Has your frayed carpet been dampening the stunning décor of your home? Do not feel forlorn and simply throw out the precious carpet. In most cases, your valuable and dear carpet may just be in the need of a thorough cleaning.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you can not clean a whole massive carpet at your home. Do not try self-cleaning a carpet because you will end up ruining it. The best possible way to get your carpet looking brand-new again is to have it professionally cleaned.

 Carpet cleaning process; Vacuum cleaner

Let us explore the carpet cleaning process steps and services that professional carpet cleaners generally practice. Thereon, we can check out a few carpet maintenance steps we can follow and avoid, to elongate the durability of our favorite carpet. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning as a pick for the carpet cleaning process has been in use since the 1980s. But this time-effective and convenient technique has been one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods in the past few decades. The Dry Carpet Cleaning process involves the use of an absorbent compound. This absorbent compound then binds the dirt and other substances from the surface of your cherished carpet. 

The Dry Carpet Cleaning process calls for the use of a motorized counter rotating mechanical brush. Following comes the part of the cleaning process which is called "the host system" where water, detergent, organic cleaning compound, and a mild solvent are all blended together.

The created mix of liquid is then sprinkled on top of the carpet, which in turn helps the formation of clumps of dirt. The compound separates the unwanted impurities from the surface of the carpet and thereby, makes your carpet cleaner. At last, the final step of the Dry Carpet Cleaning process involves vacuuming the clumps of dust from the carpet with the help of the maximum-strength dry vacuum. 

Cleaning of carpet

The Dry Carpet Cleaning is of course famed for its time-efficient results but this method is probably not your best choice to opt for, in case you want your home's carpet to look spotless and new. Dry Carpet Cleaning is an ideal process to choose for offices, institutions, and busy places that do not have time on their hands to wait for the carpet to dry.

Suppose you have an area in your home or your commercial office where it is always busy 24x7, and you can not wait for your worn carpet to get clean and look good again. In a situation like this, your best bet would be to go to a Carpet Cleaning facility and for a Dry Clean for your utilitarian carpet.

Also, remember to mention if you or your colleagues, friends, and family have any breathing difficulties since chemicals used in the process of Dry Carpet Cleaning have extremely strong and pungent smells at times.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Got an old and filthy carpet? The encapsulation or foam cleaning process will get your carpet looking brand-new again. The encapsulation carpet cleaning process involves synthetic detergent treatment. To start with, your carpet will first be vacuumed and then an encapsulating chemical formula will be poured onto the surface of the carpet. 

The dirt particles present on the carpet surface will become loosened and the foam from the cleaning chemical compound will dry in minutes. After which, the carpet will be vacuumed and/or brushed to remove the specks of dried foam and separate dirt remaining on the carpet.

Carpet cleaning process

The encapsulation carpet cleaning process step is preferred because it is quick, gives satisfactory results with a minimum layoff. You can lay your carpet right back into use after it receives an encapsulation carpet cleaning treatment professionally. In case you want your carpet to look spotless and fresh in an area where it will come in contact with a lot of shoes, i.e., high foot-traffic, encapsulation rug cleaning process is one of the best carpet cleaning treatments to opt for.

Best mention to your professional carpet cleaner whether or not you want an encapsulation treatment for your carpet. Keep in mind, as often is the case, the encapsulation method is not preferred by expert carpet cleaners for heavily soiled carpets as it may prove to be quite ineffective on them.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

A low moisture alternative to the dry carpet cleaning process is how some professional carpet cleaners choose to describe the Bonnet Carpet Cleaning process. To get your shabby carpets looking shinny again on the surface, Bonnet carpet cleaning does a great job.

The Bonnet carpet cleaning process involves the use of a heavy-duty machine that is a motorized specialty carpet cleaning machine. The mentioned machine constitutes a bonnet at the front, thus the name Bonnet Carpet Cleaning process. This bonnet cleaning machine, equipped with a spinning pad gets immersed into a unique cleaning solution and manages to absorb the surface dirt on top of the carpet.

Carpet cleaning process

The Bonnet Carpet Cleaning process takes only 30 minutes to dry and be ready for use again. Bonneting is a popular carpet cleaning process used in packed places like commercial offices and hotels. In fact, most high-priced hotels give their hallway and vacant room carpet bonnet cleaning treatment 3-4 times a week. Bonneting is the preferred carpet cleaning process because it involves less water, time to dry, and shows satisfactory results without causing any delay. 

The Bonnet carpet cleaning process might not be the best carpet cleaning treatment you should give to your expensive carpets since it only cleans the surface. In other words, you will notice within a short amount of time, dirt and dust once again appearing on top of your precious carpet. Not only bonneting a carpet require regular management, but also your high-priced carpet will soon be ruined if you choose this carpet cleaning process. 

Hot Water Extraction

Also called Steam carpet cleaning by some expert carpet cleaners, hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning process that entails the usage of high-pressured hot water. Hot water is blended with cleaning agents and later inoculated into the carpet to agitate the nooks and corners of the carpet fiber where dirt may be present. This hot water extraction process, in turn, dissolves any impurities on the soiled carpet surface. A brush is often used to stir the dirt and stains off the carpet surface. 

