A rug is a floor covering that adds a fun detail to your room. They can spontaneously provide a fresh breeze to the room and break the monotonous color scheme.

Rugs are the most versatile flooring. Needless to say, an  area nursery rug has become a necessity. My favorite part about rugs is that you put them on the floor or hang them on a wall, they look great everywhere! In addition to amplifying the beauty of the space, rugs add to the comfort, color, and decor of the room.

Nursery Rugs

As we proceed, I would be suggesting some best rugs for nursery and also how to choose nursery rugs. 

Why do we need rugs in a nursery? 

Nursery rugs are a great way to add a part of your personality and vision to the room. They also offer some extra entertainment space.

The first and foremost thought when planning a nursery is making sure that the room is child-friendly and comfortable. The comfort and safety both can be achieved by simply placing a rug. Nursery rugs cushion fall and reduce the chance of injury.

When the child is learning to crawl or walk, rugs ensure safety around the clock. It also provides that extra place for the parent to sit and play with their child, like children themselves.

Nursery rugs provide an additional space to display toys and have multiple purposes like that of a crawling mat or game mat.

How to choose rugs for nursery? 

You must've noticed how a rug lends an aesthetic angle to the nursery. Whether you're planning a nursery for a girl or boy, the options are unlimited. Among the first things that you should decide is whether you want a gender-neutral nursery or a gender-specific nursery. People generally enjoy white rugs or animal rugs for nursery. 

Choosing the colors and the theme of the nursery beforehand makes the rug an easy pick. Like whether the room should be bright or muted or whether you'd want a more royal look (traditional) or a sophisticated look (modern) or a mix of both.

To choose a rug for nursery you have to keep some points in your mind:

1. Whether it complements the furniture or not?

While purchasing anything to decorate your nursery, you have to make sure that it complements your furniture. It has to be a perfect addition to the room. 

If the decor of the nursery is neutral you can add a vibrant rug to add some color to the room. A bright-colored nursery can use muted tone rugs. If you wish to highlight a piece of furniture you can add a contrasting rug beneath it.

2. Size and shape of the rug 

Area Rugs are a statement of style. Usually, a nursery is a small size room. The rug you choose for the nursery should be big enough to anchor the furniture. If there's a small rug that you like, you can always layer it over the large rug or hang it on the wall. Trust me, there's no such thing as too many rugs. 

Some people are confused about whether they should place a rug on a carpeted floor. The answer is YES! You can put a delicate furry rug on the top of the carpeted floor. It would make the nursery look prettier and enhance the decor.

3. The material of the rug 

Toddlers enjoy soft material rugs or shag rugs. The thickness of the material gives a luxurious sink-in comfort. 

The softest rugs for the nursery are woolen or cotton rugs. They are long-lasting and of superior quality and for this reason, woolen rugs are well-liked and recommended. The material is soothing and has an inviting feel. 

Cotton rugs are also very soft and skin-friendly. They can be washed at home (hand or machine wash) and babies tend to fall in love with this material. 

Other options are dhurries, synthetic, velvet, and polyester rugs. They are budget-friendly and have a wide range of options to choose from. These rugs come in cute and playful designs. 

Velvet is another soft material and is ideal to keep feet warm and toasty during winters. Velvet rugs have a silky smooth feeling and also have a decorative effect. 

Synthetic, velvet, and polyester rugs can be washed in the machine (on a gentle cycle). None of the rugs should be washed too often. All of the rugs require once in a while cleaning. 

I usually don't suggest a bamboo or sisal rug for the nursery, as they're not as soft and comfortable. Though, if you like this fiber you can use it as a doormat.

For cleaning instructions, refer to our blog on: 'How to clean a rug at home easily.'

Perfect Rug for the Nursery

Here are a few broad suggestions which would help you decide the 'perfect rug for the nursery'.

Traditional Rugs

Adding a woolen or silk traditional rug to the room would give a royal look to the nursery. Traditional rugs are inspired by the time of Emperors. They have beautiful patterns and a fascinating color scheme. They brighten up the room by their timelessness.

traditional area rug for nursery

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Along with this, traditional rugs are more durable (they last for more than 50 years with due care). Durability is one reason that makes them worth the money. Hence, it's always said, buying a hand-knotted rug is an investment. 

As time passes, you can also put the rug in any room you desire.

Contemporary/Modern Rugs

Contemporary rugs are fashion-forward and are a wonderful way to tie your color scheme together. They help define areas and give a sophisticated look to the room. With its attractive appearance, modern rug embellishes the look of floors in the house.

Modern rugs for nursery

Image Source: Thand.info

A contemporary rug in a subtle shade and soft pastel tone would make the room look very calm and comfortable.


Another cost-effective alternative is dhurries. Dhurries are rugs that are woven from cotton or wool and sometimes a combination of both. To put it simply, they are flat rugs that come in interesting patterns and are reversible. People prefer to put them in a stain-prone area. 

Dhurrie rugs for nursery

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Layering dhurrie rugs in a nursery is a feast to the eyes. The element of color makes all the difference. And layering rugs is the best way to experiment with colors, patterns, and different materials. Different designs and patterns often work out wonderfully together. 

Another important reason to put a dhurrie rug in the nursery is hassle-free cleaning. They're an easy floor covering to maintain.

Wall Rugs

When accessorizing a nursery, you can always add a cute rug on the wall. Wall rugs have become a new trend. Since rugs have an enjoyable play of colors, a lot of people prefer hanging rugs on the wall as a substitute for paintings. 

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You can also hang a rug on the wall to cover the teeny-tiny imperfections that deface the look of the wall. Not to forget, wall rugs enhance the design of the room and make it look prettier and feel warm.

Round Rugs for Nursery

A round rug can be the best suited for a nursery room where your child can make the most of the time on it. Also, round rugs can be easily turned from the other side if it gets dirty from one side. 


Modern Colorful Round Rug

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Geometric Rug

A Geometric rug like this can be a perfect one to match your child's playful mind. The patterns, and vibrant colors will make the vibe of your space an eclectic and creative one. 

Hand Made Wool Persian Geometric

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Tip: Using a slightly darker shade in rugs and a lighter shade on the walls adds up to be perfect. It is because the child spends a lot of time playing on the rug and darker shades could help hide the stains. They also take some time to get visibly dirty. 

Light-colored leaf pattern rug for Nursery girls. 

While deciding on a nursery rug for girls, you can use colors like pink, rose, peach, and lilac when you have chosen a brighter shade for the walls. If you have picked a lighter wall color, you can use rugs of the same color but in a brighter tone. Pastel colors can add an appealing touch to the nursery room for girls.

Modern Leaf Pattern Area Rug

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Area Rugs for Nursery for Boys

To match the quirkiness of the boys, a Modern Grey Red rug could be a great pick. Its patterns and design will complement every space that it is kept at. 

Modern Area Rug

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Gender-Neutral Nursery Suggestions

A blue rug like this would certainly be a treat to the eyes to everyone who sees and touches it. The leaves of ray rug is a traditional-inspired rug which can be placed at any place of your home.

Modern Leaf Pattern Area Rug

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They can be used in a girl's nursery and a boy's nursery. Choosing a rug in any of these shades would make the room look beautiful. 


The entire room undergoes a complete transformation just with an addition of the rug. Nursery rugs have an unmatched style. They help in building a well-layered space. The color pops and the vibrant artwork in rugs would bring life into the nursery. 

There are so many choices that it can be a little overwhelming to choose a material or a pattern. That's the reason I have tried to cover everything along with their boons and banes. I hope my article will help you decide the perfect rug for your baby's nursery. 

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