11 Best Area Rugs For Living Room [Hand-Knotted]

Best Area Rugs For Living Room [Hand-Knotted]

There is no place like home. No matter which part you sit in, it is cozy everywhere. Be it deep inside, like the living room, it is always comforting. There is no feeling like sitting on your couch in your living room, sipping a cup of hot beverage, surrounded by the people we love, chatting, and laughing our hearts out. It is soothing. Isn’t it? Rugs for living room

Why rugs are important?

A rug can help define space and beautify your living room. The living room is the largest area in a house. To make your living room look good, you should think about styles, colors, and textures.

Rugs for living room

All this can happen by using a rug in your living room. Rugs behave like a soft cushion placed under your feet. They divide a room into different areas, create many themes, and the most important thing is that it brightens a room. So, this is the reason why you should buy rugs for your living room.

How to decide a rug for living room?

The biggest dilemma is to determine which rug to prefer for your living room. There are so many options, colors, patterns, sizes, and so on.

Well, it depends on your lifestyle and what do you like. So, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Which is your favorite color?
  • Does that color match with your living room?

If you are a family (wo)man or if you have a pet, then do not go for rugs that are light in color. So, never rush into the rug beauty because you should remember that you have to maintain it.

Now, the second question is about the size of the rug.

A rug comes in many sizes. Some general sizes are:

  • 6 x 9
  • 5 x 7
  • 8 x 10
  • 2.5 x 8

Now, you should ask yourself how big your living room is to decide what size of rug for the living room would be the best?

Area Rugs

You need to decide on that one rug that fits the space just right. If you have an idea about these, then you are halfway on which rug would work.

Now about patterns and options, there is no end to it. There are:

and so on, with tons of patterns.

Here, I will try my best to help you decide which rug would best suit your living room. Most people prefer large rugs for the living room area. The answer to that is pretty simple. It is because of the size of the living room.

If your living room is not that large, you can hide some part of the rug under a sofa or with whatever you want. Some people also prefer fluffy rugs for the living room. Think about how that rug would look and how it will make you feel when you keep it in your living room.

These are some of the best ways to decide which rug for the living room. 

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Best Area Rugs For Living Room [Hand-Knotted]

Kerman: Traditional Rug

The Kerman Design rug is a Persian hand-knotted rug. The name of this rug originates from Kerman, a city in Iran. The Kerman Design carpets are amongst the most exclusive rug patterns that entered the western market.

The novel aspect of this design is that it has a central medallion that is surrounded by a solid color. The wide border of the carpet usually contains flower or figural motifs.

 Kerman: Area rug for living room

Shop Kerman Rug

The Kerman rugs beautify the area with their novel and distinctive pattern. Kerman rugs are traditional, and there is nothing more appealing than walking into a room and seeing a high-quality Traditional Rug laid out on the floor.

Check all Kerman Rugs (Variations) Here.

Fall Foliage: Modern Rug

This beautiful hand-knotted rug was inspired by the autumn season. Just like the autumn season, this rug depicts the story of falling leaves. This rug is uniquely designed traditionally but with a modern touch of art. 

Fall Foliage Rug: Modern Rug for Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, and Office

Shop Fall Foliage Rug

This modern contemporary rug can tie your color scheme together, add color and pattern to a room design, and also anchor your furniture in the room. An autumn tree leaves Fall Foliage rug made from a very durable and sustainable material.

The Swirl: Modern Rug

This beautiful hand-knotted rug has been designed by a seven-year-old boy who is a painter. He painted his casual thoughts on the board. His father is one of our extraordinary artists, and he wanted to make a rug out of it. The boy swirled his paintbrush in such a way that it looks like a prepared art.

The Swirl: Area rug for living room

Shop 'The Swirl' Rug

A rug whose history and looks are beyond imagination will not only fascinate you but other people who see it. It is the perfect rug to increase the lavishness of your living room. The depth of colors used brings a royal look.

This rug has an intriguing type of pattern to grab the attention of the people. 

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Kilim Vintage Rug

This vintage rug is a combination of vintage as well as the traditional. Kilim rugs are one of its kind and are not easy to reproduce. So you can imagine how rare they are and how your living room will look when you have a rare rug. Someone has said correctly Old is Gold

Kilim Vintage rug for living room

Shop Kilim Vintage Rug

We take these rugs from homes, museums, rug collectors, and our artisans. The rug is washed, cleaned, and the pile is then further reduced to give it an old style.

Handmade Kilim rugs are more durable than Traditional machine-made Rugs because of the way they are made. A living room with this rug is beyond imagination and words.There is no end to their beauty and their uniqueness.