Hot water cause steam to rise from the carpet surface that consequently fluffs the carpet fibers and your carpet looks soft, fluffy, and right out of the store again. At the final stage of the hot water carpet cleaning process, your carpet will be rinsed off any remaining cleaning agent present on the surface and left to dry indoors for a few hours. Hot water extraction treatment for carpet cleaning takes about 6-8 hours to be completed.

Carpet cleaning with boiled water method

Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning process is by far the safest carpet cleaning treatment you can go for. Especially in case, you have people at home with breathing problems, allergies, and sensitivity to smell from cleaning products. The hot water extraction holds no resultant smell and kills off germs and irritants on the carpet that can cause your allergies to arise. This carpet cleaning treatment is albeit time-consuming; gives highly satisfactory results. 

Shampoo For Carpet Cleaning

The shampooing process for carpet cleaning is very much similar to shampooing hair. Substitute your shampoo with a specialty detergent used for carpet cleaning and bring in lots of water, there you have all the things you need to give your carpet a shampoo cleaning treatment. Do not try this at home though, leave it to the professionals. 

Shampooing carpet began in the 1970s, a good decade for carpet cleaning techniques to come around apparently. 

Carpet cleaning process

If your carpet is heavily soiled and mud-ridden, the carpet shampooing cleaning process might just be the best cleaning treatment present. Rotating brushes are used in carpet cleaning facilities with foam on the surface of the carpet and extract the dirt and debris present. There on the loosed dirt and impurities are rinsed off with clean water and your carpet becomes clean and unworn. 

Carpet shampooing is not considered to be one of the best carpet cleaning processes at present as it takes a large amount of time to dry. Moreover, other disadvantages that carpet shampooing brings along is dampness on the carpet surface together with hurried re-soiling of carpet. Compared to the above carpet cleaning processes, carpet shampooing is way less preferred and popular. 

Carpet Management Tips And Tricks

To elongate the lifespan of your beloved carpet, here are some of the simple tips to keep in at the back of your mind standing on your plush, comfy underfoot:

Room with carpet lay on the floor

  • When your carpet comes back from the cleaning facility, and you notice that it is still damp, do not lay the carpet just yet on your floor. Let the carpet dry at room or air-conditioned temperature for some hours or overnight first. 
  • Do not walk on dampened carpets. Suppose you spilled a cup of tea or some form of liquid on the carpet. Avoid walking on the wet and damp spot as it will result in your carpet fibers crushing. Consequently, your carpet will later look to be depressed and worn after they dry. 
  • Allow maximum air and ventilation into the carpeted room. Sufficient ventilation not only makes your room feel airy and calm but also prevents the formation of mold and mildew on the surface of the carpet. Invest in fans, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers in case your carpeted room does not have windows. 
  • Avoid scrubbing on accidental or intentional, stains on the carpet. Scrubbing will only ruin the carpet fiber and cause your stain to get deeper. Instead, opt for gently dabbing the stains with a detergent solvent and a clean towel. 

Carpet cleaning process

  • Vacuuming your carpet is a must. There are no side-effects of regular vacuuming so refraining from believing that myth hereon. Keep your windows open and the path of vacuuming obstruction-free while you are doing the chore. Moreover, vacuuming is an active indoor exercise. 
  • If chewing gum falls on your carpet and gets entangled with the carpet threads, do attempt to pull the gum out with your bare hands. In situations like these, look inside your freezer and take out one or two ice cubes. Press these ice cubes against the entangled gum for about a minute or so. 
  • When you notice the gum has become frozen solid, use a spoon or scale to lift the gum. Then, proceed to cut the carpet strands attached close to the gum with a scissor, just right on the top. The damage will be undetectable by the naked eye if you practice care and precaution while removing the gum. 

Carpet and pet

  • If you have a pet in your home, remember to cut their nails and claws. This will not only avoid the entrance of dirt and debris into your abode but also prevent the loosened threads of your carpet from getting pulled. Your carpet remains safe from damages like these when your pets' nails are trimmed and clean. 

When you have finally decided on giving your good-looking cherished carpet cleaning treatment, do not proceed to do the cleaning yourself with your inexperienced hands. Leave the carpet cleaning process in the hands of professional carpet cleaners. Your carpet fiber can get ruined and further accidental tear and damage can occur in case of agitated scrubbing and usage of harsh chemical solvents. 

Couple on the carpet

Bring the carpet along or call the expert to decide which kind of carpet cleaning process your carpet requires. Do not forget to mention how much time you require your carpet to be within function again as some carpet cleaning processes take a long period to be over. Your style of carpet, amount of dirt present, and result you want to look forward to are the determinants when choosing which carpet cleaning treatment is the most suitable. 

Enquire about the steps and precautions your carpet cleaning facility takes to make your carpet looking fresh and clean again. In case, there is just too much wear and tear, soiling, and dirt on the carpet surface, the time might have finally come to replace your dear carpet with a new one.

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