We all desire our dream come true rugs and other home décor pieces. Nonetheless, we are aware that getting a one fits might prove difficult. Having decorative rugs that suit all seasons and personal vibes is a plus. This will give our spaces a positive spin.  Efforts are required to maintain excellent choices all the.

To some people, the choice of rugs is a simple task. However, we aren’t the same. Trying to imitate others’ way of doing things can be a pitfall trap that will rob us of our joy and confidence. Below are some mistakes that we should avoid if we are to end up with a cool master bedroom carpet.

#1: Ignoring the measurements

Most of the people have found themselves carpet hunting without measurements. Yes, they have gone online and purchased a good-looking carpet and assume that it will fit their room perfectly. To their dismay, they have found it either too small or big for their rooms. The next thing is hustling for replacements; texting and calling countlessly the store. Can you imagine that chaotic scenario? Have you ever been in one? That’s what happens when measurements are assumed. Remember you can’t tell the size of space by simply looking at it. More so even if stores have their standard measurements, this may vary with yours. Picking a rug is like selecting an outfit. Missing the measurements will result in a floating or oversized rug that will fail to give you the elegant look.

At times people can select a small size rug to avoid that extra coin. Nonetheless consider the bigger picture. Do you want a purposeful item or a non-purposeful one?

#2: Wrong material

Carpets and rugs are made from different materials. We have ones from natural materials such as; cotton, wool, jute, sisal, or silk. Others are polyester and nylon which are synthetic materials. All of these make great carpets and rugs. Nevertheless, this depends on the type of room or space you want to place your rug. Choosing carpet from delicate materials and placing it in high traffic areas is a flop. It will be no time till you have to replace it. This is a common mistake that most people do. Not any rug will do for any space.  Material for an entryway carpet will differ from that of a master bedroom carpet.

#3: Wrong mixing and matching

We may find it difficult to mix and match rugs with other home décor pieces. This is also a common mistake that is usually done. Rugs and carpets should flow with the theme of the space. This will create a perfect dimension. When this fails to happen; a confused appearance will be the result. Others make yet another mistake of overemphasizing the matchy-matchy look. However, this doesn’t apply in all areas and pieces.  Carefully study your space and furniture and identify the accent points. You will then be able to make great selections of rugs in your space.

#4: Low quality

This mistake occurs when you shop for any will do rugs or purchase in haste. If you are looking for vintage, you should know that vintage rugs for sale differ in quality. This mainly depends on the brand and type of material used. Therefore shop wisely by carefully checking the product description. You also need to verify brand certification. As therugscafe, we focus on quality rather than quantity. It is a perfect proof of authenticity and responsibility.

#5: Allowing necessity to rule choices

Some people will buy rugs to fit necessity not style. Even though necessity will give you a purposeful rug, the choice will get you a piece you will love and admire. Therefore when choosing a master bedroom carpet go for design, color, and texture that both you and your spouse admire. It will be a great piece that would give you pride and contentment.

These common mistakes can be avoided by careful planning and making excellent selections. Don’t allow yourself to fall into them.

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