All the goodness starts with the kitchen. Have you ever wondered how much the look of a kitchen can change the whole scenario of a home’s outlook! The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house but, sometimes, gets left out when it comes to designing. In design, flooring plays a vital role in making and breaking of a space. Today, in this blog article, I'll mention several floor ideas for kitchen.

Floor Ideas for Kitchen

Some people pay huge attention to kitchen designing while others simply neglect it and keep it for the end. Designing is not a peculiar task. Instead, it requires a little more attention and imagination. 

The kitchen holds a lot of responsibility, and making it look better is your task. Kitchen flooring goes through a lot daily, from various cooking experiments to major spills of food. And to make it long-lasting and resistant to several problems is the main challenge.

Kitchen flooring brings the best out of a kitchen. Remember, not every type of material can work for its flooring. With so many options, one might face a lot of difficulties while choosing the best. So, to make the process easy, here are a few ideas for kitchen flooring that can make your kitchen look beautiful and elegant.

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#1 Ceramic Tiles and Vitrified Tiles

Ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles are made up of almost the same components. The only difference is that ceramic tiles have clay as the major component while vitrified tiles also contain silica along with the clay. These are the most common tiles, but their look just appears astounding.

Vitrified Ceramic Floor Tiles for Kitchen

These tiles are considered very durable and have a lot of designing options. You just cannot go wrong with these. Both tiles have somewhat a glittery touch to them, which makes them look attractive.

The flooring idea for the kitchen, for these tiles, may incorporate a good patterned or plain tile like that of the picture above, this would elevate the look of your kitchen. Putting some cute rugs around along with some contrasting furniture would be ideal for a kitchen.


  • Easy to clean,
  • Durable, 
  • Low maintenance.


  • May get cold easily, 
  • Installation is very time consuming, 
  • The floor may stay slippery sometimes.

#2 Laminate Tiles

Laminate floor tiles for the kitchen floor is a good option. These are multi-layered synthetic flooring product fused with the lamination process.

Laminated Tiles: Floor Ideas for Kitchen

These are considerably very inexpensive as compared to other readily available options. These flooring laminate tiles give an exquisite look to the kitchen, various patterns are available.


  • Easy to clean, 
  • Good for homes with pets and children, 
  • Scratch-resistant.


  • Moisture may swell up the tiles sometimes, 
  • Chips easily, 
  • Not very long-lasting.

#3 Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring consists of various species of wood that are converted into tiles. These are extracted from real wood. They come in various.

Hardwood Flooring For Kitchen

styles. Flooring idea for this may include incorporating vintage and antique-looking pieces.

My suggestion would always be; use a rug to give a cozy detailing and use lights that would highlight the aesthetics of the flooring.


  • Works with both modern and traditional style, 
  • Available in a variety of woods like cherry walnut, etc., 
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Requires time to refinishing, 
  • Get noisy sometimes, 
  • Very costly.

#4 Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl comes in large continuous sheets. It is a mix of many different materials that makes it very durable. It contains some amount of wood as well. This is somewhat giving a fake look of a textured flooring and is widely used.

Vinyl Flooring: Floor Ideas for Kitchen

The vinyl flooring idea is very easy to clean, even the installation is quite manageable. It is inexpensive and worth the money.


  • Moisture resistant, 
  • Commercial grade level ware, 
  • Rigid core construction.


  • Difficult to remove for alterations,
  • Can get easily harmed, 
  • Non-biodegradable.

#5. Natural Stones

Natural stone, as suggested by the name, is not man-made. Instead, it is naturally extracted from nature. The idea for kitchen flooring here is being taken from various stones like granite, limestone, marble, etc.

Stone Flooring For Kitchen

Tiles made using natural stones are very durable, and nothing can compete with the elegance and attractiveness that they present to the perceiver.

