Like every other home décor purchase, buying the best carpet is a big decision to make. Although it is easy to gain advice and inspiration from different sources when it comes to choosing the right color for the walls in your living room, the right wardrobe to go for that will match your bedroom style, deciding on which carpet is the most competent to go with your living space can be a very tough decision to make. 

How to buy the best carpet or rug

How to buy a carpet or rug and tips on buying the best rugs are some of the questions whose answers we often seek in moments like these. Trust us, we have all been there. That is why we have narrowed down our search methods and tips that will act as a guide when you do the actual purchase of the best carpet of your dreams. After all, purchasing a carpet should be treated as an investment.

Rugs are not just a statement of luxury and comfort. Buying a carpet is one of the best decisions you can make if you want a positive change in your lifestyle. Rugs add style and character to a living area, whether it is your home, office, or your commercial space. A good carpet that suits the shape and décor of a room helps frame it and cover any imperfections too. 

While there are numerous aesthetic and comfort qualities we can go on about the benefits of having a carpet gracing your floor, did you know about the safety factor that an area rug brings? Suppose you trick and fall, a thick rug can cushion the impact and minimize the level of injury. 

Tips on buying the best rug

Area rugs are a great way to introduce a new color palette into your life if you are bored of looking at the same old, gloomy hues on the wall. The shades of carpet not only adds warmth into your hallways and studios but also into your life.

But, you have to be careful about what kind of carpet you want, what shades you think will go along with your room or office, the maintenance of the carpet, and more. Here are a few of the things that you may keep in mind while shopping that will surely help you make the best possible decisions while buying a carpet.

Take Particular Care of The Measurements

Preparation is the key to success if you do not want to be set for failure. This certainly holds true when you are preparing to purchase an area rug too. One of the key things, when we talk of preparation for rug shopping, is about measurements. Measurement is the key detail that you have to keep in mind while picking out the best rug you like. The standard sizes for rugs are generally 3 x 5 Feet, 4 x 6 Feet, 6 x 9 Feet, and so on.

Colorful Rugs; How to buy best area rugs

But considering the sizes and shapes of rooms and spaces often differ, the standard sizes rules do not matter that much anymore. For instance, The Rugs Cafe, one of the best online places to buy rugs from, offers premium area rugs in all general shapes and sizes, considering different criteria and room measurements. The model measurements of rugs in The Rugs Cafe are usually limited to these.

Rug Size Guide

Calculating carpet measurements and requirements should be done with intricate care and patience. If you want to make your rug purchase as easy as possible, measure your room and then measure it again leaving some inches off from the sides. The general rule of the thumb while measuring the rug area of space to leave 4-6 inches from the wall so that your area rug stands out.

You can also choose to carpet the whole area from corner to corner but area rugs are the best choice to go for if you are carpeting your home, office, or commercial space on your own. Be sure to provide this measurement information to your rug-seller or keep these measurement details handy while you sort by rug choices online. Remember, your best rug purchase at the end of the day falls down to measurement details.

All Rugs are Not The Same

When you step into a rug shop or run your eyes through rugs options and catalog present, you might slightly wonder within yourself, what is the difference between one rug from another? Sure, there is an obvious contrast in colors, patterns, and shapes sometimes, but is there any real discrepancy between the two rugs?

To answer your thoughts, we would like to present two scenarios. There are rug shops that sell different kinds of rugs that vary not only in color and patterns, but also material, build, style, shape, and prices among other things. From hand-tufted to machine-made, from woolen to nylon, this rug store might have all kinds of rugs. The variations among area rugs in stores like these may appear to be incisively apparent on sight.

Tips for buying best area rug

Now there are other kinds of area rugs and carpet emporiums that sell only one-of-a-kind rug that may be similar in material but vary in all other things. More often than not, premium quality rugs are sold in rugs markets like these where the rugs are similar in one quality or the other, such as material, or shape but differ in a range of other distinctive features such as designs, shapes, value, sizes, etc.

We, as a case in point, offers a large collection of hand-knotted rugs that vary in color, patterns, embroidery, shapes, styles, and more.

Your Carpet Should Match Your Lifestyle 

Before buying a carpet or an area rug, you must keep in mind the fact that it will be a constant feature of your life from the second you purchase it for your own use. To illustrate, envision the scenario, your new rug laying on the living room, looking all brand new. Over time, it will come in contact with everything that steps on the floor.

Keeping general wear and tear aside, dust and dirt will get on the rug eventually. If you live in rural or countryside, chances of your rug getting soiled are more. Moreover, if you have a kid or a pet in your life, your carpet has to suffer some consequences too.

How to buy best area rugs or carpet

Keeping things and circumstances such as the above mentioned in consideration, your area rug purchase should always meet your lifestyle. If your area rug sheds a lot even after weeks of purchase and it causes a hindrance to the members of your family while ruining the appearance of your floor, your purchase was a mistake. Whiles stains and traffic are expected on a rug, bear in mind that some handle it better than others.

Consider the fabrics of Different Area Rugs

Different area rug fabrics have variations in the level of vitality and longevity. You may have heard the most popular rug materials or fabrics are nylon, acrylic, and polyester. All of these area rug fabrics have their share of strengths and weaknesses. Nylon is known to be the most durable and versatile out of the mentioned, while acrylic is most manageable. Polyester area rugs are the most budget area rugs in the market. 

Consider the fabrics; tips on buying the best area rug

But when we are rug shopping, we do have to consider our rug choice to be considered as an investment in the future. You can not keep changing your rug every two years or so. One of the biggest mistakes you can make while considering how to buy a carpet or rug is thinking to yourself that your purchase will be for short-term usage. Rugs are supposed to be an investment for years to come. 

