You're here probably means that you're thinking of decorating your house. What comes first when someone enters your home, living room, right? You might have already thought about how you're going to put all your furniture, paint walls, etc. to make your home more appealing and harmonious. In this blog post, I'll be holding your hand to help you with decorating a living room.

Decorating a living room

At first, you need to choose a style for your home. Be it modern, traditional, formal, relaxed, subdued, bold, or vintage. Once you're done with deciding a theme and style for your room, you're all set to choose the furniture type, lightning, wall colors, floor coverings, window coverings, and other accessories. There's an art to decorating a room in a way that makes a room look great and comfortable. Keep reading the mentioned tips to get started with decorating your living room.

11 Tips for Decorating a Living Room

1. Mix light and dark

When a living room has everything dark, it feels like a cave. When it's all white and bright, it feels "clean" and unapproachable. Mixing light and dark colors in a living room results in balance and depth. If you include white and black in your theme, it takes your home décor to another level. 

Mixing the colors in a living room

2. Contrast your neutrals

While decorating a living room, it's not all about adding white and black. It goes far beyond this if you really want to make your space welcoming and appealing to your guests. Observe the picture and you'll find that the caramel leather with white walls, brass hardware, gray sofa, and blue-gray cabinets, all are complementing one another.

Decorating a living room (Contrast)

Every article in the room is highlighting their different undertones and finishes. Needless to say, this color palette will say a lot when other key elements like color, pattern, and texture are considered. 

3. Play with texture

The texture is something we always overlook while decorating a living room. But it's as important as any other factor that makes a room feel cozy. Harder textures add contrast and plush textures appeal to the touch of the room. You opt to include wool, cotton, leather, stone, metal, glass, plant life, and many other textures as you can. You have to make sure that whatever you're adding to your living room shall be making sense and maintaining a balance.

Sofa with throw pillows

If you're just starting, you're good to start with pillows and cushions. The advantage of using pillows and cushions is that they won't cut your pocket. Look for other spaces in the room and accessorize and furnish accordingly. Add materials (follow the rule of three) to your space considering colors, in small doses (wherever required). 

Wood work: Decorating a living room

4. Work on wood

Mentioning texture doesn't make any sense if I won't talk about wood (and furniture). Wood is one of the top materials that bring a sense of warmth to home interiors. 

 Spacious Living room with wood

There are so many ways you can add wood to make your living room more inviting. Be it movable stools, wall paneling, side tables, picture frames, sofa legs, and other art pieces.

Sofas in a living room

5. Mix up your upholstery

Several stores give you an option to buy the entire living room set to match with upholstery. You're not bounded to buy the same. In a formal seating area, it may be a decent choice to buy a matching set that gives a sense of maturity and order. To make a room feel cozy, comfortable, and welcoming, I'd suggest you mix and match your upholstered pieces to give the purpose a bit more personage.

Different fabric upholstery in a living room

Try mixing leather chairs with fabric sofa or vice versa. It creates contrast and offers diversity. This is one of the safest experiment you can do right away. Moreover, it also gives your guests an option to choose from, according to their seating preferences.

Decorating a living room

6. Choose practical fabrics

Mentioning the upholstery, it's not just about how comfortable your seating arrangement is, but also how durable it is. The meaning of 'durable' will be defined by your family. There might be pet(s), the kid(s), or small children in your home that are the factors to make a room messy or tidy. My suggestion would be to go with mid-tone fabrics as they take time to get visibly dirty. On the other hand, extreme dark or light colors will readily show stains or dirt.

Two leather sofas and white wall with window

When it comes to material, leather is one of the best materials because it can easily be cleaned by just wiping if a spill occurs. There is a disadvantage too, the leather may get scratches easily if you have a pet in your home. To ensure a long life for leather, choose leather with a broken-in look or a pattern.

Decorating a living room

If you're not interested in leather, corduroy and denim are two other materials that are durable and inviting. In addition to this, these materials are an add-on when compared to typical plain cotton or wool upholstery available in stores.

Blue sofa in a living room

When choosing a fabric for your living room furniture, it is suggested to test the material. Do bend the material and make sure the material is doesn't reveal the baking material. Remember, a tight weave will be more durable than a loose one despite considering the material type. 

7. Add a dash of color

I know you can décor a home without any vivid hues. But, adding a little bit of color to space can go a long way, to make a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. 

Decorating a living room

When you're confused about choosing a color, try blue. It's a hue that most people can agree on and also my personal favorite :). What I feel about the blue color is, it perfectly contrasts warm elements such as leather and wood. And it acts like neutral for other future accent colors.

Living room with patterned rug

8. Add a patterned rug

A rug has the potential to tie all your room and furniture together, enhancing the beauty of the space. If it's a patterned rug, it can fill your living room with energy and minimizes the dirt and stains. A rug feels like flowers under feet, adds comfort, and provides a sense of life to the living room.

If you have already carpeted floor, there is no issue to put a rug over the carpet. I've covered an article around putting an area rug over carpet such that it adds to the beauty of the space. A rug is a mush have!

Decorating a living room

9. Choose movable tables and stools

What makes a living room more comfortable and flexible? Lightweight tables, ottomans, stools, and side chairs, isn't it? It doesn't only give you a broad option for sitting and multiple choices for putting your feet up and extra seat(s) for your guest(s). 

You can use smaller pieces such as the upholstered footstools displayed in the image. It lets you slide objects far and near to the main seating as per the convenience and comfort.

Living room with proper distance seating arrangement

10. Consider conversational distances

Despite considering how big your room is, I think there shall be a limited seating area that makes sense for friendly conversation and intimate gatherings. Arranging all the seating objects within 8 feet of diameter or 4 feet out from the center are considered good.

If you're are a party lover, a huge, 12-seat sectional sofa will best meet your needs. But, if you want to create a cozy living room, it's a good practice to keep fewer and smaller seating pieces and keep them a bit closer to each other.

Spacious decorated living room

11. Don't take it too seriously

A living room is a great space to embrace thoughtful disorder, such as through an art gallery wall, mix-and-match throw pillows, open storage baskets, and fun furniture like this tepee-inspired tent.

Trying for perfect order will mean that anything out of place will stick out like a sore thumb, whereas accepting a bit of controlled chaos will mean the occasionally dropped toy or draped blanket will look right at home.

Your Turn

Are you decorating your living room to make it look luxurious and inviting? Or are you thinking of making changes to your living room to make it cozier? Please feel free to share your makeover with us in the comment section below.

Thus above are the points to make your drawing room glam and cozy.

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