Planning to decorate your modern home with a vintage touch? If so, using vintage rugs to spruce up the space would be one of the best ways to do it. Everything vintage has a story to tell, and vintage rugs are no different. Rugs like the Hand Knotted Rugs from India preserve countless things in their fabric, design, and overall feel. Things like the art style prevalent in the past in the land to which the rugs belong, the culture of that land, the story of how they came to be made, the essence of the hard work of the people who made them, and more.

Vintage rugs are not just items for decoration; they are a glimpse into history. Apart from their beauty, this is the main reason why so many people decide to use vintage rugs to decorate their homes. If you are one of those people, then here are three simple steps to guide you through decorating your modern home with these rugs:

  • Choose Rugs that Complement Your Home’s Interior

  • Modern homes have a simple and elegant interior without any elements that might look chaotic. That means the look of walls and flooring, along with every bit of decoration in the home, flows together effortlessly and soothes the eyes. Many people who are afraid of disturbing this look avoid decorations that do not match the aesthetic of their homes. All such reasons make people hesitant to try incorporating the vintage look with their modern one, especially with items like rugs, which take considerable space and immediately draw the eye of a person.

    complement your home’s interior

    If you choose the wrong rug to adorn your floors, it might quickly become an eyesore. So, you need to make sure your choice complements the aesthetic of your home but also brings more life to it with its beautiful design and vibrant look. Vintage rugs like the ancient Indian rugs might look like they will be too intimidating for the modern space, with their complicated artwork and bright colors but they are one of the most popular choices of vintage rugs for decorating one’s home.


    They match every aesthetic as much as they contrast with them. Their intricate patterns, ornate designs, and beautiful colors make them an instant attraction amid modern decor. So, if you choose to adorn your home with vintage decor, a great option for you would be to get a Hand Knotted Carpet online that displays artwork rich with Indian culture’s essence. Once you have it placed inside your home, you will be able to see the gorgeous results of blending the modern style with vintage.

  • Strike a Balance Between the Style of Decor

  • It is important to keep in mind that vintage decor can only accentuate the look of your modern home if there is a balance between the two styles of decor. Surrounded by modern items, a single vintage rug is enough to enhance the interior of the space, but when there are too many rugs in one area, it might end up having the opposite effect. You need a vintage touch for your modern spaces, not the other way around.

    Style of Decor

    A rug, especially a vintage one, is meant to become a centerpiece and more than one rug in the same space can ruin that defining look that such a centerpiece might grant the space. If you buy online Hand Knotted Rugs, you can place them in your living room, bedroom, and even kitchen, as centerpieces and strike the balance of vintage and modern decor easily.

  • Look for the Ideal Location to Place Them

  • A vintage rug, as mentioned above, is quick to draw the eye of the beholder towards its splendor and is better suited as a centerpiece, but you should always pay attention to the type and size of the rug before placing it anywhere. You ought to be aware of which rug would look best in which space. This can be judged by analyzing the design of the rug along with its dimensions and comparing them with that of the room.

    Ideal Location to Place

    A big rug should never be placed in a cramped space and a small rug should not be placed in a large room because the former would look too overwhelming and the latter much too underwhelming. A runner should be placed in places like hallways; an ornate square rug will look better in the living room; a narrow rectangular one will be best suited for the space at the foot of the bed, and a small rug with a unique pattern might even look like a grand tapestry if hung on a wall.

    There is an ideal location for each rug, and you just need to look for it to achieve the look you want. A simple rug can do wonders in changing the look and feel of a room, but a vintage rug can breathe life into it and fill it with a mysterious charm. So, it is important to pick an ideal location to place these rugs to enhance the beauty of your home through a splendid blend of modern and vintage styles.

    To make this task easier, you can look up Indian rugs online beforehand and decide which design, pattern, or size of the rugs will look best in each of the rooms of your house. Once you have done that and decided upon the ideal locations, you can buy the rugs without any stress of them not matching the interior’s aesthetic or not being the right size for a certain room.


    With these three steps, the decoration of your modern home with vintage rugs will be complete, and it will have your interior looking better than ever before. With a few choice rugs in selected places, you can easily achieve the look you desire for your home and bring a little piece of a country’s history and culture while you are at it.

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