What comes to your mind when you hear the term 'bedroom'? Isn't it relaxing?

A bedroom is a place in which you spend most of the time, when you come back from a tiring day at work, you surely long for a good sleep to recharge your energy and gain all the powers to move ahead.

A bedroom is a private space, not everyone you have at home gets to see your bedroom. But, that does not mean a bedroom is not that important in terms of design.

Interior design ideas for bedroom

Everybody likes a good personal space, and for a place where you sleep, it surely needs attention to create a beautiful atmosphere. Neglecting the bedroom in terms of design is not a good thing to do.

This is your getaway and to make it more comfortable, lively, and simply perfect, here are a few tips and tricks to make your room look divine and mesmerizing. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find out some interior design for bedroom mentioned right below. You can start with a few basics:

Interior Design For Bedroom - Bedroom Design Ideas & Decorating Secrets

#1 Choose the right color palette

Color plays an important role in interior design. In terms of bedroom, bright colors might not be the best option. Rather, going for warm & earthy neutral colors would help stimulate sleep.

Color palette

Using dark colors with neutral ones is also a good combination. You have to make sure that the colors you're using for furniture and the rest of the room complement each other and blend well together.

#2 Choose the right furniture

When designing any room, make sure to make a floor plan first and then go with the purchase of furniture. Interior designing for a bedroom is not a very easy task, you need to be careful.

For instance, if the bed is small and is kept in a large room it will look awkward and the same goes for if it is very big and is in a small room.

Bedroom with furniture; Interior design ideas for bedroom

Everything is about balance, firstly add necessary things and see if they fit well, and then if you have space add other furniture items you want. Also add a good mattress for the bed, something that is comfortable and soft so that your dreams can be as good as the mattress!

#3 Choose good wall décor and paint

Walls matter a lot, some go for wallpapers, some for paints. It’s totally up to you to choose.

Bedroom walls; Interior design ideas for bedroom

Don’t hesitate to experiment a little with the wall, using textures, sequence, patterns, etc., can all be done. Adding some wall art can elevate the look you are going for.

Always make sure that the walls match the room and appear soothing to your eyes and are not very gaudy.

#4. Pick the right flooring

Make sure to use flooring that suits all-weather, ceramics would make your feet cold. This is why it is suggested that using flooring like wooden, vinyl, or carpet flooring would be good to go.

Bedroom Flooring with Rug

With so many options with flooring, one might get confused. Try to explore and use the flooring that would suit you best. Using good textured flooring with different patterns, a good solid hardwood flooring that gives a vintage yet modern look, or a cozy rug flooring are some options you could pick from.

#5. Consider good spacing in room

It is important to have good traffic around, the way things are spaced matter, as no one wants to stumble upon something while moving at night. Make sure the path between the bed and the bathroom is clear.

Bedroom Spacing; Interior design ideas

Do not clutter your room, as it might look messy and disorganized.

#6. Choosing correct fabric and texture

Good fabric not only makes the room look extravagant but also gives a sense of comfort and panache. While choosing bedcovers and sheets, make sure it will match with the room. Be considerate with the colors you choose.

Bedroom Interior design; fabrics and texture

Choose darker fabric if the room is of light color or else go for light fabrics when the room color is in the darker end. Look for a design that goes with the theme of the room.

#7. Curtains and lighting

The lighting of the room is very important; some might overlook it but in the designing industry, it is a crucial part. Light in a room can bring a lot of style and life to the room.

Another important thing is curtains. Using dark curtains with light walls and Light curtains for dark walls is a best practice of interior design experts. 

Curtains and lighting in bedroom

Some people use dimmers which is to subdue the light according to one's need. Choose contrasting colors for the curtains. You might also consider double-layered curtains.

Use a night lamp for reading at night, each light should be adjustable.

#8. Use a smart storage technique

Storage space is something that is a great problem faced by many. Sometimes there is never enough space that is because the spaces are not utilized smartly.

Storage system in bedroom

Make sure to always have some extra space, try to keep the room clutter-free and neat, this would add a serene feeling to the room.

  • Choose a roomy bedside table with drawers or doors using which you can hide books, lotion, and reading glasses within reach but out of sight. For more storage, choose a skirted table or a small dresser with drawers.
  • Use a trunk or a storage bench at the foot of the bed to store extra sheets, blankets, and pillows.
  • For easily reachable books and accessories, use a headboard with built-in shelves or sliding panels.
  • A custom-designed organization system can make maximum use of closet space.
  • Place shallow boxes underneath the bed hiding them with a beautiful bed skirt.

These tips and tricks might help.

#9. Design the room with a good ventilation system

Ventilation system in a bedroom

This will not beautify the room designing but will surely help to reside comfortably. Good ventilation helps to keep a good temperature in a room. You wouldn’t want a room that is too cold or too hot to live in, adding a good ventilation system will provide some fresh outside air and will keep the atmosphere pleasant.

#10. Don't forget the ceiling

Ceilings elevate the look of a room profoundly. Using lights in the middle of the ceiling is the good old-fashioned way try experimenting. Available options are lampshades, pin lights, up lights, and so on.

Ceiling; Interior design for bedroom

This would change the whole ambiance of the room and will create a vibe with which you want to go forth.

