13 Best Area Rugs for Kitchen Especially [Hand-Picked] For You

Recent conversations among interior designer professionals provided an amazing insight into the question of using area rugs for kitchen. Rugs in kitchen area usually get dirty quickly but add comfort and warmth to your feet.

You should look for a non-slip backing, something washable, and in a nice design. Most people prefer a runner rug for kitchen area between the basin and the counter. While others believe that there should be large area rugs in the kitchen to add more grandeur to it.

Area rugs for kitchen

One of the designers said "Using dark color rugs is more useful than light color rugs", which made sense to everyone. Few suggested colors for the kitchen rugs are red, blue, green, and yellow. Using these colors, you would be able to make the kitchen space more vibrant. It also helps in blending the stains.

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There are various kinds of rugs, like hand-knotted rugs, hand-tufted rugs, durries (or dhurrie rugs), and machine-made rugs.

Handknotted rugs are the best, most durable, and gives a luxurious look to any area they are put in, and especially hand-knotted runner for the kitchen.

Handtufted rugs are the next best alternative available. Both hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs are easily washable and are very low maintenance.

Machinemade rugs are not durable and low quality, might not even last for a year.

One can categorize the usage of rugs geographically, different rugs are suitable for different countries. It is because the home decor and interiors vary a lot because of the traditions and ethnicity.

Rugs in the US differ a lot and also have a wide variety. From hand-knotted rugs to machine-made rugs, the US is the hub for all.

People in the US generally prefer traditional rugs and transitional rugs (both hand-knotted rugs). Rugs in Europe are completely different as they are more vibrant and colorful. Large area rugs are used in countries like Russia and Canada, but vary a lot in their selection.

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and size does matter!

People generally prefer small area rugs for kitchen because most of the area is already covered by kitchen utilities. You should go for runner rugs or small rugs of size 150 x 210 cm (or ~ 5 x 7 Feet). But, it again depends on the type of decor and space of the kitchen.

"The maximum I have done is 12x18 Feet", says one of our best interior designers. Runner rugs for kitchen have a class of its own.

Rugs usually look best for the places they are made for.

Choosing an area or runner rug for kitchen is one of the easiest yet time taking jobs. Trying and/or going for a full-size rug which accents with the wall and gives an inviting look to the kitchen.

Adding similar or the same pairs of rugs in kitchen is the best trick to make it look more appealing and eye-catching. The Persian hand-knotted rug can be the best mate for the kitchen utilities. Modern rugs or Contemporary rugs can do the job too but it always better to go to old-school.

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Halting this discussion here, let's get started! Below are the best area rugs for kitchen, I've specially picked up for you. These rugs are enough to take your kitchen to the next level and will give a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Best Area Rugs for Kitchen Especially Hand-Picked For You

End to End Runner - Traditional Area Rug

The best rug for your kitchen is which covers the full length and leaves little or no space in the sides. It brightens up the length where it's put and gives an amazing feel.

Area rugs for kitchen
 Size: 3 x 8 Feet
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It also adds warmth and softness and makes the kitchen area comfortable to walk on. The traditional rug is one of its kind and will add uniqueness to the kitchen. The rug uses dark colors with beautiful medallions to accent any color in the kitchen. You can never go wrong with this traditional rug for kitchen.

End to End (Modern) Runner Rug

This rug is for you if you are looking for a contemporary rug for kitchen. The sophisticated design used in the rug was made keeping in mind the latest requirements of the people. The minimalistic design to cover the area can do wonders for the kitchen area (between the counter and basin).

Modern Contemporary Runner Rug for Kitchen

Size: 3 x 12 Feet
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We know that the most important element to consider in any decor is the pattern. This rug will add a dose of pattern which is important to give energy and personality to the kitchen area, without even adding loads of color.

Throwable Rug For Kitchen

If you don't have a room for a runner, this is the best rug for kitchen. Small rug sizes like 3 x 5 Feet and 4 x 6 Feet can be easily placed anywhere. The use and focus of the rug on red colors are given to prevent it from getting our favorite tomato sauce/ketchup stain.

Bukhara Area Rug

Size: 4 x 6 Feet
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"If you cannot beat them, join them". This rug accents with mostly everything in the kitchen. The geometrical patterns will add symmetry and sharpness to the kitchen. The rug is without the medallion, as all the parts of this rug require attention and not only the center.

Antique - Mori Bukhara

This vintage Persian rug is a yes-yes rug. Bukhara rugs have a separate place in the rug world. The rug has beautiful borders with dark borders, which makes it perfect in all the ways.

Mori Bukhara Vintage Area Rug for Kitchen

Size: 3 x 5 Feet

The neoclassical and vintage rugs from India and Persia use bold colors to make the kitchen more cozy and vibrant. This antique rug will add warmth and a splash of color to the room.

It's almost impossible to find the same rug twice!

Antique Runner - Teki Bukhara Vintage Rug

This oriental rug is one of its kind. With the repeating geometrical pattern, this rug is a perfect match for kitchen. This carpet is made especially for the kitchens, with the usage of dark colors like red and dark beautiful borders.

