We have been hearing the phrase 'You are what you eat,' all our lives. But what people fail to understand and pass on to us, in general, is 'where' and 'how' you eat matters a lot too. Eating is a luxurious experience and no matter where you are from, you should enjoy your meals to the fullest at any time of the day.

With that said, one of the most important rooms in our homes is probably the dining room and one of the most beloved pieces of furniture to us is the dining table. To complete the whole look in our precious dining room and to make our eating experience more grand and comfortable at the same time for ourselves and guests, a distinguished dining room rug is required.

Dining room rugs

A dining room rug can bring the entire expression of the dining room and awe anyone who walks in. Moreover, dining room rugs make your eating experience more comfortable and worthwhile. Dining room rugs bring your personalized touch to your prized dining area. Considering this statement to mind, a dining room rug that serves its functional purpose while looking grand on the floor is hard to find.

That is why we have chosen some of the best dining room rugs for you to choose from while customizing the dining room of your dreams. These rugs from The Rugs Cafe are made of natural fibers and they match any dining room and table they are laid under. Here are some of the best dining room rugs you will find in the market according to different styles.

Traditional Rugs

Traditional area rugs for dining room space look splendid when they are laid out underneath the dining table. Confirming to the typical traditional area rugs design and appeal, the numerous traditional area rugs are all hand-knotted by experienced artisans.

Traditional rug in dining room

These rugs represent and show intricate Persian and Oriental designs on their front while also feeling plush underneath our underfoot when you are eating. These are some of the randomly selected, best traditional rugs The Rugs Cafe has to offer:

Charbagh (Four Gardens) Design Carpet 

Showcasing the brilliant designs and patterns of the Charbagh, the beauty of the carpet is a sight to behold. The central medallion and floral motifs that will leave you and your guests awestruck are supposed to represent the 'concept of paradise', coincidentally influenced by the same concept according to which the Taj Mahal was born.

Charbagh design carpet

Size: Multiple

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This Charbagh rug is a woolen traditional rug available in a variety of hues and patterns, although we have taken the dark blue Charbagh rug as our random selection. This brilliant traditional rug that mirrors a personalized impression of the rich Indian Mughal history on its surface will look stunning in any dining space.

All Over Design Carpet: Symmetric Hand-Knotted Area Rug 

Beautiful patterns and designs are the central features of traditional rugs and it can best be witnessed in the case of the All Over Design Carpet. The central medallion on the surface of the area rug portrays magnificent floral and symmetrical artwork. This majestic traditional rug is 5 x 7 ft in dimension and made of wool.

All Over Design Carpet: Best Dining room rugs

Size: 5 x 7 Feet

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Moreover, All Over Design Carpet has been hand-knotted in rural India by skilled artisans and craftsmen.

Modern Rugs

To elevate a living space from its core that will lift your mood every time you walk in, you need a modern rug. With excellent plays and combinations of vibrant colors, patterns, and designs, modern rugs do not conform to the norm, rather they create the norm themselves.

Modern rugs; best dining room rugs

There are numerous color schemes involves in a modern area rug that will suit any dining room area. Judging by the fact that we are currently at a phase when the bare necessities have to align with the minimalist style of the living space, a modern rug will fit right in. Here are some of the randomly selected, best modern rugs The Rugs Cafe has to offer.

Abstract Pattern - Modern Rug 

The abstract patterns in a modern rug appear wonderful and add their charm to any room they are laid on. Presume a dark room with hardwood or laminate floor, while it may look contemporary to suit the covers of a home décor magazine, the rooms of the house are exactly personalized or livable.

Abstract pattern modern rug for dining room

Size: 4 x 6 Feet

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To bring a warm and customized energy to a dull room, a modern rug is a best-suited answer. And this Abstract Pattern modern rug will look just right gracing the floor of your dining room. The Abstract Pattern modern rug is made of wool and it is 4 x 6 ft in dimensions. Hand-knotted in rural India, this modern rug is available for purchase, on sale.

Lal Rani (Red Queen) Rug

The Lal Rani (Red Queen) area rug for your dining room will create introduce an alleviated color scheme to your dining room area. This red modern rug can divide the dining room, create a particular theme, and customize the whole space, all while serving as a delicate, luxurious surface underfoot.

Lal Rani Modern Rug

Size: 9 x 12 Feet

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This woolen rug is easy to manage, and it is available in multiple sizes. Hand-knotted in rural India, you can now buy this modern rug on sale at present from The Rugs Cafe.

Dhurrie Rugs

Want a dash of culture and history to enthrall you while you eat your meal in your dining room? Well, Dhurrie Rugs can do just that and more. Dhurrie rug features one-of-a-kind designs that are influenced by their state of origin. For instance, you might see multicolor stripes as a common pattern in most dhurrie rugs.

