You've just chosen the color theme, dream furniture, and center table for your space. Now, it's time to tie it all together. What could be better than placing a rug? Needless to mention, an area rug plays a primary role in the design of a space and enhances the beauty of the space if placed under the center table. In this blog article, I'll be sharing with you some of the best rugs for center table.

By the end, you'll have all the answers you might have regarding the center table rugs. Keep reading...

An area rug covers most parts of the floor and feels like a flower under feet, and provides warmth. Choosing an area rug for center table can be overwhelming but there are some points to consider from experts. Keeping those points in mind, you can expect to get a perfect rug for center table. Regardless of whether you prefer natural material like jute and sisal, or wool, or you love intricate patterns or solid colors, I've picked something for you.

Here are 21+ best area rugs for center table with rugs of all sizes and styles that inspire.

Pell Mell 01: Modern Rug

The idea behind it was to show the disruptions that are happening in the traditional rug to give it a contemporary look. Using muted backgrounds and adding colors to it, to give any room a modern look.

Size: 8 x 10 Feet

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It is a hand-knotted carpet that is made by two artisans (with blessings in every knot) and took six months to get completed. This area rug as a whole is an ultra-modern painting, ready to take your space to the next level.

Colorful Flatweave Geometric Cum Tribal Rug

Flatweave rugs (often called dhurries) are woven on a loom. In general, dhurries are reversible and lightweight, making them easygoing for any center table. 

Size: 5.3 x 7.6 Feet

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This colorful dhurrie has distinctively bold patterns and eye-catching colors. The colorful flatweave area rug is a suggested rug for beach house life. The utmost advantage of this rug is, it is uncomplicated to clean and maintain. I'm pretty sure that this Dhurrie Rug will pump up the style of the center table while adding warmth to the entire ambiance.

Neutral Stripe Modern Rug

Give your room a chic and modern vibe with this simple and neutral stripe modern area rug, by placing this under center table. Crafted from superfine wool, this rectangular rug sports an all-over trend, ribbed pattern, adding textured appeal to your floors.

Size: 4 x 6 Feet

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Also, the simple design and pattern complement the rest of your furniture. Choose this rug if you want to add cool and contemporary updates to your indoor aesthetics.

Seamless Hexagon Pattern Flatweave Rug

This seamless hexagon pattern area rug contains all the key elements of modern and contemporary design. The repeated pattern of hexagons and lines makes it a good fit for any room that has geometric elements. With multiple shades of grey and white, this rug complements the center table of any color. You opt to pair it with antiques for a shabby chic touch.

Size: 6.8 x 8.4 Feet

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Do you know what I love about flatweave rugs? They are reversible and they are capable of resisting most household stains.

Linear Stripes Dhurrie Rug

Decorate your center table with this linear striped dhurrie rug. The assorted mix of colors in this blue area rug, including red, white, multiple shades of blue, creates a unique design suits with a wide range of furniture and colors.


Size: 4.6 x 6.6 Feet

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If you have a coastal, modern, or contemporary theme in your home, this is a great option to go with.

All Over Rug

The beauty of the ‘All Over’ design carpet is that the design is beautifully laid out all over the carpet unlike most of the designs that have the medallion in the center.

Size: Multiple

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Though both the type of designs are very captivating, the ‘Allover’ design is very suitable for areas like the living room, or where you use a table or sofa. It is so because the floral pattern is evenly spread out and visible. If the other design is used, the medallion would be hidden because of the furniture.

Ardabil Red Rug

The Ardabil Rug is the world's oldest dated hand-knotted carpet (still exists) and one of the largest, most beautiful, and historically important.

Size: Multiple

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It was made in the town of Ardabil in north-west Iran, the burial place of Shaykh Safi al-Din Ardabili, who died in 1334. The Shaykh was a Sufi leader, ancestor of Shah Ismail, founder of the Safavid dynasty (1501-1722).

Colorful Geometric Rug

Prepare your eyes and your living space for lift-off! Elevate and excite your mood. Color is fun, color is excitement, color is life, and that's precisely what this rug will inject into your life, your home, or living space if placed under the center table.

Size: 5.6 x 7.9 Feet

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You can enjoy the peaceful and happy sense of serenity you get by seeing a colorful rug in your home with this colorful abstract rug. The rug is perfect for any space and I'm sure it will complement the lighting of your space. 

Blue Modern Rug with Erased Pattern

This blue modern rug is a wonderful way to add softness and warmth to a room (or space). It complements your furniture and ties your color scheme together, add design and pattern to a room. Moreover, it defines areas within a large space and anchors your center table.

Size: 6 x 9 Feet

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This Modern rug has very soft pastel tones with some color pops and would bring life into any home. It is designed using superior grade wool and is decorated with vibrant hues and ideal artwork. 