Check more of vintage rugs.

Charbagh Traditional Rug

Charbagh carpet design has a central medallion and floral motifs with arches, representing the concept of paradise. These patterns fall under the category of Charbagh (this is a Hindi Term) motif, where char means Four and bagh means Garden.

Charbagh design carpet for living room

Shop Charbagh Carpet

Hence, this means that there will be four gardens on the carpet, and it is the same concept on which the Taj Mahal was built. Extended durability, lavish looks, and true luxury on its own are the other few exquisite attributes of this carpet. To own such a great rug brings uniqueness on its own, a great rug for the living room.

Dhurrie Rug

Mainly used for covering the floors, dhurries can serve various purposes depending on their size. Dhurries are rugs that are woven from cotton or wool and sometimes a combination of both.

They are flat rugs with a nubby-like texture as opposed to a cut pile. Often, they are reversible, so if you are bored with the old look, you can flip it over and voila- you have something different. It can lift the mood of a room within a second. They are not as heavy as most of the rug, so easy to move.

Wool Dhurrie Rug for living room

Shop Phoneix Wool Dhurrie Rug

They are less expensive and have great patterns. Ultimate in style and glance, this rug offers a soft and plush deep pile, which is the perfect, modern accent to your living room. Hence, an awesome Rug for the living room.

Check more of Dhurrie Rugs.

Tree of Life: Modern Rug

The tree of life is a fundamental widespread myth in many of the world's ethical and philosophical traditions. It is closely related to the concept of the sacred tree.

The rug symbolizes a fresh start of your life with positivity, good health, and happiness. A hand-knotted rug with this pattern can help you achieve all that. Enjoying nature, Isn't that what we want?

Tree of Life Area Rug

Shop Tree of Life Design Carpet

So, bring this into your living room, and live with nature in your living room. Not only that, with this modern rug, but you can also add softness, elegance, and mellowness to your living room.

Herati Rug: Traditional Rug

The most important and riveting aspect of this rug is that it has a small and recurrent pattern that consists of two lanceolate (shaped like a lance head) leaves with flowers in between them.

The corners of the medallion also have the same design and the same colors. This pattern is also known as Mahi or Fish as the lanceolate leaves resemble a fish.

Herati Design Carpet

Shop Herati Design Area Rug

The Herati Design rugs are one of the most aesthetic hand-knotted rugs, and having a Traditional Rug of this quality is very appealing. Due to their composition, the Herati is both durable and sturdy. So, a great rug for the living room. 

Silk Rug

Hand-knotted pure silk carpets are known for suppleness, softness, exclusivity, and fine workmanship. These extremely fine rugs are made in a variety of exotic designs and have very intricate curvilinear designs.

Silk fibers are naturally glistening, and rugs made of this material look have the best finish. Some people think that silk carpets are costly. Yes, some are costly, but not all. It depends on the pattern made on them. These rugs have the finest quality to level up your living room.

Charbagh Silk Area Rug

Shop Mughal Garden Silk Carpet

Silk Carpets are nothing short of a masterpiece or signature style that ass a character to any space they embellish. If you want a high-quality rug for your living room you should go with a silk rug. 

Check all Silk Rugs.

Lal Rani: Modern Rug

Lal Rani was a traditional hand-knotted rug and is re-designed to give a modern touch to it. Lal Rani means The Red Queen, the Traditional rug was made by the craftsman as a wedding present to his wife.

It is a great rug for your living room. This rug has a mesmerizing design. You should pick this rug if you love to live with nature. So, bring this into your living room, and live with nature in your living room.

It has a pattern of beautiful leaves on it. These leaves can fascinate you, can make your eyes stuck at them like a magnet. This Modern rug has very soft pastel tones with some color pops and would bring life into any living room. Then this rug can be an excellent choice for you.

All Over Rug: Traditional Rug

The beauty of the All Over design carpet is the design is beautifully laid out all over the carpet. Unlike most of the designs, that have the medallion in the center.

Though both the types of designs are very captivating, this AllOver design is very suitable for areas where some parts of the furniture are kept over the rug. The place can be your living room where you can cover it with your sofa.

All Over Design Carpet

It is called AllOver because the floral pattern is evenly spread out and visible. Also, this carpet has symmetry. Mughal Rulers loved symmetry, and the Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world but was never symmetric. Hence, these carpets are famous for their symmetric pattern. 

Conclusion: Area Rugs For Living Room

These are some of the best options from my side. Rugs come with various options, colors, patterns, and sizes. Now, you have enough knowledge to choose the best rug for the living room.

In the end, it is up to you to decide which type of rug will look best in your living room.

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