 Dhurries rugs for dining room

Dhurrie rugs are primarily made of four kinds of materials such as cotton, wool, jute, and silk. If you are interested in buying the best Dhurrie rugs in the market, then The Rugs Cafe is the best place for you to visit and witness different options of dhurrie rugs. Let us see some randomly selected, best dhurrie rugs The Rugs Cafe has to offer.

Hand Made Wool Persian Tribal Rug with Geometric Pattern

To bring the beauty and traditional artwork to your abode, one of the best ways to do so is by introducing a hand-woven dhurrie rug in your dining room. While under the dining table, this thin flat-woven rug will bring sophistication and charm of its own to the room. Moreover, the tribal designs and patterns on the surface of this hand-made wool Persian tribal rug will leave you and your guests awestruck on sight.

Handwoven dhurrie rug for dining room

Size: 5.6 x 7.9 Feet

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This particular dhurrie rug is made of wool with a cotton touch and its dimensions are somewhere about 5.6 x 7.9 ft. This Persian Tribal dhurrie rug is handwoven in rural Indian and it is available in multiple colors.

Hand Made Wool Persian Tribal Rug with Geometric Pattern

Another marvelous yet one-of-kind handmade wool Persian tribal rug is the one below. This dhurrie rug has a great texture and classic look, thanks to its woolen material with cotton touch. Available in multiple hues, the dimensions of this dhurrie rug are typically around 5.4 x 7.6 ft.

Dhurrie rug for dining room

Size: 5.4 x 7.6 Feet

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The softer hues in this dhurrie rug will bring warmth and softness to your dining room area and make your eating experiences more plush and comfortable on a daily basis. Handwoven in rural India, this dhurrie rug with brilliant displays of Persian Tribal design along with geometric patterns is now available for purchase.

Silk Rugs

When we imagine silk, we ultimately come to think of luxury and grandiose. One of the most preferred materials of the royalty and the wealthy is silk. The same is the case for silk rugs too, they are beautiful, strong, and desired by all. Silk rugs take a lot of effort and dedication from the artisans and craftsman in their creations and the resultant knots are make them so grand and durable to behold.

Silk rugs; dining room rugs

Here are a few of the best silk rugs that you will find online, available for purchase. These rugs are not only magnificent and also affordable and long-lasting.

Mughal Garden Design: Silk Rug

The Mughal artwork, designs, and patterns are fabulous of a sight to witness and now you can do it every day with a Mughal Garden Design: Silk Rug underneath your dining table. A Mughal Garden silk area rug for your dining room is a worthy investment to make it brings radiance, beauty and uplifts the whole energy of the room.

Mughal Garden Silk Rug for dining room

Size: 8 x 10 Feet

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This eye-catching Mughal Garden Design silk rug is plush and the natural fiber construction of this rug can handle high-traffic areas with ease. The Mughal Garden Design silk area rug is 8 x 10 ft in dimensions and hand-knotted in rural India. If you are impressed by this silk rug and want to welcome it in your own dining space, good news for you, this particular rug is now available for purchase at a discounted rate.

CharBagh Silk Rug

The concept of paradise portrayed on the surface of a silk rug looks magnificent and if that does not enthrall you towards this Charbagh silk rug, maybe the fact that its creation was influenced by the same concept on which the Taj Mahal was built will leave you amazed.

Charbagh Silk Carpet Black

Size: 5 x 7 Feet

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This particular Charbagh Silk area rug will look wonderful underneath any dining room furniture and showcase a blend of classic elegance with modern durability. The Charbagh Silk area rug is 5 x 7 ft in dimension and hand-knotted in rural India. 

Master Rugs

The name itself represents a scene of originality and competence so rest assured, a master rug is all you need to make your dining space seem more comfortable and sumptuous.

Master dining room rugs

Master rugs are fit for royalty but now everyone can become and feel like royalty with a master rug in their dining room. If you want to know what Master rugs actually look like, here are some of the randomly selected, best examples of Master Rugs from The Rugs Cafe: 

Masterpiece Silk Vintage Rug

Radiant accents of colors along with intricate designs and patterns are displayed on the surface of this aptly named Masterpiece Silk Vintage Rug. This vintage-styled master area rug adjoins the contemporary appeal that you are looking for in a rug so it will never go out of fashion.

Master rug for dining room

Size: 6 x 9 Feet

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Master-styled rugs are known to complement any décor and this Masterpiece Silk Vintage Rug does just that. This Masterpiece vintage rug is made of wool and its dimensions are 6 x 9ft. Hand-knotted in rural India, this masterpiece of an area rug can make the special statement you desire to make in your décor.

Ardabil Light Blue Silk Rug

One of the oldest date hand-knotted rug to exist to date is the Ardabil Carpet area rug. This master Ardabil area rug is made of silk and it is 5 x 7 ft in dimensions. Hand-knotted in rural India, this Ardabil Light Blue Silk rug proves to be phenomenal artwork on your dining room floor.