Teki Bukhara Vintage Rug

Size: ~ 3 x 6 Feet

The size of this rug is 3 x 6 Feet and it was made in the 1970s. It is still in perfect condition. The un-evenness and irregularities in the pattern signify that the rug was not made commercially.

The variation in the color denotes that the family doing this rug dyed in a certain color, ran out of it, and re-dyed it again. That is why the rug has an abrash look.

Twin Runner Rug

A pair of throwable rugs of the same design with a similar color can be amazing as a rug for kitchen area. The best part is that this rug being hand-knotted can be used in a reversal way and would be difficult to identify. The luxurious hand-knotted rug can do magic.

The colors in the rug, the less any single hue will stand out, so the effect will be simultaneously colorful and neutral. The red screening pattern is simple yet eye capturing. The red rug for kitchen will be the best friend!

Twin Runners

The 'Kerman Design' rug is a Persian hand-knotted rug. The name of this rug originates from Kerman, a city in Iran. The city is famous for its cultural heritage and history of rug-manufacturing. The Kerman Design carpets are amongst the most exclusive rug patterns that entered the western market. 


The novel aspect of this design is that it has a central medallion that is surrounded by a solid color. The wide border of the carpet usually contains figural motifs. The Kerman rugs beautify the area with its distinctive pattern. Highly recommended by us!

Dhurrie Rug

Durrie rugs will give a simple and colorful look in the kitchen. These rugs give a modern as well as a traditional look to the kitchen. The linear rug uses a combination of color which can go with almost everything.

The rug has a simple and pattern with different colors that repeats itself. The size of the rug is 5.6x7.10ft. Not too big, not too small, just perfect. If you have a kitchen that does not have many colors, this might be the rug for you. It will bring life and coziness to the kitchen area.

Under the Kitchen Table

People who have big kitchens should go for large area rugs for kitchen. The large handknotted rugs are recommended by various decor designers for houses with a large kitchen.

The rugs can be placed under the table or in front of the whole kitchen area and will act as the most captivating factor for the kitchen. The rug uses simple colors and does not have a busy pattern. It's not too much for the kitchen and not too less to be plain. It's just perfect!

Black and Gold Runner - Ultra Modern

The ultra-modern rug for kitchen is best if you have dark furniture and you don't want to put too much color in the kitchen area, this might be the rug for you. The pattern is inspired by the honeycomb design and uses subtle colors like black and gold.


The repeated pattern of the rug makes it unique. when you look closely the honeycomb has little circles in it, while from a distance they don't look so prominent.

Tribal Litchi

The tribal litchi rug will add warmth to your kitchen area. The rich use colors like brown and blue will give it a subtle look.

Mughal Tribal Litchi

Size: 4 x 6 Feet
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The kitchen rug has its uniqueness and cannot be missed. The geometrical patterns and beautiful design makes it the best rug for kitchen area. 

Tribal Runner

The diamond-cut pattern in red color is a tribal runner of size 2.5x8ft. The border of this kitchen rug uses light colors while the center uses dark tones of brown.

Size: 2.6 x 8 Feet
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This rug accents to any kitchen and is extremely long-lasting. Many people prefer tribal design over modern because it is believed it adds more warmth and coziness to the area.

Round 5x5 Double 7

You can also put a round rug in the kitchen. The best place to put it is in front of the basin or an area which is big enough to fit it. Round rugs always catch people's attention.

It is rare to find a round rug for kitchen but if you have space for it then nothing like that. The rug uses a combination of light and dark colors. Light in the border and dark in the center. The best round rug for kitchen!

Kirman Runner Blue 2.5x6 Feet

The blue Kirman runner is one of the simple and most preferred rugs. The kitchen runner is captivating and gives a royal look to the kitchen. Color selection for this rug was precisely chosen to make it the center and attention driving factor of any area.

The border and the medallion accent it each other while the blue base gives life to the rug. This blue kitchen runner will be the highlight of the kitchen area.

Conclusion: Area Rugs For Kitchen

There are a few factors that should be kept in mind while selecting a rug for kitchen. 

  • The rug should always accent with the wall color or the cabinet color in the kitchen.
  • There is NO rule like a modern rug for a modern kitchen or a traditional rug for a traditional kitchen. You should always mix and match.
  • You should look for a dark color rug for kitchen (Preferred colored are Red and Blue)
  • Machine-made rugs are mostly of low quality and once stained need to be changed. It's always better to go for a hand-knotted rug. It might be expensive but it's worth it.
  • Use full-length rugs to cover the areas in your kitchen, be it a runner rug or a rectangular rug.
  • There is nothing like a tribal or antique rug for kitchen.

These rugs for your kitchen will help you to transform the look pf your kitchen and make it more vibrant and cozy.

In the end, it is you who select the rugs and make it worthy to be placed in any area. A rug depicts your personality and selection. Every rug has a story of its own to be told. Selection of rug is a time taking process but once you get the knack of it there is no coming out! 

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