Rugs are an essential element of the bedroom. If there is no rug in the bedroom, it feels like something is inadequate or lacking in your room. The fact is, a rug adds warmth and boosts your room's style. Speaking of which, today, I'm going to list 11(+1) best area rugs for bedroom that will put spring in your step.

A rug comes in several sizes. Some general sizes are for bedroom are: 6 x 9, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 2.5 x 8 (runner rugs). Now, you should ask yourself how big your bedroom is to decide what size of rug for the bedroom would be the best?

You need to decide on that one rug that fits the space just right. If you have an idea about this, then you are halfway on which rug would work.

[My suggestion: Go with a 5 x 7 area rug if your room size is small, 6 x 9 if it's medium, and 8 x 10 if it's large. For a king size bedroom, go with extra large rugs.]

About patterns and options, there is no end to it. There are modern rugs, traditional rugs, dhurrie rugs, runner rugs, and so on... with countless patterns. And it leads to another common question, that you too, might be having.

Which rug (by style) will be best for your bedroom?

To answer this question, you have to ask yourself a few question like: 

  • What color rug is going to match your bedroom interior?
  • Do you like contrast, abstract, or any other kind of artwork?
  • Which shape will be perfect?
  • What material best suit your needs?

To make your bedroom look good, you should think about styles, colors, and textures. All this can happen by using a rug in your bedroom. They divide a Room into different areas, create many themes, and the most important thing is that it brightens up a room.

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Halting this discussion here, let's get started.

Best Area Rugs For Bedroom Specially [Hand-Picked] for You

Modern Rugs for Bedroom

A modern rug is a beautiful piece of art that glorifies your home and also creates a majestic aura.

Modern Rugs are versatile and give an appealing look to a room. Whether it be your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and more to your will, you can place a rug anywhere.

Charcoal Rug for Bedroom

It is a great rug which you can be used in your bedroom. You can place this rug in front of your bed or under too. This modern rug has a great design!

If you like contrast, then this can be your rug. It is a hand-knotted premium quality rug, appropriate for your bedroom floor. You opt to place one-third of this rug under your bed and it will be the most suitable arrangement for your bedroom.

Lal Rani Rug for Bedroom

It is a great rug for your bedroom. This rug has an artistic, mesmerizing design. You can pick this rug if you are a great fan of natural art. Especially which dwells of beautiful leaves.

The leaves can fascinate you, can make you aw-struck. If you are looking for a red rug for bedroom, this could be your rug. The wool base and the silk touch could bring life to any room. The muted background and the red highlights will give sophisticated look to the bedroom.

The Grove Rug for Bedroom

It is a great rug which will look fabulous in your bedroom. This area rug for the bedroom can give an excellent contrast if you have dark colored walls.


This rug can resemble marble inlay work. With its stunning design with silk inlay on it. This rug is very versatile and will match with any interior in your bedroom. Wool base and silk highlights will add more value and grandeur to your room.

Traditional Rugs for Bedroom

Another category of rugs is traditional rugs. These rugs are capable of changing the whole appearance of your room. They are not only marvelous in design but they give a magnificent look to your room. Be it your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

If you are fond of symmetry, patterns, petals, branches, and medallions, traditional rugs are for you. 

Herati Rug for Bedroom

The most remarkable and fascinating feature of this rug is that it has a small and repetitive pattern. It consists of two leaves shaped like a lance head flowers between them. This pattern is also known as Mahi or fish pattern, as the leaves resemble a fish.

You can place this rug this way, one third under your bed and the rest on the remaining floor of your room. I'm pretty sure, it will look great in your room. The rug when kept under the bed will highlight itself, because it has a repetitive pattern and no medallion. The rug uses gold and white silk which gives a beautiful look to the area where the rug is kept.

All Over Design Rug for Bedroom

The beauty of this carpet is, the design is laid out all over the carpet. Branches and leaves of the trees inspired the weaver. Generally, the other rugs uses a medallion in the center, but this rug has a repeat of floral patterns. Though both the type of designs are very captivating. It is very suitable for areas like the dining room, bedroom, or where some parts of the furniture over the rug.


