Do you often feel like your bedroom lacks something? You have your king-sized bed with a stylish headboard, fancy curtains, layered bedding, and other bedroom essentials all set-up. But, does your bedroom seems lightly cold and uninviting? It may perhaps require a personal touch which comes from a comfy rug for king-size bed.

Area rug for king-size bedroom

Investing in a rug for your king-size bed is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. A peaceful bedroom is your sanctuary to rest and feel welcome-in. While having a king-size bed is one of the essentials to create the bedroom of your fantasies, a rug for the king-size bed will finally make your bedroom hold a special place in your heart

Why Do You Need An Area Rug For Your King Size Bed?

One of the few questions that may arise in your mind while investing in your dream bedroom space is why you need a rug for your king-size bed? Similar doubts before deciding whether or not to purchase a rug are quite reasonable. If you do want your bedroom to take the shape of an intimate and warm space to relax in at the end of your long tiring everyday life, here are some of the reasons why you need a rug for your king-size bed:

best area rug for king size bed

  • Personal Touch: A rug for a king-size bed adds in a personal touch and uplifts the décor of an otherwise simplistic bedroom. A rug will elevate your bedroom vibe from being simple to simply amazing. The color, pattern, and texture of your rug will showcase your expression and thoughts, and add a bit of personal character to your bedroom. 
  • Cozy and Comfortable: Who does not want their bedroom to feel like the most relaxing place in the world? A hard tiled or mahogany set floor may look fancy in your living room, but you most likely do not want to stand, sit and relax on the same hard, cold and uncomfortable floor while inside your bedroom. From the moment you come close to your bed to rest and relax to point your wakeup and place your feet on the plush rug; let the same rug for your king-size bed make your feet feel cozy and welcome.
  • Noise-Reduction: Did you know a rug has noise subduing features? That's right, a rug for your king-size bed will not make your feet sleep on the same, but also make your bedroom more ambient and relaxing. Let's agree on the fact that we would like less noise coming in and out of our bedroom and a rug will help in that. Furthermore, any volume inside your bedroom will appear softer and less ear-piercing, thanks to the inclusion of the rug under the king-size bed.

area rug for king size bed

If you have finally sold yourself on the brilliant idea of investing in a rug for a king-size bed, then here are some excellent choices of rugs you can choose from that will compliment any bedroom and king-size bed together with creating a personal sanctuary:

Medium Rugs For King-Size Bed

Even though relatively smaller than other rugs and the king-size bed itself, a medium 5x7 feet dimension rug for your king-size bed can be a wise choice if you are looking for an affordable and functional rug. These medium-sized rugs will charm your bed size and keep your feet and cozy, one of the primary needs for getting a rug. 

Red Rug with Medallion 5x7

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One of the most sold rugs from The Rugs Cafe, this traditional Red wool rug is 5x7 in dimension and hand-knotted in Rural India. The appearance and quality of this distinctive rug are astounding. An embodiment of extraordinary craftsmanship, the rich color, and texture of this red woolen rug will stand the test of time.

Mughal Tribal Box Green 5x7

Embrace your feet from start to the end of the day with this high-quality, and splendidly woven rich green woolen rug. Staying true to its name, this Mughal Tribal Box Green rug for a king-size bed will reward your feet with royal luxury.

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Hand-knotted under a special loom in rural India, this rug depicts a traditional Mughal brilliant design. This rug for a king-size bed will completely fit-in without looking cramped and showcase your personal with the intricacies of the rug's design. You are welcome to buy this Mughal Tribal Box Green 5x7 rug for your king-size bed.

Kerman Design Carpet (Dark Blue) 

Depicting the beautiful culture and traditions of the world-famous city Kerman in Iran, this Kerman Design rug for a king-size bed is sure to gain a lot of compliments. This wool and silk rug exhibits a superb central medallion surrounded by gorgeous dark blue color.

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When placed under your king-size bed, this Kerman Design rug's wide border with floral motifs will stun everyone's attention. You can attain this unique and original Kerman Design hand-knotted, made in rural India rug.

Chobi Hightwist Rug

The Chobi Hightwist rug is extremely elegant, built using superfine handspun wool, and a sight for sore eyes and feet at the descend of nightfall. This rug under your king-size bed will give your bedroom décor a vintage and antique look.

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The charming Persian design will compliment any bedroom furniture and blend in with the bedroom while retaining its flair. The bronze and well-worn appearance complimenting this hand-knotted rug will define your zone and create admiring definitions within the bedroom while laying under your king-size bed. 