 Aradbill silk carpet for dining room

Size: 6 x 9 Feet

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While adding warmth through its appearance, this master rug also controls sound and anchors any furniture within the room. This Ardabil master area rug makes your dining space feel more cozy and comfortable. If you are interested to know more about this Ardabil area rug for your dining room, you can check The Rugs Cafe where the area rug is now available for purchase on sale at present. 

Vintage Rugs

Enhancing the décor of a dining room often lays similar to gracing the floor of the dining space with a vintage area rug. Vintage rugs come in all shapes, colors, designs, materials that you can think of. You can add your touch of personalization and make a statement with a vintage rug underneath your dining table.

Vintage rugs for dining room

Vintage rugs warm up a dining room while introducing a decorative touch to it. The Vintage area rugs at The Rugs Cafe are revered for their graphic artwork, material, durability, and appearance. Furthermore, customers love vintage rugs from The Rugs Cafe because they are all created meticulously by skilled craftsmen and are affordable on the wallet.

Here are some vintage rugs from The Rugs Cafe to give you a clear perspective:

Cream Kilim Hand-Knotted Vintage Area Rug

The fantastic combination of yellow and red-hued patterns on the area rug is enough to leave you amazed. The charm of the Cream Kilim Hand-knotted area rug is that while it looks splendid on the floor of your dining room, it also manages to cover up imperfections laying underneath and hide any dirt.

Cream kilim vintage rug for dining room

Size: 4 x 5.5 Feet

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This excellent rug, professionally cleaned prior to its addition to the inventory, has been hand-knotted in rural India by skilled craftsmen with years of experience.

Khurasan Vintage Rug (Brown)

The dark colors of this vintage area rug named Khurasan Vintage Rug will serve as an advantage if you use your dining space more often, suppose as a workplace with high foot traffic.

Vintage rug for dining room

Size: 2.1 x 4.4 Feet

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The deeper and richer colors of this vintage area rug look amazing underneath any dining table and it lays plush under your feet so comfort and luxury while eating are guaranteed.

Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are optimum for the dining room because they fit easily underneath any piece of furniture and do not take any unnecessary space. Runner rugs are best inviting to visitors who come to dine in at your house. You can hear them audibly gasp and appear astonished at the sight of magnificent runner rugs.

Runner rugs for dining room

Cover up any imperfections or stains in your dining room with the best dining room runner rugs from The Rugs Cafe. Here are a random example of one of the best runner rugs that you can choose from the numerous options:

Baluch-Bukhara Vintage Rug

Your dining room is more susceptible to garnering high foot traffic, especially when guests are present and you have dinner parties planned. In situations like this, you do not want the décor of your dining room to appear dull in any way. Thus, vintage runner area rugs such as the Baluch-Bukhara Vintage Rug are one of the best dining room rugs you are welcome to bring in at your house.

Baluch bukhara vintage runner rug

Size: 3.6 x 6.10 Feet

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With beautiful designs and patterns created on its surface which are influenced by the land of Baluch in Baluchistan, this rug is a fascinating sight to see and will leave your guests visibly impressed. This vintage woolen runner rug is 3.6 x 6.10 ft in dimensions and hand-knotted in rural India.

Round Rugs

Want your area rug to fit perfectly underneath your dining room furniture while accentuating its size and shape, well round area rugs are the best answer to that. A beautiful round rug will enhance the appeal and décor of a dining room area with its delicate shape, size, and design. A round area rug can complement a range of different interior styles.

Round rug for dining room

We offer a splendid collection of round area rugs that you can buy from to grace your dining room area. These round area rugs are durable, magnificent in appearance, and have a great texture too because of their high-quality material. Here is one of the best choice of round rugs available in The Rugs Cafe that you can check out:

Naeen Design Hand-Knotted Carpet Round

Round rugs are practical and look amazing in any dining room area. Especially when it is high-quality yet affordable round rugs like this one, you know it is the deal of a lifetime. The Naeen Design Hand-knotted carpet round area rug is long-lasting and looks timeless in its design and texture.

Round rug for dining room

Size: 8 x 8 Feet

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Hand-knotted in rural India by skilled artisans with years of experience, the intricate knotting and designs on the surface of the carpet are unique and remarkable. This woolen and silk white round area rug is available in multiple sizes and showcases traditional artwork on both sides of its surface.

The Bottom Line

If you want comfort, warmth, and elegance, all rolled into one in your dining room space then investing and bringing in an area rug is the wisest choice you can make. An area rug underneath your dining table or other dining room furniture can help tie the whole room together and develop a marvelous 'finishing touch' on its own.

That is why, we recommend you to visit The Rugs Cafe and looking at the numerous available area rugs they have, differentiate according to style and size to help you decide. An area rug in your dining room will make the process of cleaning hassle-free and avoid any imperfections such as cracks on the floor.

A dining room area rug can anchor the whole area, add in warmth and customized touch and vision, thereby defining it according to your own expression and style and layer the whole décor of the room together. That is why we recommend you buy the best dining room rugs from The Rugs Cafe. 

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