According to a common misconception in interior design, soft furnishings require less attention than large furniture pieces. This is simply not true. Soft furnishings are essential for layering and making a house seem like a home, and they should be chosen with the same care and consideration as any other piece of furniture in your design.

Carpets and rugs, in particular, have long been associated with luxury because they provide warmth and underfoot comfort while also adding colour, texture, and pattern. They can be used to divide rooms, set an atmosphere, or just parade the art of tapestry across a floor.

As the colder months approach, we start thinking about making our surroundings more welcoming and comfortable. In our search for the best and most comfortable luxury designer rugs, we've compiled a collection of inspiration with the best ones on our website.

A striking rug is a quick and easy method to transform the aesthetic of a room. However, you must choose a floor covering that will either dictate the style of the area or complement the existing decor. Your rug will likely be the centre of attention in your house. Why not choose your colour palette first and then incorporate it into the rest of your decor?Therefore, you can get more colours in abstract rugs, and we have them in our collection.

The more tones used in colourful abstract area rugs, the more gradual the colour transition will be, and the finished room will have a more painterly appearance. The ease with which an abstract rug pattern may be incorporated into modern environments is one of its most appealing features. Many homeowners choose neutral-coloured soft furnishings, walls, and window coverings, making a room feel calm with coloursswhen combined. An abstract-coloured rug, in this situation, may be too overwhelming and feel similarto the rest of the room.

When it comes to abstract designs, this is when they shine. For a light flash of colour, several of these designs combine creams and greys with soft colours. So, if this blog seems tempting to you, you can get your hands on our luxury designer rugs at very reasonable prices. We have many sizes available, and if we come to the fabrics and patterns of the rugs, you will find them endless on our website, from basic traditional rugs to vintage rugs in shapes like square, rectangle, rounds and much more. You can have a look visiting our site, and we assure you that you will be amazed by the patterns and the collection of fabrics we have.

Your rug will be delivered within 6-10 days, and we will ship it within three days once you place the order. Also, in case if you receive a defective piece, we have a 15 days return policy as well; you don't need to worry. We provide a 90 days warranty for the rugs. There are so many perks to shop from us. Jump on our site and choose the one for your living room.


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