Rugs are pieces that have been used throughout millenniums. Its craftsmanship has spanned many civilizations and cultures.  There are conflicting viewpoints regarding were the first rugs originated. Generally, we can conclude that its origin lies with the artistic nature of humans combined with necessity. Various materials were used to make rugs ranging from plants, animal skins, and wool. Certain plants such as flax and reeds provided materials that were woven into rugs and mats. The Lydians focused on dying and therefore rugs were dyed into amazing beautiful colors like purple.

Rugs played crucial roles in communities such as the nomadic Arab tribes. They spent their lives moving from place to place and were tent-dwellers. They highly depended on rugs to sit, relax and rest. We can conclude that they had their version of cool rugs forliving rooms! Has the functionality of rugs changed over time? Not necessarily. Rugs are still vital pieces for home décor as shown below:

Add comfort to spaces

Rugs have a unique way of spicing your space to make it ideal for relaxing. This makes it possible for kids and pets too. You can enjoy playtime with kids on rugs without feeling exhausted compared to sitting directly on a hard floor. Most cool rugs for the living room are cozy and soft; suitable for sitting and standing too. That is why we love to place rugs in areas we frequent.

Providing warmth

Many agree that rugs contribute to the warmth of a space. A cold tiled floor can be extremely uncomfortable to step on especially during winter seasons. Rooms without rugs have proven to be colder than ones with rugs. Therefore we will always have rugs for their insulating value.

Rugs define our spaces

Do you have dominant colors in yourspace? Rugs can be used to distinguish and carry themed colors. Our spaces can have a clear description through the appearance of our rugs. That’s why contemporary abstract rugs define aspects providing accent points in our rooms. When these rugs are incorporated with furniture pieces, a fascinating color and texture dimension is created.

Reveals our personality

Uniqueness leads to differences in personality. That’swhy similar rooms will be decorated differently with each individual. Arrangements and tastes are done according to personal style and taste. Take for instance our outfits, we choose different outfits to fit our sense of fashion. The same applies to rugs and other home décor pieces. We will always go for pieces that accentuate us. Contemporary abstract rugs will reveal ideas of modernization and artistic touch in our spaces if we fancy such. Incorporating our style increases the mood we will always desire to associate with. This is what we aim for as therugscafe through creating customized looks for each rug and continuing the flow of uniqueness.

Safety measurements

Our floors can expose us to injuries especially smooth-surfaced ones like tiles. If we have such floors, we would want to place rugs in high-traffic areas such as entryways and living rooms. Padded carpets offer additional preventive measures to avoid any mishaps.


Our lives don’t fall short of imperfections. We wear certain outfits to downplay our negative features. The same applies to our spaces. Imperfections on wood, tiles, or stain can make us incorporate the rugs in our spaces. You would want to show off your space as perfect and a cool rug for the living room can help you achieve that.

Are those some of the reasons that you have the rug? As therugscafe, we are aware that for whatever reason you will always desire a rug. We have categorized our rugs to have the choicest designed rugs suitable for your specific rooms.

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