Area rugs elevate the energy of any room they are laid in. Whether it is the living room, bedroom, dining area, or your study; area rugs complement every space of your house. But we hate to see the inevitable; when our area rugs get spoiled and worn with time. We of course can not take our rug to the cleaner every time we notice a flaw.

Rugs Do's and Don'ts

Rug cleaning takes effort, time, and money.  No need to feel despair over your rug getting worn with time because there are legit some area rugs do's and don'ts you can follow that can elongate the lifespan of your precise rug. Plus, these area rugs do's and don'ts also prevent your rug from looking worn and flat with time. 

Area Rug Do's

Here are some of the area rugs do's that you can practice and keep in your mind to maintain the pristine condition of your rug. These tips will revolve around regular maintenance and care of your area rug so they do not dampen the décor of your room while continuing to serve you like a plush underfoot.

Area Rug Do's: #1

Woolen rugs are the most popular and expensive rugs in the market. To extend the durability of the rug, you do not want to be too harsh with the rug. This means woolen rug requires more care and precaution compared to synthetic rugs.

Colorful dhurries

Vacuum your woolen rug twice a month at most to maintain the strength of the fibers of the rug. You might notice some shedding from your woolen rug in case it's new. Do not worry about this shedding or fiber as it is perfectly natural and it will decrease with time. Maintain a regular vacuuming routine for your woolen rugs, such as every 1st and 15th of a month to lengthen their sturdiness. 

Area Rug Do's: #2

Synthetic rugs come in various material types, and sizes. Moreover, they are quite cheap too so they feature in almost every space.

Cat on a rug

As synthetic rugs are made of different materials, there are specific maintenance and care requirements for each of them. But there are a few general synthetic area rugs do's that you can follow. For instance, to care for your synthetic rug in the best way possible, limit vacuuming the rug to once or twice a week at most. Twice only if the synthetic rug at your house or office faces a lot of foot traffic. 

Do not pull the threads and fabric of your synthetic rug in case there is a spill of some kind. Treat a liquid spill in the safest way possible by blotting the excess liquid off within seconds after the spillage so the liquid doesn't soak in. 

Area Rug Do's: #3

Have you been taking steps for a greener, sustainable life and decide to introduce coarse, plant material rugs for the floor in your home and office?

Well bravo for taking a positive step for the planet. These natural and textured rugs are not only good for the environment in the long run; they also serve as luxurious plush underfoot while complimenting any décor. The one thing to keep in mind, these plant-material textured rugs need different kinds of care than usual rugs. 

Rugs do's and don'ts

You need to determine beforehand by judging the weave of the rug and taking the advice of the seller on how to manually clean the rug frequently. You can vacuum some coarse plant-material rugs while others may be best cleaned manually by taking the same rug outdoor and gently beating any debris and dirt out. 

You can alternatively practice vacuuming the rug's under-spot to remove any laying debris on the floor. 

Area Rug Do's: #4

Before laying your new and valued rug on the floor of any room, check the surface is flat and smooth. You do not want wrinkles and your rug looking shriveled on the floor. To avoid lumps and bumps on a rug, invest in a rug pad. Rotate the rug from time to time. Too much bright sunlight can result in the rug's design fading from the surface. We don't want that, do we?

Living room with a rug

The best way to set up your rug to maintain its appearance and durability would be to choose a smooth and flat surface of the rug where foot traffic descends. Lay the newly purchased rug pad in place. A rug pad will make your rug look in its best condition and also avoid chances of slipping. Moreover, rug pads have sound-absorbing qualities. 

In case you spill something on your rug, be quick and blot the liquid away within a few seconds before it sweeps down, after which it will be hard to remove by yourself. Once in every month, gently beat your rug out of any dirt and dust and set it on a chair to rest, and regains its fluffiness for an hour or so.

Area Rugs Don'ts

Everything precious requires a fair bit of maintenance to elongate its appearance and durability. The same is absolutely true in the case of area rugs. Unfortunately we humans, intentionally or unintentionally make mistakes. In general, we do not knowingly wish to ruin our favorite valuable area rugs but it does happen. So precaution is better than cure.

There might be some area rug maintenance step that you presume is essential but it is actually not. So here are some of the Area Rugs Don'ts that you should follow and consider while thinking about how to take care of your area rug.

Area Rug Don'ts: #1

Do not place heavy furniture on your area rug. Heavy furniture will not only form dents on the surface of the area rug but also flatten the rug and destroy the rug fibers. 

If you plan on laying an area rug under your dining table or under your king-size bed, you should consider purchasing furniture coasters for the same purpose. This way your rug remains spotless and smooth while serving as the plush underfoot.

