The bedroom is our sanctuary to unwind after a long day at work and get the good night's sleep that we deserve. We all want the design scheme of our bedroom to be the best. However, while putting the decor and accessories together, we often miss out on one crucial thing-a bedroom carpet! A bedroom carpet is an essential element of your room design that needs your consideration. It not only adds warmth to your room but also absorbs sound to give you a quiet good night's sleep. If you do not want to step onto a cold floor every time you step out of bed, then it is time to buy handmade rugs or Dhurrie runners for your bedroom.

Choosing the perfect carpet for your bedroom can be overwhelming. So, we are here to help you master the art of styling carpets in your bedroom with five fantastic ideas. So, continue reading to find the idea best suited to your bedroom design.

1.   Stripe carpets to make a small room seem bigger

Seeking design inspiration to enhance your small bedroom? You should keep a light-colored carpet with an illusion-creating pattern at the top of your list. Soft, gentle color carpet brightens up a small space and gives it a light, airy appearance. For people with limited space, it is important to keep in mind that stripes help to give the impression of a broader room. Striped carpets also add visual interest to the bedroom floor. Additionally, a striped carpet is superior to a flat, monochrome carpet in high-traffic areas of homes because it can withstand the impacts of filth and wear better.

stripe carpets

2.  Go all out with a bold color carpet

This one is for those who are not afraid of experimenting. Give your bedroom the dramatic makeover it deserves with a bold color carpet. The idea is to tone down the attention from the walls to the floor. A bold-colored carpet in yellow, pink, or orange can be the basis of your bedroom design scheme. To balance out the craziness, it is important to use neutral and natural furniture finishes for a coherent interior design.

bold color carpet

This idea of a bedroom carpet is such a fun way to add personality to your space. You can pick creative patterns that inspire you or opt for an artistic print carpet. If you are a maximalist at heart, a bedroom carpet that is both exciting and welcoming is all you need!

3.  Create harmony with natural fiber carpets

Nothing beats the look of a classic hand-knotted carpet in silk, jute or cotton. Choosing a natural fiber carpet for your bedroom can greatly enhance your room’s appeal. These carpets are simple and minimalistic, thus perfect for all kinds of interior schemes, from rustic to modern chic. Additionally, natural fiber carpets are washable and easy to maintain. If you are skeptical about end-to-end bedroom floor carpet, you can try layering small natural-fiber handmade rugs to add underfoot comfort around your bed.

natural fiber carpets

Since the natural fiber is eco-friendly, opting for a natural fiber carpet is not only an aesthetic but also a responsible decision. You can choose a silk carpet for luxurious appeal, while a cotton Dhurrie rug will work best in an indie vibe room interior. Jute is another great option that blends well into both modern and bohemian decor aesthetics. The underfoot comfort of a natural-fiber hand-knotted rug is unmatched. So, buy handmade luxury rugs in natural fiber to make your bedroom floor the coziest!

4. Jazz it up with plush velvet carpets

The kind of plush carpets where your toes practically sink is fantastic for bedrooms. Any room instantly feels more expensive when it has a giant loop or thick velvet-like pile on the floor. As you walk about on your plush floors, you'll feel like you're at a luxury hotel! With thicker carpets, solid tones work best in terms of color. A timeless neutral color like grey is a surefire winner.

plush velvet carpets

If you do not want to commit to a thick velvet master rug in your bedroom, opt for small-sized modern carpets. Small to medium-sized plush modern carpets are right on trend and are also popular in asymmetrical and round shapes.

5.  Keep it simple with matching walls and carpets

Want to keep your bedroom design practical and timeless? Match your carpets to your walls for a simple yet elegant look. Matching the shades of your bedroom wall to the carpet is another trick to make your room seem spacious. However, to achieve the best outcome, stick to the neutrals.

matching walls and carpets

One of the most suitable colors for this idea is beige. Yes! Beige has made a comeback after its peak in the 70s. Beige walls are easy to decorate, and beige-colored carpets are easy to maintain.

You can even mix and match the walls, carpets, and ceiling to achieve the ever-so-chic monochromatic room interiors! You can always add accents of brighter colors for contrast to other components to break up the wall-to-wall beige.


Bedroom carpets are an essential part of bedroom decor. As discussed in the article, different bedroom designs have a different visual impact on the space. So, when you buy carpets online, choosing the right carpet for your bedroom is imperative. If you live in a cold climate area, it is wise to add end-to-end carpets to provide you with warmth and underfoot comfort throughout the entire room. Choose centre carpets and medium or small-size rugs if you live in tropical climate zones. Other aspects like size, colour, and materials also need your attention. You can buy handmade rugs online from our vast range of styles to find the perfect pick for your bedroom.

Also, feel free to use any of the above-mentioned ideas to style your bedroom carpet and share them with friends and family!

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