Shahbaaz Traditional Rug

Each rug created by The Rugs Cafe has a rich past and cultural influence behind it. The splendid Shahbaaz Traditional Rug is no different. Inspired by the Persian rich heritage and art, this rug represents the aptly named 'Shahbaz' bird's magnificence and elegance.

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This special rug for a king-size bed will glorify your bedroom with its intricate design, vibrant red color, and grand floral work. This unique hand-knotted, made in rural India Shahbaaz Traditional rug for your king-size bed is now on sale at The Rugs Cafe.

Charbagh (Four Gardens) Design Silk Carpet

Charbagh (Four Gardens) Design Silk rug flaunts the 'concept of paradise' in its masterfully hand-knotted central medallion and sumptuous floral motif. Taking inspiration from the design and intricacies of the Taj Mahal itself, this rug rolled out under your king-size bed will represent the rich Indian Mughal history with a personalized touch.

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This luxurious Charbagh (Four Designs) rug is manufactured to last and awe every guest whose eyes lay upon it.

Large Rugs For King-Size Bed

One of the ideal rug dimensions for a king-size bed is 8-foot by 10-foot (8x10). The Rugs Cafe brings you several unique, marvelous, and durable large rugs that will fit perfectly under your king-size and define your bedroom décor style.

Large area rugs for king size bed

These large The Rugs Cafe rugs do not take up any unnecessary space. They (or we) provide you with the ultimate soft underfoot large rugs and a plush surface to relax on, peeking from underneath your king-size bed. The following large rugs are your best bets if you are looking for stand-outs, one of a kind large rugs:

Sarukh Design Hand-Knotted Rug

Sarukh Design hand-knotted 8x10 ft. large rugs are created with particular attention to detail and design. This woolen Sarukh rug represents years of rich experience and intricacies of the designer.

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The vibrant colors of the large rug will bring contrast and highlight a separate luxurious zone within the bedroom while laying under a king-size bed. This Sarukh large rug for your king-size bed is all you need for that personal finishing touch you are craving to add to your bedroom.

Blue Ultra Modern Rug

The Blue Ultra Modern Rug by The Rags Cafe brings in a special chic and modern style. This large rug for your king-size bed will accompany softness and warmth in itself, and thereby jazz-up your room. The color scheme and patterns of this Blue Ultra Modern Rug add-in a unique and striking definition to your bedroom sanctuary.

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Made of superior grade wool and adorned with vibrant examples of stunning artwork, this rug will leave you amazed and your feet feeling comfortable.

Abstract Brown Rug

Abstract and unique specialties in one large rug, do we need more temptation to set our eyes on this? The Abstract Brown Rug for a king-size bed depicts a phenomenal artwork on its front, that is sure to garner several gasps of awe and admiration from anyone who looks at it.

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Now, imagine this striking rug laid out under your king-size bed and brighten the whole look of the bedroom. Along with providing plush comfort and warmth to your feet, of course.

Mughal Garden Design Carpet

The Mughal Garden Design rug, perfect for a king-size bed has taken inspiration from 637 A.D. artworks to portray a magnificent illusion of the spring on its face. This splendid woolen rug depicts various garden motifs, as you can see for yourself below, such as 'weeping willow plant', inverted lotus, and more.

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Describing the rich Mughal history of India through art, this hand-knotted rug is sure to lift your mood and make you feel relaxed whenever you lay your eyes and feet on it.

Char Bagh Silk Rug (Red)

The concept of paradise portrayed on the CharBagh Silk Rug will give your bedroom a glimpse of paradise too, all while laying under your king-size bed. The making of the CharBagh Silk Rug was influenced by the majestic Taj Mahal monument's structure and design.

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The vibrant floral works on the surface of the CharBagh Silk Rug are supposed to portray the Bagh(garden). This rug was created keeping in mind the beautiful and precise details of the Mughal culture's paradise and day of judgment.

Gol Gumbad Design Carpet

You can bring in a piece of the Taj Mahal's dome artwork with yourself, now on the Gol Gumbad Design Carpet. The story behind the Taj Mahal dome is hand-knotted with precision, skill, and care by the designers at The Rugs Cafe.

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This unique rug has excellent examples of rare artwork on its surface, portraying rare folk tales and the majestic ceiling design on the Taj Mahal. Add-in this luxurious Gol Gumbad rug for your king-size bed.

Extra Large Rugs For King-Size Bed

Do you want your bedroom to feel plush, luxurious, and grand every time you enter? To make your bedroom stand-out and feel like your personal sanctuary, you should definitely invest in an Extra Large rug for your king-size bed.

