Rugs are a beautiful piece of interior decor that people wish to have in their homes. They are popularly considered for interior decoration, not just because of their beauty but for several other reasons as well. Aside from enhancing the look of the space, they keep the floor warm and soft, and they also muffle noise. They are also considered great air filters as they trap allergens and keep them from staying in the air where you can breathe them in.

They can anchor the furniture and bring balance to a room, making it appear cozy or intimate. They can also become artwork for your floor while protecting it from wear and tear. There are numerous functions that a single rug can perform, and that is why people highly covet this item of interior decor so much. But there are certain things you must consider before buying a rug or carpet, as blindly going to the seller for one might not get you the most deserving one.

The following are five of the things that you, as a buyer, should know about rugs before you make an investment in them:

1. The Size of the Room

You should first decide on the room where you wish to place the rug. Once you have made that decision, you will need to get the measurements of that. It is an important step in choosing which rug to buy as the size of your rug will depend on the size of your room. If you have a small room, a big rug that covers the entire floor space might look stifling to the eye and make the room feel suffocating.


size of the room

On the other hand, a big rug in a room big enough to accommodate it while keeping an appropriate amount of floor space will make the room look cozy and comfortable instead of stuffy. A small rug in a big room will make the room look too empty while it would fill out a small room just the right way. So, you should know the dimensions of the room where you wish to place the rug before you buy it.

2. Your Preferred Style

preferred style

You should always keep your preferred style of rug in mind before deciding to buy any for your house. There are several styles of rugs that differ according to some of the things mentioned below:

  • Art Style

Traditional or modern isn’t the only way to separate one art style from the other. If you wish to buy rugs that are specific to a country, like Persian rugs or Hand knotted rugs from India, you will find that their style is unique and only found in their own country.

art style

Such art style is inspired by that particular country’s history and culture, and cannot be replicated by any other. So you should know all about different art styles and find the one that matches your taste.

  • Method of Creation

The method of the creation of rugs includes machine-made and handmade. The former is a product of power looms. Hand-made rugs are made by skilled artisans with painstaking detail, and their personal touch and hard work linger in each knot of the carpet. So, with hand-knotted rugs, you will feel as if the rug was created just for you, to adorn your house with its beauty. You will find that machine-made carpets are not as sturdy or durable as they seem, while hand-made ones are capable of becoming heirlooms to be passed down through generations. Hand knotting, hand hooking, hand tufting, hand weaving, etc. are just a few of the ways that the artisans employ to create such rugs.

method of creation

  • Shape

A rug is commonly found to be rectangular in shape, but many rugs are square, round, and many other shapes as well and look equally stunning. The shape can determine where it should be positioned, how it should be positioned, and what effect it will have on the look of the surrounding space. If you are wondering how a shape can decide all of those things, keep reading and you will find out.


Rectangular rugs are ideal for your living room and bedroom, where they can cover more floor space and look great aligned with your couches or bed. Square rugs are excellent for creating a balanced look when it comes to a square room or decor. Round rugs give an extraordinary creative look to the space, especially if they are placed beneath round tables. They can also be used to create a separate, cosy sitting area by placing them under a comfortable chair and a small side table.

3. Purpose of the Rug

Rugs can perform a variety of other functions, so you should know the purpose of buying a rug. Do you just want to display it on the floor, or do you want to hang it on the wall as a piece of artwork? If the latter, then you should look for rugs that look more like tapestries, with stories woven into them through art. Do you just want to protect your flooring? If yes, then go for a sturdy but inexpensive rug.

purpose of the rug

If you want something that you can pass down as an heirloom, you can get a Hand Knotted carpet online, which would serve this purpose best. If you wish to buy something that will keep your feet warm and cozy should get a thick wool rug to envelop them with warmth.

4. Fabric of Choice

You should know what material would be suitable for you. Always look at the material of the rug before buying it and see how it feels against your skin. People prefer certain fabrics and only like them to touch their skin, especially if they are soft. No one likes something uncomfortable and harsh under their feet.

Fabric of Choice

Another thing to consider when it comes to the material of the rug is the quality of that material. There are certain fabrics that scream good quality and then there are others that might not look like much but still feel rich beneath your feet. You need to know which of those fabrics would be best for you. You can look at some Indian rugs online to find something of good quality.

5. Maintenance of the Rug

Rugs are an excellent item of interior decor and perform several other functions beautifully, as mentioned above, but many of them can be quite intimidating at times when it comes to cleaning them. Go for superfine silk or wool rugs as they can be the best ones with minimum maintenance. Silk is a protein-based fiber and works excellent in absorbing moisture. Similarly, wool is a robust material that lasts for decades if not centuries. Both of these rugs can also be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and a brush.

maintenance of the rug


As exciting as it is to get a rug that can completely transform your interior, it is better to know the above-mentioned things before setting off to buy one. These were some of the basic things you should keep in mind, aside from your budget. Once you have figured everything out, you can choose a rug without any worries.

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