Ovadia Design Group can make even the simplest places have the aftermath of looking lush, elegant, and practical.


Based in Brooklyn, a group of young, talented, and visionary interior designers has taken the interior designing world by storm. The group we are referring to is MESHBERG GROUP. Started in 2006 by Adam Meshberg, Meshberg Group is an award-winning architecture + interior design firm that is headquartered in New York. From bars, restaurants to residential areas, Meshberg Group's area of expertise in interior design is dynamic and stunning to look at.

Minimal interior design; interior designers in NYC

Meshberg group aims to portray" integrating timeless architectural elements of the past with contemporary materials and methods of the present" in their creations. as described by them. You as a client can have your personalized visions and objectives of interior design come to life at your NYC living space with Meshberg Group. Meshberg Group is available for contact and hiring through their website, you can also check their works and other details on their active Instagram page. 

Cenk Fikri

Cenk Fikri is an NYC, Middle-East, Miami, and London-based interior design studio. Their creations have stretched from contemporary, mid-century, traditional, transitional, and modern. According to the interior design studio's ideals, it plans to ". Design. Build. Brand. Consult. Operate." Cent Fikri describes their work as "A Boutique Hospitality Design & Consultancy Studio Concept."

Modern Interior Design

Cent Fikri specializes in restaurant and hospitality interior design but that is not all that they do, they also work splendidly with precise efforts at the interior design of residential areas. You can hire Cent Fikri to execute the intertwined vision of your objectives and their presentation of interior designing at your residential area or commercial area in NYC. Find Cent Fikri for further contact and information on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages. 

Oda New York

Want your NYC commercial place or residential area to represent the ethos of modernity, contemporary style, and minimalism throughout? Then ODA New York architecture and interior design firms are one of the best choices to hire at present. In their own words, ODA New York is an interior designer and architecture company based in NYC, precisely "based in the heart of Manhattan and working across the globe, we are interested in the transformation discoveries architecture can bring."

Interior designer in NYC

ODA New York's creations are spectacular to witness, which you can see at Denizen Bushwick, 251 1st Street, National Library of Israel, 416-420 Kent Avenue, Mazd Moscow, and other places. Head on over to the ODA New York website and LinkedIn page to gain more information about their works and contact-procedure if you want to hire them to work their work at your space. 

Ryan Korban

If there is a passion for the art and profession, then no obstacle can stop. Similar is the story of Ryan Korban. While other interior designers in NYC can boast their expensive interior designing degree, Ryan simply fell in love with the art and architecture of interior designing and learned his tricks in the trade.

Now, he is one of the most revered interior designers in NYC, that you can hire to work their magic, charm, and vision at your living and/or commercial place in NYC. In their own words, Ryan Korban and his interior designing studio, aim to be "Defined by a mix of classic luxury, old-world romance, and urban cool Korban strives to creative spaces that surpass trend to redefine traditional design for a new generation."

Modern Interior design; interior designers in NYC

There are different sophisticated and mesmerizing concepts that Ryan Korban's creations portray within themselves such as in Upper East Side Residence, Aquazurra, 40 Bleeker, and more. These are also the places that Ryan Korban has worked on and proved his spectacular visions of interior designing come to life.

There is a blend of elegance, sophistication, contemporary and modern style at his interior pieces that are awe-inspiring. You can learn more about Ryan Korban's spectacular work and information about contacting his studio for hire at his website, Instagram page, and LinkedIn.


Apart from these highlighted and described interior designers and their firms in NYC, there are equally proficient and exemplary interior designing companies and experts based in New York City. A few other firms and professional you can contact to make your interior design visions into a reality are the Rockwell Group, Alyssa Kapito, Benjamin Vandiver, Brad Ford ID, D’Aquino Monaco, Fawn Galli, Shamir Shah Design Studio V, Sasha Bikoff, C&L Interiors, M&P Design Group, and more among others.

Interior designers in New York City

Mentioned here are some of the best interior designers you can find in NYC. On a larger sense of contemplation, you want your objectives and visions related to the interior design of your living, residential, and/or commercial place located in NYC to be met. Thus, do not hesitate to lay out your thoughts and expectations to the interior designer while hiring them to make your place look better than the one you dreamed about. 

New York City or NYC is full of luxurious, charming, and status-upholding buildings and neighborhoods. You must aim at making your place shine and unique among the others closest to you, to stand out and grab attention. The melting pot of cultures that is NYC presents you with a lot of options and choices to go for while hiring interior designers, each with their own style and technique, so be careful on whom to land, to do your place's interior designing.

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