Your house is the canvas upon which you can unleash your artistic creativity, even if you are not an artist yourself. Most people have dreamt about that ideal home. They have thought about how they will decorate it, what aesthetic they will use, what type of furniture they will get for each room, etc. They wait for the time when they can execute all their plans. When their dreams become a reality, the satisfaction they get from that is incomparable.

The right rug plays a small yet vital part in helping people achieve their dream of an ideal house. A rug is a finishing touch in any interior design as it completes the look of whichever room it is placed in. With numerous styles of rugs in the market, it can very well be said that there is a rug for everyone out there, no matter which style they prefer.

So, you will definitely be able to find the right rug for you once you know which style you prefer and which one will match the interior of your house. Here are five of the trendiest designs of rugs on the market that you can choose from to adorn your home.

1. Vintage Rugs

Even though the world is moving on, the past still lingers in people’s hearts and so does art that belonged to those years. There are many people in the world who love everything vintage, and a rug is one of the most loved vintage items. For a rug to be considered vintage, it should be at least three to four decades old. If it is over 100 years old, it will be called an antique. So, that means a vintage rug is old but not a century old.

vintage rugs

A vintage rug can belong to any country, but the most popular ones are usually from India, Iran, and Turkey, among others. Lots of people prefer not only the traditional art styles of certain countries but also the feeling of having something cherished by other people who came before them. Some of the best vintage rugs are hand-knotted ones as they last longer than hand-tufted rugs, with little to no wear and tear.

Most vintage rugs are made of natural materials like wool, silk, and cotton, which makes them all the more desirable since they feel good on the skin and are easy to clean. They are also generally so beautiful that they can easily become wall hangings and be admired for the art. Vintage rugs are a symbol of luxury. You can buy handmade luxury vintage rugs if you want something timeless and beautiful to adorn your floors for years to come.

2. Modern Rugs

With new interior design trends coming in every now and then, people have been trying to keep up with whatever the “modern” idea of an interior is at present. To achieve a modern look, the entire decor has to reflect the modern style, and since rugs are an essential part of interior decor, they can’t possibly be neglected. So, modern rugs for modern homes have become popular in the market and will probably stay like that as the idea of modern style changes with time.

modern rugs

Modern rugs usually have bright colors and geometrical or abstract patterns that immediately distinguish them from any other kind of rug. They fit in with the interior of your modern home without a problem. There is a misconception that most modern rugs are machine-made. Any style of rug can be machine-made or handmade. It depends on the quality of the rug you wish to buy. Good quality modern rugs are made of natural fabrics and are capable of elevating the look of the room instantly.

3. Dhurrie Rugs

Dhurrie rugs are one-of-a-kind flat-weave rugs that originated in the sub-continent. They are made of natural fabrics and are a product of the hard work of skilled artisans. These people have been working to preserve this historical art and traditional style of rug-making for a long time. Their effort has kept Dhurrie rugs popular throughout history, even though many people don’t know much about this style of rug. The popularity of dhurries keeps them on the list of trendy styles.

dhurrie rugs

Dhurries are ideal for any time of weather, but especially warmer weather. Since they are thinner and more lightweight than other rugs, they have been used for various other purposes than just being placed on the floor. Since they are also reversible, that is another point in their favor. Cotton dhurries are especially exquisite. Dhurries are very easy to clean too, which makes them quite low maintenance.

4. Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are quite different from other rugs. The latter can be easily placed anywhere in the room according to need, but runner rugs are made for special areas and would not look good if placed anywhere else. Because they are long and narrow, they are perfect for hallways, the foot of the bed, staircase, and any other place where a long and narrow rug would look better than a short and wide one. They are usually rectangular in shape. Runner rugs can be both ornately patterned and completely empty, yet they will still look good and luxurious if placed in the right spot.

runner rugs

Beautifully patterned runner rugs look great in hallways and certainly improve the look of the entrance of the house if placed in a hallway that leads to the front door. Simple rugs are more suited to staircases. Runners are made to be very durable, so they can be placed in high-traffic areas without worrying if they will get damaged easily. The most durable ones are handmade. Because runner rugs look the way they do, they make people expect something good at the end of the stretch, especially if the rugs are placed in a hallway or before the front door. You can buy handmade rugs and instantly fill your hallways with beauty.

5. Master Rugs

One can say, master rugs are the epitome of art in rug making. The ornate patterns are woven with breathtaking detail, clearly showing the skill of the artisan who made the rug, along with the beauty of the art style. The best master rugs are handmade because machine-made rugs can never truly replicate the complicated patterns that make a rug a master one. If you want a great master rug, you should look for handmade master rugs online. These rugs are bound to catch a person’s eye immediately because of their sheer beauty.

master rugs

The colors, the designs, and the quality, all of these things make master rugs something worth owning. They are not just floor coverings, they are a piece of art as well as a great luxury. The name itself suggests that they are the masters of it all. These rugs are so remarkable that once they are placed in a room, every other decoration fades into the background while a spotlight shines where those rugs are. Just one rug is enough to alleviate the look of a room. The durability, quality, and ease of maintenance are bonus points.


These were five styles of rug that are trending on the market. Each style has its merits and will undoubtedly look amazing if matched with the right interior. So, after reading this article, you should contemplate which style would suit well for you and the interior of your home. Would you love one of these styles while leaving the rest? Once you know which style it will be, you will find your home completely transformed with the addition of those rugs. If you want to start the transformation as soon as possible, buy carpet online and begin.

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