You may often see the posters, magazine shoots, and stock photos of cozy homes graced upon by shaggy rugs. By shaggy rugs, we mean the fluffy and soft area rugs that feature long and luxurious piles on their surface. The soft underfoot created by these piles give shaggy rugs is its name and popularity. Also called shag rugs, they are immensely popular and trendy right now. Don't be surprised if you have already seen your neighbors, friends, and family laying a shaggy rug on their living room floor.

Best ways to clean a shaggy rug

Shaggy rugs have a charm of their own. They are cozy and soft under your touch and they look trendy. Moreover, they are perfect to grace areas in your home, office, or commercial spaces which are susceptible to spills and high foot traffic. Considering all these great characteristics and more which shaggy rugs possess, you might have already decided to buy a shaggy rug for your own use. 

Investing in shaggy rugs is one of the best decisions you can make. Shaggy rugs elevate your décor, make your home and office look cozy, and your feet rest comfortably on the rug at the end of the day. Though welcoming and warm these shaggy rugs may look, you need to keep in mind some of the best ways to clean and care for your shaggy rug. 

Shaggy rug closeup

Fortunately, shaggy rugs are more often than not made up of synthetic fibers which are easier to take care of and clean, compared to natural fibers. If like most of us, you want to keep your shaggy rug to remain in perfect condition, we have brought for you the best ways you can follow to take care and clean your shaggy rug.

Best Ways To Clean Your Shaggy Rug

Maintaining the pristine condition of your shaggy rug can be difficult. But not impossible if you keep a few cleaning tips in handy. Most of these cleaning tips are DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and the items needed to perform such tasks can be found easily in your home or at the nearest supermarket. A few of the supplies and tools that you best keep in your home for cleaning your shaggy rug are white vinegar, water, broom, vacuum cleaner, dry carpet shampoo, and more. 

Shaggy rug and family

These items can be used separately for different cleaning purposes and acts such as spot cleaning, vacuuming, beating out dust, etc. Let us check out a few ways that we can follow to keep our shaggy carpet neat and clean at all times; 

Shake The Shaggy Rug To Remove Dirt

One of the first and best ways you should try to clean your shaggy rug is by shaking it, smacking it even if necessary. Bring the shaggy area rug outside to a fairly open area and shake it rigorously. If your shag rug is bigger and you cannot carry it, ask for help from someone else. Hold either side of the shaggy rug and give it a good shake.

Shaggy rug; best ways to clean a shaggy rug

Alternatively, you can hang one end of the big shaggy rug on a fence and smack the area rug with a broom handle to loosen and remove the excess dirt. Your shag rug will not only get rid of the dust and dirt that was hiding but it will also air out causing the piles of fluff up again. Keep the shaggy rug outside for a few hours on the day you decide to give it a shake. The sunlight helps to kill any bacteria and mites present on the surface of the shag area rug.

Vacuum Your Shag Rug

As quick and simple as vacuuming your shaggy rug is, you have to keep in mind some ground rules to elongate the lifetime of the area rug. A vacuum with an upholstery extension is recommended for cleaning your shaggy rug. With normal vacuums, your shaggy rug's pile can get caught or pulled. Practice caution with an upholstery extension attached to the main machine so that you accidentally do not end up causing any damage to the surface and overall appearance of your shaggy rug. 

Vacuuming shaggy rug; Best ways to clean shaggy rugs

When vacuuming your shaggy rug, switch to the high settings. Vacuum both sides of the shag rug, front and back (underside). Flipping over the shag carpet can be a tough job every time you vacuum it. But lucky for you, a once-a-month vacuum and cleaning of the reverse will suffice with your foot traffic is average. 

A single rug of vacuum over an area of the shaggy rug will not take all the dirt and dust out. Run over the same area at least twice or thrice while you are vacuuming. This extra step will not only make your shag rug shine brighter but will also look comparatively much fluffier than before. Shaking your rug before vacuuming is a good step to take. Vacuum your shaggy rug twice a week to maintain its durability. 

Spot Cleaning The Surface

Predicting a common household, we can imagine a scenario where your precious shaggy rug gets some spills and stains from time to time. While it is totally normal, it may damage the appearance of the carpet. In situations like these, spot cleaning comes to the rescue. Spot cleaning is full proof and it is the simplest technique in existence to handle any spills and stains without having to treat the entire rug. 

Coffee Spill on rug

Take a bowl or a container and blend an equal amount of plain white vinegar with lukewarm water. Take a clean microfiber, preferably white cotton cloth and dip it into the vinegar mixture, that is our cleaning solution. Alternatively, you can use baby wipes and wet paper towels in place of cotton fabric. 

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After the spilling or staining accident has happened on the shaggy rug, the best step would be to create the cleaning solution within minutes and keeping microfiber handy. Press the cloth dipped in the solution firmly on the damaged area and try to soak up as much liquid as possible. 

Cleaning a rug; best ways to clean a shaggy rug

Allow the area to air dry for some time. If the spill and/or stain is not gone by then, take a soft bristle brush, dip it in soapy water, and gently scrub the damaged area gently in a circular motion. This will remove any solid, and/or spilled stain. 