Acknowledging all the expectations and uses we seek to derive out of a good area rug, we conclude that wool is the best fabric to opt for. Woolen rugs are durable, cost-effective, luxurious, all-natural, timeless, and unique. If you seek to purchase the best woolen rugs that the rug market has to offer, you can check out the large woolen rug inventory of The Rugs Cafe. 

Pick A Reasonable Budget And Stick To It

Buying an area rug is a big decision to make. When we talk of a big decision, we would like to point out that these rugs are more expensive than ordinary things you buy in life on a regular basis. Of course, most of the pieces of furniture and home décor items that we own cost a substantial amount. What you have to keep in mind is that, rather than getting the temporary shock out of seeing the prices of area rugs, you should set on a budget and purchase the desired choice from the sorted-out options. 

How to buy the best carpet or rug

Budgeting before purchasing an area rug is one of the smartest to make. It helps you and your seller to gain more information before showing you the available options of area rugs within that price range. Furthermore, you already gain an idea beforehand about the quality and style of carpet that you can afford to own within your budget. 

While deals and resales are always going to, you have to pick the best time to buy your desired area rug, if you are not in a hurry. If you are purchasing your area rug from a bazaar/market. be aware of scams such as over-measuring and overcharging. The seller might try to sell your rugs that do not come within your budget or your measurement requirements. In situations like these, either walk away or bargain for the lower cost if you believe you are being charged high. 

One of the reasonable tips on buying the best rugs you can follow is checking online rug stores. There are not seller-customer tense interactions and you are able to make your purchase at any time of the day, filtering out all the qualities and features of a rug from the available inventory. 

Carpet Care and Maintenance Are Important

Suppose you buy a white area rug that suits all your wants and looks great on the floor of your house. But the rug receives a lot of foot traffic, and over time has been subjected to wear and tear, stains, and other imperfections that do not look good on the white rug. No one wants a soiled dirty area rug in their life. 

pet & carpet; tips on buying best rugs

In times like these, you may have to take your area rug for a cleaning and maintenance treatment. Even if money is not a factor while you are making these rug maintenance appointments, think about how much time it will take and how long your white pristine rug will be ready again to be laid on the floor.

Obviously, the above scenario is hypothetical but you can see it happening, don't you? A pristine white area rug is of course very desirable but does it suit your lifestyle? More so, can you afford to give it the care and maintenance it requires to remain to look 'pristine'? The most general answer to this question will be a no.

Cleaning the carpet

More often than not, the carpet we want turns out to be the one we do not need. While a pristine white carpet might be suitable in some households, with proper care and regular maintenance. A crowded household with lots of family members and guests coming in and out will seek a carpet that is low maintenance, while it looking complimentary to the room. 

Padding Is Important, Do not Skip It

Rug padding or carpet padding is one of the steps we overlook while deciding how to buy a carpet or rug and caring for it. What we tend to forget to consider is that padding is an integral part of rug maintenance and care. The support and extra cushioning that rug padding provides are important if you want your area rug to remain long-lasting and in prime condition for years to come. 

Keep the padding; how to buy the best area rug

When we consider the tips for buying the best rug, a significant guideline that some often fail to mention is that there is a factor of inadequate padding too. The wear and tear of an area rug are not desirable in any circumstances whatsoever. Moreover, getting the perfect padding for your area rug will not make the rug look beautiful but also hide any imperfections on the flooring and provide additional noise-canceling features into the room.

Colors and Patterns of a Rug Can Make Make or Break Your Room

When you finally decide on the measurements and requirements you seek to gain from a carpet and you make up your mind to purchase an area rug, you will be coming face to face with a lot of options. These area rug options vary in colors, designs, and selecting the best out of them will be difficult. How to buy a carpet or rug falls into various little details but colors and patterns on an area rug are what soothes our eyes and lifts our mood. Furthermore, shades and designs on an area rug set the overall décor, i.e., mood and tone of a room. 

Pattern and colors; tips on buying the best rugs

If you have been in the spirit to make your life all about bare essentials and minimalism, cool blue tones of area rugs will help create a calm, peaceful setting within each room of a house. Vibrant hues and designs like red and pink will add energy and coziness within a space.

Lighter shades and patterns of area rugs are the best choice to go for if you want your room, office, or commercial space to appear larger, open, and cheerful. Darker colors and embroidery on an area rug help cover any imperfections on the floor flawlessly and hide stains that appear on the rug over time. 

Check Where You Buy Your Rug From

When we think about how to buy a carpet or rug the best way possible, the next level we think about where should we make our rug purchase from. After all, there are numerous places to buy rugs from but we can not be sure that every one of these places will treat us fairly and address the merge of our needs and wants perfectly when we seek to view the inventory of rugs. 

In a lot of cases, we often assume the scenario of being cheated on or charged unfairly for an area rug. If you are like most, hoping to make your first rug purchase, or have been cheated on previously by a rug-seller, one of the best tips on buying the best rugs we could give you is to go online for rug-shopping. 

How to buy the best area rug

Online shopping is one of the blessings of the 21st century and you should take the most advantageous use out of it. As a model of best example, The Rugs Cafe is a great place to buy the best premium hand-knotted rugs, all within affordable values without compromising on quality and style. 

The Bottom Line

How to buy a carpet or rug is easy enough if you remember the mentioned customs. A few other tips that you can keep in mind on buying the best rugs are considering the warranties and guarantees when purchasing rugs, whether you prefer to lay the carpet yourself or have it professionally installed.

There are numerous benefits, both functional and aesthetical that a great area rug can introduce into your life if you consider these guidelines and opt to buy your best area rug from The Rugs Cafe. A good area rug or carpet is definitely worth the investment to make at the end of the day. 

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