Traditional living room with extra large area rug

Do not forget to rate your rug annually or half-yearly. This was you maintain its appearance and prevent wrinkles and fading from descending upon your valuable area rug. 

Remember wherever you are placing the rug, keep it away from too much brightness. Introducing blinds and drapes to any rug-adorned room is a wise idea. Moreover, the blinds and drapes add in a bit of elegance and glamour while also protecting your rug from losing its appearance due to the harsh effects of the sunlight. 

Area Rug Don'ts: #2

Do not vacuum your area rug often, especially if your rug is made of fine and delicate material. Weaving and rug fiber matters a lot when you consider whether or not you should vacuum your area rug. As a rule of thumb, limit vacuuming to twice a month with an equal interval in-between. The first and fifteenth are the best dates to schedule your area rug vacuuming chore. 

Cleaning a rug with vacuum cleaner

You might notice your rug fibers shedding initially, but be rest assured it is completely natural. The fiber shedding of a new rug will lessen after a few months so give it time. Also, invest in a quality vacuum for the best cleaning of your area rug, so that you do not have to take it to the cleaners sooner that than you expected.

All quality vacuum cleaners are not expensive, you just have to look for the right one within your budget. Vacuum your rugs once a week, twice if you have more than three or four people living in your room and your rug faces a lot of foot traffic.

Area Rug Don'ts: #3

Practice precaution and cleanliness by preventing as much less dirt and debris from getting on your precious area rug. At first, shoes should be kept in check. Most preferably, go either shoeless or wear home-slippers when walking on the area rug. 

The wisest decision to make in attempts to care well for your precious area rug is to bring in walk-off mats. Your shoes bring in all kinds of unfathomable dirt, soil, and debris from outside. Trust us when we say this, outside soil and debris are much harder to remove and ruins the appearance of the rug the second it makes its mark from the shoe print onto your area rug. 

An area rug

Place a preferably synthetic entrance mat on the doorway, so that just when you enter the house, you can stomp and rub your shoes off any soil or debris. Next, take off your shoes and keep them in the shoe rack, head on over to your bathroom to wash your feet, and wear your at-home slippers to walk on the area rug. Remember to give entrance mat dusting and cleaning treatments regularly. 

pet over a rug

Also, if you have any children or pets at your house and you do not want your area rug to be ruined, make sure their hands and legs are clean before they get on the area rug. Any natural greasiness too could ruin your area rug. 

Be cautious of any accidental spills and do not keep hot or liquid stuff right on top of the area rug. In case of accidental small spills, blot the liquid away with a dry cloth. Remember not to be aggressive in attempts to remove a stain from a spill, as it could ruin an area rug further by pulling its fibers and cutting its threads. 

If the stain is big, do not waste time and call the area rug/carpet cleaners at the earliest.

Also, make sure you do not place your area rug in humid or wet spots in your home like the kitchen or the bathroom. Your precious area rug could easily get ruined if you lay it on places like these. The best and safest areas to lay an area rug are the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, and the study.

Area Rug Don'ts: #4

Do not attempt a Do-It-Yourself area rug cleaning. Let the professionals handle it. Area rugs are expensive and with time require professional cleaning treatments will is expected and natural. Do not strive to save up and give your area rug cleaning at home because you will end up ruining it. Area rug fibers and threads are delicate. A professional rug cleaning treatment should be booked every six months to maintain your area rug's flawless appearance and plush feel. 

Vacuum cleaner on a carpet

Regular professional area rug cleaning not only ensures that your area rug remains to look fresh and new but also elongates its durability. The minimum time interval advised in between professional area rug cleaning appointments is 10-12 months. Of course, if your area rug faces less foot-traffic and remains to look good, you can follow your intuition and book an appointment within 18 months too. 

If you are looking to get rid of the odor of urine, cigarette, and mold out of your area rug, regular vacuuming and care can not achieve. You have to book an appointment at the professional area rug cleaning centers to get rid of the smell and make your area rug feel relatively new again.


Follow these eight simple area rugs do's and don'ts to maintain the appearance and durability of your beloved rug.  Be sure to train your pets so that any accidents do not end up taking place on top of the area rug. To remove animal hair off the area rug surface, use a stiff brush's help.

Overall, many factors come into play when you decide on taking proper care of your area rug. You should always keep in mind the material and strength of your area rug when you are appointing a professional cleaning treatment. If your area rug has begun to wear off and looks damper than usual after cleaning treatment, it might finally be the time to bid adieu to the old area rug and bring in a replacement within your budget.

You are welcome to choose from a variety of area rugs available on sale for purchase currently at The Rugs Cafe. Keep your area rug in tip-top condition and your room’s décor will brighten up million times over. 

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