Finding a rug might be time-consuming? There are over thousands of choices to choose from. In such a case, you may be confused about 'which rug will be best for your space?'.

Don't worry, I've got you covered. I've done all the homework for you. This blog post will help you to find the best rug.  I'll highlight all the factors that are required to be considered while choosing a rug including size, shape, color, texture, pattern, the material used, and so on.

Investing in a high-quality rug would be a fruitful investment. A quality rug stays for a long period as well as it transforms your space into something so good.

Here are some factors that you have to consider before buying a rug.

The Room (Space)

Finding the perfect rug for your home- the room

The very first thing you need to consider is your room's size. A rug in 'a studio' and a rug in a 'house with multiple bedrooms' will give different looks at these two different places. To make your space look largest, you need to choose how would you arrange your furniture, either around the rug or on the rug.

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor SeatingPatio rugs look best if the front parts of all perimeter furniture touch the rug, allowing the backs of the furniture to connect to the outdoor space.

For a 4-6-person seating area, consider a 5x7 or 8x10 rug. Less than 4 seats? Try a circular rug.

Living Room Look

Living Room Seating

To make your living room look pretty, lay your rug completely under all the pieces of the furniture. Leave at least 8 inches between the edge of the rug and the wall so space doesn't feel closed in.

Bedroom Basics

Bedroom Basics


 To make your bedroom look twice as that of actual size, try placing your rug under the 'foot' portion of the bed. For a queen-sized bed, I'd recommend you to go with a 5x8 or 6x9 to create a cozy bedroom space.



One thing to remember is, hallways and kitchens like places tend to have more foot fall than that of a bedroom or living room. Therefore, choosing a rug which is hard-wearing and easy to clean is the best practice. I'll suggest you go with a slightly darker shade or patterned rug since they are less likely to show footprints.


Finding the Perfect Rug - Size

While considering this factor, I'll highly recommend you to 'Measure, don't guess'. Don't just guess, instead measure the dimensions of your space. Here are a few rules that you could follow to choose the right size rug for your space:

  • Avoid shorter rugs: Shorter rugs look like 'the floating rug' where you have a small rug placed in the center of the room that is not even touching the furniture. But, the purpose of a rug is to create an area which brings all your furniture together. Which implies you should try bigger sizes rugs such that it at least touches the furniture or goes under furniture.

If still, you're not sure about what size will look best in your space. Try using paper/newspaper/cloth and cover the floor space thinking it as your rug. This way, you'll get a better idea about the correct size that you need.

My suggestion: the larger the rug, the more dominating the color or pattern will be in the room/space.


Finding the Perfect Rug - Shape

The next factor is, you're not limited to choose from rectangular or square rugs. A rug with other than rectangular shape may fit better at your space. Let's say, you have a circular shape dining table, then a larger circular rug under your dining table might be the best option for you.


Finding the Perfect Rug - Color/Pattern

As mentioned, the color or pattern of a rug depends and varies from place to place. Like you can use light colors for living room and bedroom. But choosing a light color for hallways and kitchen might not be a good option.

Light color rugs may fit into space which is used less. For space which is used most often, slightly darker shade fits better. A patterned rug can add a personality to your room.

Material Used/Fibre

Finding the Perfect Rug - Material Used/Fiber

Rugs with different materials are used in different areas. What type of material will be best for you depends on the number of factors such as the amount of time you have for maintenance, do you have children or pet in your home, how many persons are there in your family, at what place you'll use the  rug, be it balcony, corridor, room, kitchen, etc., all these things are required to consider. Let's check out some of the most common materials used for rugs:


Acrylic is a good alternative of wool, it could be tufted or woven to replicate wool. It is comparatively cheaper than wool and has some advantages over wool-like easier maintenance and less shedding (fluff). Acrylic is hard-wearing and easy in cleaning.


Rugs made using Polypropylene are best for areas having high traffic. This is a synthetic fiber and it's hard-wearing and easy to maintain. Synthetic fiber will make you feel very soft, and also it can be developed in flat weave or shaggy design.


Viscose is a less-lasting fiber and used to add a gloss finish to the overall appearance of the rug. It is usually blended with wool to make it useful and long-lasting and to improve the quality of the rug. Rugs made out of Viscose is not recommended for high traffic areas.


Most of you have heard about cotton before, right? You might also know, it's comparatively less durable. Usually made in a flat weave design, but popular for its softness.


This is an extremely soft material used in rugs making. Wool is very durable and natural fiber. It is recommended to use the rugs made out of wool near fireplaces because it's heat resistant and easy to clean. I'll suggest you look for the wool coming from the high-altitude areas as it makes fibers more durable.


It is also very durable and preferred rug for high traffic areas. There are many patterns and designs available at our store, 'The Rugs Cafe'. It has similar characteristics to that of Sisal.


It's very hard-wearing (more than Jute) and perfect rug for high traffic areas like a corridor where strong fiber is required. The only problem with it is, it's difficult to wash, but purchasing a kit for cleaning sisal rugs and carpets will fix this issue.


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