It is so because of the floral symmetry pattern can be visible throughout the carpet. If you use other designs, the medallion may get covered because of the furniture. The persuasion that drives to the origin of this rug was Mughal's architectural symmetry.

Runner rugs for bedroom

Runner rugs come in various designs, modern, traditional, tribal, and many more. This rug doesn't need a large room for this rug. These rugs are best for bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, and more.

Kirman Rug for Bedroom

It is a Persian hand-knotted traditional rug. The unique aspect of this runner rug was that it has a central medallion that is surrounded by a solid color. The wide border of the carpet usually contains flower or figural motifs.

This rug is best for the sides of the bed, as these rugs don't need much space. You don't have to worry about whether this rug will fit in your bedroom or not. These rugs are best for bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, and more.

Screening Rug for Bedroom 

During the Mughal Era, the royal ladies and other women were not allowed to watch or take part in the royal hearings. Still, they attended the meetings from behind the Jali (old Indian windows). These windows were translucent and had beautiful patterns. These patterns generally resembled a honeycomb or lattice.

The persuasion that leads to this rug was from the Mughal era. The 'screening pattern' carpets have the design of these screens (or Jali) knotted with the help of a hand-loom.

It is a beautiful rug with a mesmerizing pattern. This rug has a royal look as it resembles power and uniformity from the Mughal era.

Colorful dhurrie rugs for bedroom

A dhurrie (also dhurri, durrie, durry, or dari) is a thin flat-woven rug or carpet used in South Asia as floor-coverings. This Dhurrie Rug will pump up the style in any space while adding warmth to the entire ambiance. 

Wool and cotton are the primary materials used for these rugs. Dhurrie is durable and is sure to add charm and style to your room decor. Each dhurrie is woven on a loom using cotton and wool yarn. The warp and weft are cotton yarn, and it is the interlocked weave that makes them reversible.

Abstract Dhurrie rug for bedroom

It has an abstract (represented by shapes and lines) design. It is a modern rug that can give your home a makeover with one small change and ambient natural color and ethnic charm to your floors with this natural handwoven dhurrie.

They are not as heavy as most of the rug, so easy to move, they are less expensive and have great patterns. Ultimate in style and glance, this rug offers a soft and plushy deep pile, which is the perfect, modern accent to your bedroom.

 Tribal Rug with Geometric Pattern

Tribal dhurrie rug are done with the wool and cotton yarn that provides you a reversible effect. You can use this rug upside-down as well. The mesmerizing story of the tribes inspired the weavers to create this magnificent masterpiece.

Dark color tones used in weaving gives a vintage appearance to your bedroom. Various colors add life to your bedroom. Wherever you place this rug, it will add life to that area.

Vintage Rugs for Bedroom

For a contemporary look with a vintage appeal, we source authentic vintage area rugs. This rug was hand-knotted in the mid-century in excellent condition and trim the piles to achieve an eye-catching distressed look.

These antique and vintage rugs are weaved with wool by the weavers in years. Besides being unique and hand-knotted, vintage rugs make an exceptional statement about bridging generations of artisanal skill and knowledge over time with a charming look that complements any modern or bohemian décor. 

As the name implies, these rugs are antique rugs, which anticipates these rugs are more than 80 years old. These rug will add grandeur and royal look to any room they are put in.

Silk rugs for bedroom wall

There are some rugs which are hanged on the walls of the room. As these rugs are so detailed, are premium rugs. 

Tree of life 

The inspiration that leads in the formation of this beautiful rug, by the story of the tree of life. The tree of life is a fundamental widespread myth in many of the world's ethical and philosophical traditions. It is related to the concept of the sacred tree.

This rug would do the same to your room and give it an elegant look. It is related to the concept of the sacred tree. 


In the end, your room decor helps you find the perfect rug. Rugs that are mentioned above in this blog are some of the best rugs for the bedroom. 

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