Dry Bath and Shampoo

Sometimes vacuuming and spot cleaning are not enough to bring the pristine glory of the shaggy rug back. The best way to clean your shaggy rug in situations like this where it looks shabby and dirty is to give it a dry bath and shampoo. It's simple to clean your carpets with dry shampoo.

Best place to give your shag area rug a dry bath and shampoo is outside to avoid creating any unnecessary mess. 

Shaggy rug cleaning with bath and shampoo

Take a good-quality dry shampoo and a soft-bristle brush near you. A moment of precaution should be exercised by checking the instructions that have come with your shag rug, whether or not it involves water. 

A powered dry shampoo should be your best bet to use to clean your shaggy rug. Brush a small amount of dry shampoo on the surface of the shaggy rug and let it dry for ten minutes at least as a rule of thumb. Later, just vacuum up the surface of the area rug and your rug will look much shiner and neat than before. 

Steam Cleaning

This is one of the methods of rug-cleaning that you should think about and decide within yourself whether you can do it or not. If your shaggy rug is spoiled and has not been cleaned in some time, steam cleaning is the best way to make it look charming again. You have to rent a steam cleaning machine if you do not already own or have access to one. 

First, vacuum your shaggy rug thoroughly and take it outside. Add in hot water and non-foaming carpet detergent to the steam cleaning machine. Run the cleaner over all the sides and areas on the shaggy rug until you see the condition of the rug getting better in appearance. When satisfied with how tidy your shag area rug looks, leave it outside to air dry properly. Later you can either vacuum it or decide to rake it to make it fluffy again. 

Best ways to clean a shaggy rug

There are several more ways of cleaning a shaggy rug such as wide-comb brushing, raking, scotch guarding, air drying, and more. But you have to be sure of these methods, read the instructions on your carpet, and take to your rug what the rug can handle and what not. If you are unsure about the rug-cleaning methods and do not feel confident enough to do it, the best step forward would be to take your shaggy rug to the pros for a professional cleaning instead of taking a risk. 

Best Ways To Care For Your Shaggy Rug

Precaution is always better than cure in every way. This certainly holds true when we look at the best ways to clean and care for your shaggy rug. Shaggy rugs are of course great. A good shaggy rug can brighten up any room’s interior décor and even keep your room warm in the colder months. 

Two kids smiling on shaggy rug

But one of the glaring challenges that arise when we consider owning a shaggy rug is that they are high-maintenance. You have to keep their care always at the back of your mind. Luckily, that is not a big problem with these few care tips we present to you for your shaggy rug; 

Seek Professional Help And Cleaning

While spot cleaning, shaking, and vacuuming are part and parcel of regular maintenance, you should think twice before steam cleaning or implementing some major cleaning method on your shaggy rug. The best way to take care of your shaggy rug is to determine what it needs, whether it needs a vacuum to look more fluffy and clean again or it needs a good wash to retain its pristine appearance.

Professional cleaning of a shaggy rug

Taking your shaggy rug to shed its dirty and soiled appearance is one of the most competent and efficient steps you can take. No one wants a soiled carpet, of course. But no one wants to deliberately damage a shaggy rug further in an attempt to better its appearance. Professionals have years of rug-cleaning experience and they know what special care your shaggy rug needs. Having your shag area rug cleaned professionally a few times a year is a great way to maintain its look and durability. 

Practice Cleaning Methods Whenever Required

Taking care of your precious shaggy rug entails practicing and executing necessary rug-cleaning methods whenever required. Suppose a spilling accident happens on your shaggy rug. Do not wait for some time before you start taking the steps necessary to spot clean the damaged area. Keep the tools and supplies such as white vinegar and wet wipes handy in case any spilling and stains happen.

Cleaning a shaggy rug with vacuum; best ways to clean a shaggy rug 

Vacuuming twice a week is a good habit to add to your routine. Not only is it a household chore that makes you fit, but it also makes your shaggy rug look fluffier. Cleaning methods such as this and more should be executed performed whenever required on the carpet to maintain its appearance and longevity. 

Hot Air Dryer Is a Big No

While using cool air dry to make your shaggy rug alright again is fine, a hot air dryer should not be used on a shag area rug. A hot air dryer working upon a shaggy rug can damage it with its heat. It is best if you allow your shaggy rug/carpet to air dry on its own. You can also seek professional help to bring your shag area carpet back to its brand new condition. 

Steam on shaggy rug NO

Other steps to care for your shaggy rug that you should keep in mind are that sunlight is essential for your shaggy rug but not too much as it can result in the shedding of color. Additionally, you can practice caring for your shaggy rug by testing rug cleaning methods first. 

Shaggy rugs make your home, office, and commercial space look warm, cozy, and Instagram-worthy. If you want to renovate your space on a budget, all you got to do primarily is welcome a good quality shaggy rug. Considering all these amazing features of shaggy rugs, it will be ideal for you to bear in mind the best ways to clean and care for your shaggy rug. The appearance and aesthetic of a room can make or break a  mood, and you certainly do not want to risk it all because of a shabby shaggy rug.

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