Everyone wants to wake up to a plush and velvety carpet because the bedroom is our sanctuary. The feeling of a soft and luxurious carpet on the feet adds warmth and acoustic mood as it is all about relaxation. A nice carpet brings about a cozy vibe, thus the need to consider the following when looking for a master bedroom carpet.

  • Budget

The materials used, density, pile, pattern, and other features determine the cost of the master bedroom carpet that you are looking for. The square footage is also the main factor, thus the need to measure your room before the purchase. This is essential as it will enable you to allocate your finances as you had intended because the prices depend on the room measurement.

  • Texture

The master bedroom carpet should be comfortable and soft underfoot, and this is determined by the pile. The right texture will make the bedroom more attractive, thus enhancing aesthetics. It is advisable to purchase carpets with plush and fluffy textures such as Saxony pile carpet or velvet pile carpeting for a more appealing look.

  • Fiber

Natural or synthetic fibers are the best for master bedroom carpets. Wool is the ideal type of carpeting though the most costly. Synthetics are realistic as they are budget-friendly, especially if you have a large master bedroom. Nylon has the softest feel, thus the reason why it is the most costly synthetic. If you do have allergies, it is advisable to get polyester carpets because they are nonallergenic; however, pilling and shedding occur easily.

  • Color

The color theme of your master bedroom will determine the color that you will buy. Neutral colored carpets such as gray, brown, or tan complement any wall décor or color virtually. It is advisable to avoid very light-colored carpets as they show dirt easily compared to darker ones. Bold-colored carpets brighten up the mood, especially if you have a colorful taste. Subtly patterned carpets with two or more colors will make the master bedroom interesting, thus the need to opt for a color that soothes you.

  • Tracks and Imprints

Most carpets show the vacuum tracks and indentations, and footprints. Carpets with long piles such as Saxony are thick. These show footprints, thus the need to use them in a room that is used less often. The textured and frieze carpets tend to hide the while large-loop carpets show the imprints. It is advisable to always go for the master bedroom carpets, which hide the imprints.

  • Durability

Most people love spending their quality time in the bedroom, and this provides the need to get a durable carpet. This will counter unnecessary expenses from time to time, and this can be identified easily. Sturdy fiber such as nylon is durable, unlike carpets made from polyester; thus the need to consider this factor. This is because it will enhance the appearance of the master bedroom as a result of the quality of the carpet.


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