Extra large area rugs for king size bed

Extra Large rug will not only compliment your king-size bed but also make your whole bedroom look elegant and majestic, plus extra space for your feet to feel comfortable. Beautiful and majestic extra-large 9x12 feet rugs are available on sale for purchase at The Rugs Cafe.

Here are some of the best extra large rugs you can invest in for your bedroom sanctuary:

Hand Made Wool Persian Tribal Rug

Adorned with stunning geometric patterns, this handmade Wool Persian Tribal Rug is a dhurrie rug. The look of this rug will look classy under your king-size bed, and blend with the entire bedroom. This Persian Tribal Rug is made up of high-quality natural material in rural India and is best revered for its affordability and durability.

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Available in multiple colors, the Persian Wool Tribal Rugs also have a touch of cotton, providing you with the ultimate underfoot rug to have laid under your king-size bed.

Blue Floral Area Rug

If you are looking for a sophisticated yet grand area rug for your king-size bed, the Blue Floral Area Rug from The Rugs Cafe is one of the best ones available in the market. Created with intricate care and skill on a special loom, this blue woolen is exquisitely woven in rural India.

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Bring in this beautiful rug portraying artwork on its front to lay under your king-size bed and hear the compliments coming in from your guests.

Charbagh (Four Gardens) Design Carpet - Cream

Choose to show the intrinsic charm of India with this stunning Charbagh (Four Garden) Design Carpet. Charbagh carpets are famed for their remarkable style and artwork on the surface and this one is no different. Hand-knotted by skilled craftsmen with years of experience in rural India, this grand carpet is worth purchasing.

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Imagine how gorgeously this woolen rug will uplift the décor of your bedroom and bring in a grand royal vibe, all while laying under your king-size bed. This Charbagh rug is unique, magnificent, and represents India's rich cultural heritage.

Traditional Red Floral Rug

The exquisite design and classy look of this Traditional Red Floral Rug are bound to take your breath away. This novel rug for a king-size bed is a specimen of the skill and years of experience of several Indian craftsmen who have hand-knotted this rug with utmost care and precision.

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Depicting vibrant designs and colors on the top, this traditional rug has been created in rural India. Whilst being a brilliant rug for your king-size bed, this rug will also prove to the plushest and comfortable underfoot.

Symmetric Blue Hand-Knotted Area Rug

The Symmetric Blue Hand-Knotted Area Rug is a premium quality rug, showing off intrinsic design all over its surface. The floral artwork on the face is breathtaking and explicates the love Mughals had for symmetry. Hence the articulate hand-knotted symmetrical design on the front of the has been crafted almost as if on the wishes of the same royal Mughal rulers.

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Now you can bring this rug for your king-size bed and make your bedroom fit for royalty.

Mughal Tribal Design [Litchi] Carpet (White)

The Mughal Tribal Design rug for a king-size bed will compliment any bedroom décor it is laid in, due to its sophisticated minimalistic vibe and tribal-design-inspired bold and rusty colors on the surface. The artwork on this Mughal Tribal Design rug narrates a rich history of its own, influenced by the Indian Mughal Tribal heritage.

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Patterns on this carpet are not of the regular kind, they are uncommonly abstract and rustic, which makes it more interesting. If the design and influence behind this woolen Mughal Tribal Design rug have left you intrigued.


When choosing the perfect rug for your king-size bed, remember to take your bedroom décor and rug dimension into consideration. While a medium rug is practical and affordable than others, it is also comparably much smaller. The large and extra-large rugs for king-size beds are your best options if you want a grand, plus, and unparalleled rug to serve as a module to define your bedroom space whilst assisting as an underfoot rest. 

Sizes are a must to consider while purchasing a rug, along with how you are going to lay the same rug under your king-size bed. Rolling the medium rug on either side of your bed is the best option since it does not take up too much unnecessary and serves its purpose being an underfoot comforter in the morning and night.

Large rugs will cover half or more of the king-size bed if you lay the same rug taking care that about a quarter of the rug is peeking out of the bed from all sides. Extra-large rugs are the easiest to roll out on the ground, and they cover all other bedside pieces of furniture like a side table, dresser, and standing lamp along with your king-size. Moreover, a king-size bed looks the best when it has an extra-large rug complimenting from underneath it. 

Keep your area rug for your king-size bed always under good care and maintenance. An area rug is often subject to indention. So make sure to turn the area rug over every once in a while to avoid the formation of indentation marks. Alternatively, you can rub and melt ice cubes on the indentation marks to smoothen the surface of the rug out. 

Have a good time rug-shopping and venture into The Rugs Cafe to look at other numerous and fantastic rug varieties they have available.

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