#11. Include a private recess space

Incorporating a personal space would be the best gift you can give to yourself.

Study table and space in a bedroom

Give yourself an intimate area for reading, writing, or just a lounging area with a comfortable sitting. If you have a window, try creating a window sitting area and enjoying the view outside along with some natural light.

#12. Keep it natural

Adding planters or just a simple tree in your room will give a touch of nature. Using fresh scents for a refreshing odor, to keep the mood of the room relaxing is a secret that can make your room smell delicious.

Scented candles can also be used, as they are considered to reduce anxiety and can calm your nerves as well. Room fresheners can also be an alternative.

Nature and scented candles on a table

Making your natural freshener by adding some essential oil and water can be sprayed upon bed sheets and mattress to give an aromatic essence to the room.

These were some ideas for the interior design of a bedroom.

Let’s move on and look at some décor ideas to give a top-notch look to your bedroom.

Interior Design For Bedroom - Bedroom Design Ideas & Decorating Secrets

Dramatic Curtains

Adding some unique patterned curtains along with some French windows give a subtle elegance to the whole outlook.

Curtains; Interior design for bedroom

Curtains may include unique and contrasting colors, along with some gold or silver accessories around the room.

Statement Wall Arts

Wall art; Interior design for bedroom

People nowadays are going with minimalist look for their house. Adding a statement wall art such as a 3D quote with some neon lights around or a big painting above the bed will surely be marked as a statement.

Monochromatic Look

Using the same hue of color scheme where the whole room from walls, furniture, artwork, etc. share the same color thread to give a sort of simple yet edgy.

Monochromatic look bedroom design

Adding textures might be a good option. It might get from being monochromatic to being monotonous if isn’t used and settled well.

Unique Headboard

The headboard of the bed is the focal point of the room as it plays a major role in implying what vibe you have gone with. Using headboards as a utility like adding a pin-board or chalkboard as headboards can be seen, being unique and helpful too.

Unique headboard; Interior design for bedroom

Curved design with some good velvet to give a chic look, going for a rustic vintage look, using textures and fabrics. There is more to just a plain headboard just keep in mind the theme and what would go with the whole room.

Exquisite Lights

Lighting in a bedroom interior design

With just some lights around the room, it might appear gloomy. Adding Rich and uniquely designed lights can give an elegant look to the room. Try to add crystal chandeliers, unique table lamps, or some other piece of a showpiece with inbuilt lights.

Add a variety of textures

Incorporating textures help in adding some lively feel around. Using textures in the form of artwork, curtains, rugs can do wonders. Also it will make the place look more intimate and welcoming.

Adding Florals

Who doesn’t like some fresh floral arrangements? Everybody likes having some flowers around, no matter what the season is. Adding flowers can add a pop of color to your room.

Floral arrangement: Interior design for bedroom

Using tulips, dried Pampas or some modern vignette looking flowers can elevate the look greatly.

Good Mirror

Mirrors are a must, adding a unique structured mirror can be a good choice, as everyone needs a mirror around.

Mirror on the wall of a bedroom

They make space look more spacious, brighter, and unique, using a vintage rustic look, or some modern plain mirrors are some options.

Right numbers of through pillows 

They serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. Through pillows are available in a wide variety of textures and materials. A through pillow helps to bind the whole look of the room together. They make a difference and make your room look more inviting.

Adding a Day Bed

For a room that happens to be less spacious, adding a day bed that can later convert to a full bed can help to make the room look spacious and accommodating at the same time.

Adding a unique-looking texture to the day bed and you are good to go.

Make the Furniture Float

Floating Nightstand; Interior design for Bedroom

Instead of going for a full bedside, replace it with a built-in bedside with lamps for a floating effect. It will make your room look decluttered and organized along with being sleek. It is a good option for small rooms as it will make space look bigger.

Adding a Wooden Bench

Rather than going for a good old foot table, try incorporating a wooden bench at the foot of the bed to add a rusty and cozy effect. This would give the place a chic look without going overboard.

Play with Prints

Adding prints can give a modern look to the room, but make sure not to overdo it, or else it might look off and unpleasant. First, choose the main pattern and then layer them with colors that would look harmonious together.

Lay Down Beautiful Rugs

Nobody wants to wake up to a cold floor. By adding a rug, the room will look cozy. Area rugs never go out of style. A rug will add that pizzas to the room and will brighten the place.

Rugs in bedroom

You can shop high quality hand-knotted rugs from globally recognized and highly trusted website The Rugs Café. They do really have a great collection of rugs. 

Adding Greenery to the Room

Plants are a great way to make the room look fresh, the plant gives out clean air, they add life to the room. It also boosts the mood and inspires creativity and productivity. Using indoor plants, faux plants, or making a greenery wall can work great for the room. After all, adding some greenery will not harm you with anything.

Going with a green theme has also gained a lot of attention nowadays. So why wait? Bring nature in!!


Interior design for a bedroom is not a very difficult task, turning a room of your dreams into reality is something everybody wants. Bedroom being a very personal place should define, as who you are as a person and with these ideas let’s hope that you must have got what you needed.

So, go ahead and step out with these plans once and for all!!

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