Standing on your balcony is a pleasure in itself. The wind blowing your hair and breezing past your shoulders, the fresh air hitting your face and taking away all your worries of the day. A balcony is a place to relax. You could bless your eyes after a long, tiring hard day at work and finally breathe a sigh of relief while standing on the balcony, sipping a cup of your favorite beverage like tea or coffee.

But, did you know? You can make the time of recreation at the balcony time even more 'relaxing'? By introducing an area rug that will grace your underfoot and make you feel as if you are standing on a cloud, completes the whole picture of utter inner peace, does it not?

Area rugs are useful and they look incredible enhancing any balcony floor they are laid on. Moreover, don't you always wish you could have something to take the ache on your feet away? Now, the beautiful area rugs laid on your balcony actually can.

Area rug for balcony

Now, choosing the right area rug for your balcony can be a tough job. One of the reasons why is there are too many area rugs in the market and they may not all appeal to you in the same way. To bring you out of your dilemma, we have made a resourceful list of area rugs that you can choose from while picking the right rug to grace your balcony floor.

These listed below rugs are not only beautiful and plush, but they are also hand-knotted in rural India by skilled craftsmen. Let us have a look at the best area rugs that you can buy for your balcony:

Small Area Rugs For Balcony

There are different shapes and sizes of area rugs when it comes to choosing one to lay on your balcony. While all area rugs serve the purpose of bringing the place together and giving comfort to your feet, it is understandable if you are not totally sold on the idea of area rugs for the balcony just as of yet.

Rug and cat

That is why, you can choose small 5 x 7 area rugs as trial rugs, or you may decide on keeping the same as your forever plush underfoot rug even. The Rugs Cafe, a famed and revered Indian center for area rugs brings you several small area rugs to choose from, that will eventually grace the floor of your balcony and make it even more beautiful.

Mughal Hunting Silk Hand-Knotted Carpet

The Muslim Hunting Silk Hand-knotted carpet rug is extremely elegant, historic, built using superfine handspun wool, and a sight for sore eyes and feet at the descend of dawn and nightfall. Presenting a beautiful display of the art of the Mughal Era and its history, the area rug manages to look luxurious even at such an affordable price.

Mughal garden rich Indian history art area rug for balcony

Size: 3 x 5

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The surface of the silk rug is smooth and soft, and showcasing magnificent patterns of Mughal exquisite art. This 3 x 5 feet rug will adjust easily on any balcony and look simply grand. This Mughal area rug for the balcony is available in the color dark blue and it's now available for purchase at The Rugs Cafe with heavy discount.

Red-Rust Kilim Vintage Rug

The color of rust looks magnificent when it is not on iron. One of the best examples of the above statement stands true in the case of this beautiful rust and red-colored, aptly named as Red-Rust Kilim Vintage rug. The vintage appeal and look of this woolen area rug for the balcony does not go unnoticed, neither does the beautiful designs on its surface.

Red-Rust Kilim Vintage Rug for Balcony

Size: 3 x 4.8

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When it comes to the décor of the balcony, most of us want the area to look modern, rustic, and artistic. What better way is there to bring all of these desired attributes to your balcony than with Red-Rust Kilim 3 x 4.8 feet Vintage Rug.

Medium Area Rugs For Balcony

Your balcony deserves to look right out of a magazine catalog picture and what better to enhance its appearance than by gracing it with a medium-sized rug? From summer to winter, your balcony will retain its gorgeous look while feeling lush under your barefoot.

Balcony; area rug; chairs

Medium-sized area rugs for your balcony area are good choice because they fill the necessary space of your balcony while also leaving space at the sides to display your original floor. Everyone can witness just how well the area rug accentuates the floor while laying on top of it. Here are a few gorgeous medium-sized rugs that you can see for yourself while picking on the best area rugs for your balcony:

Taj Mahal Design Hand-Knotted Silk Carpet

The Taj Mahal is one of the most epic manmade wonders standing on the surface of the earth. How would you feel to grace your balcony with an exquisite display of the luxurious and majestic symbol of love on your balcony floor? Well now you can with this epic Taj Mahal Design Hand-Knotted Silk Carpet.

Taj Mahal Design Silk Carpet for Balcony

Size: 4 x 6

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This silk area rug, depicting the Taj Mahal with beautiful designs surrounding it looks vibrant, grand, and perfect for your balcony floor. Good news for you, this Taj Mahal Silk area rug is available on sale for purchase at The Rugs Cafe.

Grey Africa: Modern Rug 

Want your balcony to look greyscale, minimalistic, and blending in with the whole vibe of urban life? Well, rural Indian artisans have made just the right rug for your balcony.

Gray Africa Modern Rug For Balcony

Size: 8 x 10

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Grey Africa is a woolen area rug of dimension 8 x 10 feet that is hand-knotted to depict the modern pastel tones on its surface. This balcony area rug will bring together your space with the outdoor view seamlessly. 

Tree of Life (Vase) Hand-Knotted Rug Black

The Tree of Life area rug is a grand, fit-for royalty 4 x 6 hand-knotted rug that presents the philosophy of the traditional sacred tree. In case you want to bring a positive change in your life, and want to start a new journey every day in your life, this woolen black area rug for your balcony is just the right one for you.

Tree of life (vase) black area rug

Size: 4 x 6

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Bring in the sophisticated and radiant vibe on the surface of your balcony and within your life with the Tree of Life (Vase) area rug.

Large Area Rugs For Balcony

Large area rugs for your balcony are the best buy. These large area rugs are the most comfortable and easiest way to spice up the look of your balcony. Large area rugs are the most solid way to personalize your balcony's appearance. You will be left pleasantly surprised by how well these large area rugs suit your balcony space.