Here are a few mentioned natural stones that are used in kitchen flooring:

  1. Limestone: Formed in the oceans, lakes, shells, etc., gives a very rustic look to the kitchen flooring. It is traditional yet gives a modern look.
  2. Travertine: Forms around mineral spring deposits, they are softer than limestone but can get a little brittle.
  3. Slate: It is another very sophisticated option, formed through silt and clay compressed under high pressure. They give a very industrial and rusty look.
  4. Marble: It is a metamorphic stone, that gives a very edgy look, it is very durable and is considered a high-end product that comes with a premium price tag. It requires professional attention to be made less slippery.


  • Easy to clean, 
  • Durable, 
  • Gives a naturally elegant look.


  • Highly expensive, 
  • Some polished stones may get scratch easily, 
  • Natural differences can risk the availability of matching pieces.

#6. Carpet Tiles

These are also called square tiles, as many square tiles are combined and are showcased as one. These are generally made of fabric and gives a high-end look to your kitchen flooring. 

Carpet tiles: Floor Ideas for Kitchen

The carpet tiles are perfect to give a cozy and warm look to your kitchen. Nylon, propylene, polyester is generally used nowadays. These are perfect tiles if you are looking for a good yet manageable kitchen flooring.


  • Easy to design and has a wide variety of options,
  • Highly durable,
  • Fire-resistant, 
  • Low maintenance.


  • May appear non-uniform, 
  • Can get stained easily, 
  • Fraying.

#7. Bamboo Wood

It is extracted from a bamboo tree, in fact, grass part of the tree, which is first shredded, heated up, and pressed. Then, glued together to form the flooring board. Bamboo flooring is a great option if you are looking for a feasible yet exquisite floor idea for kitchen. 

Bamboo Floor Tiles in Kitchen

These floorings are less expensive than hardwood tiles and give an incredible look to your kitchen. These can be installed over other subfloors as well.


  • Environment friendly, 
  • Easy to maintain, 
  • Pocket friendly.


  • Limited tones are available, 
  • Absorbs water hence not the best choice for a kitchen, 
  • Easily leads to scratches.

#8. Concrete Tiles

These tiles are made from the hydraulic pressed and heat method. They were initially used for commercial purposes but have gained a lot of attention in past few years. Kitchen flooring ideas for concrete tiles are using contrasting colors that could bring out the beauty of these beautiful tiles. 

Concrete tiles: Floor Ideas for kitchen

They are available in a lot of variety. Flooring idea for kitchen can be done by adding a few different patterned tiles They are also called to tile rugs as it gives an illusion of a rug. Concrete tiles are easy to maintain and are highly durable.


  • Available in many options hence can design every space, 
  • Using a radiant below will solve the problem of the cold floor in winters, 
  • Environment-friendly.


  • Porous in nature, 
  • Require structural considerations, 
  • Slightly thick.

#9. Linoleum Tiles

Linoleum is a cushioned flooring that slightly bounces backs when the weight comes over. This tile has been used for a long time and still is in high demand. Many sheets are placed together, it is made from all-natural material, a protective covering saves the tiles from getting scratches easily.

Linoleum Tiles: Floor Ideas for Kitchen

Many colors and designs are readily available in the market. Some get confused between vinyl tiles and linoleum tiles, but they are different, linoleum tile is much stiffer.


  • Highly durable and can last up to 25 years, 
  • Low maintenance and environment friendly, 
  • Good option for the kitchen.


  • Are susceptible to moisture, 
  • May turn yellow if comes directly to sunlight, 
  • A slightly resilient linoleum can get dented easily.

#10. Cork Kitchen Flooring

Cork kitchen flooring is extracted from the cork oak tree, it is biodegradable and is sought after. Cork kitchen flooring is a great fit for the kitchen, its thermal insulation system helps keep the floor at a good temperature. 

Cork Kitchen Flooring

Cork flooring is best suited for people with migraine and back problems, it is a good option for someone who stays for a long period in the kitchen. It prevents breakage and is highly durable. Not only this but, it also gives a vintage look to a kitchen. This is highly trendy and is very popular.


  • Easy to install, 
  • Good insulation system, 
  • Soft cushioned surface.


