Rugs are necessary. They are vital in providing warmth, defining our spaces and personality. They also keep us secure from slipping and falling. Modern colorful rugs are thematic and form accent pieces for our living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways. We may desire to use rugs in most of our spaces therefore we aren’t surprised when they get dirty. Rugs in high traffic areas are particularly victims of dirt. We can’t avoid dirt in such rugs no matter what strategy we use. This dirt may originate from:

  • Dust
  • Grease and oils
  • Various spillage

It is important to note that dirt can form the ground for bacteria, germs, and viruses. Hence cleaning your rugs regularly is mandatory. There are different ways of cleaning such as:

  • Vacuuming; which can be done daily
  • Use of heat; in this case steaming
  • Use of water and cleaning detergents

The majority will take their rugs to professional cleaners while others will prefer the DIY project. In whatever decision you have to take while cleaning your rug, the following considerations need to be adhered to:

Pay attention to the material

There are different materials used in making rugs ranging from natural to synthetic ones. The natural materials include silk, jute, sisal, cotton, and wool. Synthetic ones are polyester and nylon. Every material has its special property. Cotton tends to be delicate therefore cleaning cotton dhurrie rugs needs gentleness and great care. This will prevent disintegrating the material or weakening it.

Some materials such as sisal may be cleaned by a simple shaking off dust or vacuuming. Some may not need water or heat.  It is therefore important to understand the material used in your rugs for easy cleaning. Research is important to avoid damages.  Most brands will label each of their rugs with cleaning instructions. When purchasing one online it is easier to get a product description of the selected rugs. We have incorporated each of the rugs we have for easy understanding. When you are aware of the material used you will not incur any challenge while cleaning it.

Color of the rug

Modern colorful rugs come in an array of colors. Some are bright whilst others are dark. Note that the bright colored ones may get dirty quickly. Shades of white are easily identifiable when dirty. The same with some bold colors. You may need to clean these types of rugs regularly to avoid vile stains that may damage their appearance. Nonetheless, it is necessary to clean these rugs using methods that will not damage the color. For instance, there are cleaning detergents that may trigger fading or bleaching. These may create patches that will make your rug lose its original appeal.

Use the right cleaning materials and method

As earlier mentioned you can use vacuum, heat, or water. Vile stains may be too strong for vacuum. This may prompt you to go for stain removers. Hence make the right choices. Read instructions on detergents to have the right proportions while cleaning. Put in mind that over scrubbing your rug, especially if it is a cotton dhurrie rug may weaken the fiber. Use soft-bristled brushes and scrub gently. At times you may only need a piece of cloth or sponge to clean.

If solutions are required, stay clear of harsh ones that may affect the color and texture of your rug. Whenever you find it hard to DIY go for professional services.

You might have spent a fortune to have your modern colorful rugs. Don’t ruin them in the name of cleaning. Keep these factors in mind to take care of your rug the proper way. The wonderful glam of your space will be maintained with clean-looking rugs.

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