The rug is common among every home and so the chances of getting stains on the rug. We all, face one basic issue, ''How to clean a rug'' moreover, so many of us don't know how to do it, the right way. To make a rug last for years, it is suggested to clean and maintain the rug.

There are two ways you can clean your rug: First is a professional cleaning, and second is, cleaning the rug yourself and save a lot of money.


How to clean a rug


Rug cleaning is an easy process that you can do on your own. It is not even necessary to clean it regularly. This is only required when the rug is visibly dirty or has some kind of odor. With the help of occasional cleaning, it will look just like the way they did when you first unrolled the them.


This article will help you with all your issues and concerns regarding the cleaning of rugs. I will tell you how to make the most of it with the resources available at home.


For cleaning the rug you can follow these step-by-step instructions and make your rug look real:


Step 1: To remove the unpleasant dust or hair from the rug, first brush the carpet properly.


Brushing the rug


Step 2: After brushing off the rug, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, clean the excessive dust thoroughly, vacuum on the rug on both sides. Then, fold the rug inwards.


Vaccum the rug


Step 3: Gather all the supplies including detergent, water, and brush.


Supplies for washing


Step 4: Use any liquid detergent and pour it in the bucket of water. The ratio of detergent should be as exact as the cap.


Liquid detergent


Step 5: Get the rug that you kept aside. Now, open it from one side and pour the soap water on it. Using a brush (or soft spunch or sponge), rub the carpet gently.


Poring detergent solutions and brushing the rug: How to clean a rug


Step 6: Simultaneously repeat the process of cleaning until the whole carpet is done. Fold the rug tightly so that the water rushes out.


Folding the carpet: How to clean a rug at home


Step 7: Pour fresh clean water slowly over the rug for the removal of soap water.


Step 8: Now, keep the rug aside. In the bucket add soft detergent and antiseptic liquid, mix it well.


Step 9: Pour the solution on the folded rug from the top and keep it aside so that water drains out.


Step 10: Keep the rug under the sun and let it dry.


Drying the rug under sunlight


You can always do a color test: While using any substance on the whole rug just apply it on a small part of the rug so that if anything happens your rug is safe.


Furthermore, the questions people have regarding rug cleaning.


How do you clean a rug naturally?

  1. Vinegar, dish soap, and water. Stir one tablespoon of dish soap into one quart of warm water, then add 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar.
  2. Club soda works as a cleanser when it is spritzed on the carpet. It's great for removing blood and wine stains.

How do you clean a carpet with baking soda?

If your rug is just a little musty, you can sprinkle baking soda and then vacuum it up However, you can also scrub out rug stains using baking soda and water. After the powder dries, you can still just vacuum it up.


Does Vinegar discolor carpet?

White vinegar can tackle some types of stain very effectively without damaging your rug, it isn't always the solution. Vinegar is an acidic product, so it works best on alkaline stains such as your pet's urine and wine. But, it won't work on acidic stains such as ketchup or soy sauce.


How long can you leave baking soda on the carpet?

If you can let it sit for 24 hours, that's even better. The longer it sits, the better your results will be.


How often you should wash your rug?

The most rugs should be cleaned every 12-18 months, It all depends on the type of rugs you have, your lifestyle, and the elements your rugs are exposed to.


You may always have this common problem, with the help of this article you will not have this problem anymore. These instructions are very easy and no fancy equipment is needed to clean them. The simplest way to make your rug look elegant.


Author's Bio: Mansi Agarwal is a student of Fashion Business (from Pearl Academy, Delhi). She loves exploring new topics and writing around them. Apart from this, she loves eating!

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