  • Can fade in sunlight, 
  • Can be damaged easily. Especially, with the presence of a pet, 
  • Requires water sealing.

#11. Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is very resilient, even when it is dense it is easy to walk on it. Due to its formation, it gives a speckled or flaky look to the flooring which is liked by many. 

Rubber Flooring: Floor Ideas for Kitchen

It is quiet in vogue especially in commercial places like restaurants and hotels. It is very easy to maintain and clean. It gives a good appearance to the kitchen. It is also quite resistant to stains and mildew.


  • Slip-resistant, 
  • Fire-resistant, 
  • Sound absorbent, 
  • Durable.


  • Initially can cause a weird rubbery smell that goes away with time, 
  • Detergents may cause a fade in color, 
  • Slightly costlier than other options.

#12. Terracotta Tiles

These terracotta tiles are a mix of reds and earthy hues. It is a natural material and depends on the clay on which the terracotta is found. 

Terracotta Tiles Flooring in Kitchen

Terracotta translates from an Italian word meaning baked earth. They are relatively low in temperature. It is unique and the popularity for this comes from the earthy red tones it acquires which is simply beautiful.


  • Biodegradable in nature, 
  • Highly durable and versatile, 
  • Quite feasible.


  • Tough to repair, 
  • Differs in colors and hence tiles may vary, 
  • Installation is very difficult, 
  • Vital to seal the tiles carefully, or it may break or decay.

Flooring Patterns for Kitchen

Mentioned were some floor ideas (material) you could choose for a unique and elegant kitchen. Now, let's take a look at some patterns and forms to elevate the look of your kitchen flooring and make it stand out from others.

Vintage chessboard: Something has never gone out of style and a good old chessboard pattern can make a statement for your kitchen. Ceramics would go best with this.

Vintage chessboard flooring: Floor ideas for kitchen

Patterned zones: Using tiles for distinguishing a place from another or using some patterned tiles in one area and using plain ones for others to demarcate territories of some sort.

Patterned Tiles Kitchen Flooring

Bold geometric figures: Modern housing consists of using various geometric figures from triangle to square, all are unique in every way.

Geometric figures kitchen flooring

Vertical and/or horizontal lines: These, by far, are very popular and widely used to make a kitchen appear bigger and wider in shape. It is best for a kitchen which is a bit less spacious.

Vertical and/or horizontal lines Kitchen flooring

Island highlight: Making a piece of the kitchen the center model and putting up a carpet around it can make a kitchen look cozy and warm. Terracotta and carpet tiles will look great.

Island highlight flooring in a kitchen

Matching walls: Enhance the look of your kitchen which can be used for both flooring and walls.

Matching walls: Floor ideas for kitchen

Statement floor: Statement kitchen flooring is a trend that is loved by all. It gives a classy edge to the whole outlook of a kitchen.

Statement making kitchen floors

Chic hexagon: The hexagon tiles give a very contemporary and playful vibe to the place. If a person doesn't like colors around it, can make the place look livelier.

Chic hexagon: Floor Ideas for Kitchen

Retro look: Old is gold! Keeping your kitchen a vintage look with retro patterned tiles along with some antiques is a different vibe altogether.

Retro look kitchen flooring

Floral bliss: The florals never go out of style, rather it gives an exuberant touch to the place and makes it look astonishing. Going with ceramics or vinyl tiles is a good option.

Floral Bliss Kitchen Flooring

Warm aesthetics: For all the basic lovers, this is the best tone to go for. The good old wooden red and brown tones to give a rough and rusty look to the kitchen is the plan to go with. Using real wood for this look will work best.

Warm aesthetics: Floor Ideas for Kitchen

These are a few ideas to give a unique pattern to your kitchen, using any form of tile that are mentioned.


The kitchen is something that can make a statement to your house and making it match with the whole house’s aesthetic is important. Making sure that the kitchen flooring is not looking off with the whole setup around is a must. Before designing anything decide on a theme for which you will go about for the whole house.

Mentioned above are the best floorings you could choose from and later is the theme you could take that could go with the flooring you have opted for.

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