Colorful Abstract Rug

Let there be light and colors even if there's not. The splash of colors and an abstract pattern of this colorful rug is an inspiration in a way light dances and refracts off a reflective surface. If you do have a dark color theme in your space, this rug can bring the illusion of sunlight.

Size: 5.6 x 7.9 Feet

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With its attractive appearance, this hand-knotted rug embellishes the look of floors of restaurants, homes, offices, or any other space where you have furniture and a center table. 

High Twist Rug

High twist rugs are very exquisite rugs and are manufactured with superfine handspun wool. A lot of times twisted wool is used to give a tie and dye effect.  The intriguing point about these rugs is that they are done with 'twisted yarn'.

Size: Multiple

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It, in turn, helps in giving a weathered feel and enhancing the ‘vintage and antique’ look. The design of these rugs is based on the Persian style of art. A neutral color palette is generally employed while making the 'High Twist' rugs. One of the best rugs for center table!

Charbagh Silk Rug

Charbagh's carpet design is having a central medallion and floral motifs with arches, represent the 'concept of paradise'. These patterns fall under the category of Charbagh (this is a Hindi Term) motif, where 'char' means Four and 'bagh' means Garden. Which means that there will be four gardens on the carpet. And, this is the same concept on which the Taj Mahal was built. Isn't that interest you?

Size: 5 x 7 Feet

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Comprising of beautiful color combinations and interesting Mughal art design patterns, this captivating piece of silk carpet has a personalized touch of rich Indian history. Extended durability, lavish looks, and true luxury on its own are other few exquisite attributes of this carpet.

Patchwork Rug

If you're looking for a rug that combines color with an understated and cozy design, then, this patchwork rug is the one you can choose. The rug will add a pop of color and some texture to your space, keeping your floor clean and homey.

Size: 6.3 x 8.10 Feet

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You will be appreciating the beauty of this rug for years!

Colorful Pallet Rug

This hand-knotted rug is inspired by the palette of colors. The artisans of this rug were fond of the colors and the patchwork design. In general, they convey optimism, enthusiasm, and passion. These colors evoke warmth due to their brightness and link to the sun.

Size: 6 x 9 Feet

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The colorful rug creates a positive environment and brings life to in and around the room.

Tree of Life Rug

Do you love stories? Narrate the story of this modern rug to your guests. This hand-knotted rug is inspired by the story of the tree of life. The tree of life is a fundamental widespread myth in many of the world's ethical and philosophical traditions.

Size: 6 x 9 Feet

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It is closely related to the concept of the sacred tree. The rug symbolizes a fresh start of your life with positivity, good health, and happiness. This rug would do the same to your room and center table and give it an elegant look. It connects to all the forms of creation.

Mughal Tribal Rug

The tribal carpet designs mostly contain abstract motifs with bold and rusty colors. During the Mughal period, when the kings were on the battlefields. They used to live in the luxurious tents in which the floors were covered with carpets.

Size: 6 x 9 Feet

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The carpet uses cotton & wool warp and weft and the fringes, look very nice with artistic, floral, fine, and intricate patterns. The carpet is made with a wool base, maintaining the originality of the tradition.

Naeen Round Rug

Naeen rugs are beautiful hand-knotted rugs. They have a nice-looking small medallion in the center surrounded by an intricate design. The color palette employed in Naeen rugs is usually subtle. 

Size: 8 x 8 Feet

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The distinguishing point of this rug from other medallion rugs is that the color of the base and the color of the border of the carpet are generally the same.

It is one of our best selling and most enjoyed rugs because of it's quality, pattern and intricacy.

Floral Rug

The hand-knotted rug is one of its kind rugs that is beautifully woven on a special loom. The rug requires a great deal of skill, practice, and years of experience. The rich colors were chosen specifically to show the intricacies of the designer.

Size: Multiple

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"The rugs have been through the hand and blessings of more than 70 people."

Kerman Rug

The 'Kerman Design' rug is a Persian hand-knotted rug. The name of this rug originates from Kerman, a city in Iran. The city is famous for its cultural heritage and history of rug-manufacturing. The Kerman Design carpets are amongst the most exclusive rug patterns that entered the western market. 

Size: Multiple

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The novel aspect of this design is that it has a central medallion that is surrounded by a solid color. The wide border of the carpet usually contains flower or figural motifs. The Kerman rugs beautify the area with their novel and distinctive pattern.

Gol Gumbad Rug

'Gol Gumbad' (also called Gol Gumbaz) is a Hindi term, where 'Gol' means Round and 'Gumbad' means Dome. The Taj Mahal has a flawless interior of the dome, a unique and beautiful pattern within. One can not describe the beauty of it in words. The 'Gol Gumbad' Design Carpet is inspired by the same.

Size: Multiple

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The center medallion of the carpet is inspired by the central ceiling work. And the outer design of 'the diamond cut niches' is also inspired by the magnificent ceiling design.

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