Area rugs for balcony

On hot summer days, the perfect place to chill with your pet can just be your balcony with these large area rugs laid on the surface. Here are four of our absolute favorite large rugs from The Rugs Cafe that you are welcome to consider for your balcony space:

White Large Area Rug with Medallion Blue Border

The White Large Area Rug with Medallion Blue Border is a rare piece of intricate and beautiful art on the surface and utterly luxurious to rest on after a long stressful day. Imagine getting back home tired after long tiresome hours at the office, and this beautiful, unique and soft rug waiting for you to rest on.

White Large Area Rug with Medallion Blue Border

Size: 8 x 10

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This rug is 8 x 10 feet, which means enough space for you to spread your feet with your beverage at hand, sipping as the wind hits your face. The white color of the area rug does not fade or get soiled easily and it is hand-knotted in rural India.

Blue Ultra Modern Rug

Modernity transcends just architecture and furniture, the décor of the place is what brings the ultra-modern vibe together at a place. Add softness and warmth to your balcony with this hand-knotted, 8 x 10 feet, blue area rug that is made in rural India using superior grade wool.

Blue ultra modern rug for balcony

Size: 8 x 10

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The vibrant hues and ideal artwork on the surface of this area rug manages to look ultra-modern while maintaining its sophisticated attractive appearance. 

Tribal Geometrical Rug with Medallion

The bold and rusty hues combined with intricate tribal carpet design on this Tribal Geometrical Rug with Medallion will leave you entranced. The earthy and rustic appearance of this area rug for the balcony will make you feel calm and closer to nature while also making you feel relaxed when you are resting on its surface.

Tribal Geometrical Rug with Medallion

Size: 6 x 9

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This black Mughal tribal designs area rug is made of wool, it is 6 x 9 feet in dimension, and it's hand-knotted in rural India.

Gol Gumbad Design Carpet 

The Taj Mahal's interior is famed for its flawless interior and design. The Gol Gumbad or the round dome of the Taj Mahal is a majestic piece of art and design. This area rug, aptly named Gol Gumbad Design Carpet, is inspired by the central ceiling work at the Taj Mahal.

Gol Gumbad Design Carpet for Balcony

Size: 8 x 10

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So. when you lay this area rug on your balcony, the surface does not only look magnificent to the eye but also portrays a famous historical wonder of the earth. This hand-knotted, colorful, and woolen-silk rug of dimensions 8 x 10 feet is available for purchase at The Rugs Cafe sale at present.

Extra Large Area Rugs For Balcony

Give your balcony a whole new look with extra large area rugs. Extra-large rugs can hide any flaws in your balcony space while also making it your most preferred place to relax in your home. These rugs are exactly what you needed to brighten up your balcony.

Area rugs for balcony

The Rugs Cafe provides you with some of the best extra large area rugs to buy. These area rugs will not fade due to the sun and they are lightweight too. Here are some of the most popular extra large area rugs that customers have come to love from The Rugs Cafe:

Charbagh (Four Gardens) Design Carpet

The Charbagh design on area rugs looks phenomenal, from its central medallion to floral motifs with arches. The Charbagh Design area rug on your balcony will bring the concept of paradise along on its surface, depicting extraordinary artwork.

Charbagh (Four Gardens) Area Rug for Balcony

Size: 9 x 12

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The floral works on the area rug picture the garden, the arches on the surface of the rug outline the gates of paradise, and the border draws the supplementary garden. Bring in this one-of-a-kind, rich traditional portrayal of Indian history to lay on your balcony floor. 

Tribal Geometric Rug

Tribal Geometric Rug is a unique hand-knotted area rug perfect for any balcony to bring in an earthy, rustic, and radiant look. This area rug of dimensions 9 x 12 feet is big enough for you to relax and soft enough to take your worries away.

Tribal Geometric Rug for Balcony

Size: 9 x 12

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The rustic patterns and designs in red and darker hues will evoke sophisticated-energy year-round. It’s very lightweight and handwoven with woolen material that makes it far more durable than other area rugs in the market.

Large Cream Area Rug with Floral Pattern

Large Cream Area Rug with Floral Pattern is a beautiful area rug that’s perfect for balcony spaces. Laying it on your balcony floor with a pad underneath is recommended to elongate its intricate elegant design and vibrant patterns. If you’re on a budget, this large Cream Area Rug is the perfect choice for you to opt for. 

Area rugs for balcony

Size: 9 x 12

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It is a woolen area rug with dimensions 9 x 12 feet and it is hand-knotted in rural India. Bring this traditional area rug for your balcony space now because it is available for sale currently at The Rugs Cafe.

Blue Floral Area Rug

Blue Floral Area Rug is a smooth and pleasant rug that is most suited to grace your balcony with its intricate designs and patterns along with its plush surface. This area rug in its appearance is traditional, exquisite, and vibrant. This woolen area rug is 9 x 12 feet in its dimensions and it is hand-knotted in rural India.

Blue Floral Rug For Balcony

Size: 9 x 12

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The pile height of this remarkable area rug for a balcony stands at around 9 mm, which is just right.

The Bottom Line

Area rugs for balcony are a great investment to make. An affordable and vibrant rug laid out for use on a balcony is just what you need to look forward to while coming home from work. Balcony graced with soft and plush area rugs are not only comfortable but also protect your balcony floor from damages while making it look beautiful.

Area rugs for balcony

Be prepared to see awestruck gasps of adoration from guests in your house when they see you the area rug covering your balcony. Your balcony can become the perfect place for the most interesting conversation, yoga and meditation, and memorable moments with area rugs gracing its surface. 

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