Like most of us, if you find thinking your deepest thoughts and worries in the bathroom, then that is your sanctuary. Investing in the renovation of your bathroom is one of the wisest choices you will ever make, but most of us are on a budget.

Bathroom renovation ideas

Social media is rife with people posting pictures of their recent bathroom renovations and results. But one of the blunders that restrict our visions of a dream bathroom, turning into a reality is budget and space. After all, we can not jump from one bathroom to the other like Kylie Jenner.

Bathroom renovation calls for affordable, with-in budget ideas that you can create yourself and convert it into a safe space. So, we bring you 23 practical and economical bathroom renovation ideas that you can draw inspiration from and build a personal retreat within your bathroom.

#1 Paint Your Bathroom Ceiling Any Color But Refrain From White

Bathroom renovation ideas

You might have seen celebrity bathrooms or catalog showers ceilings painted white, but trust us when we say this; Your white ceiling will become dim and dull faster than any other color. Moreover, if your bathroom walls are build of drywalls, white ceilings will create a grotesque appearance of those cracks you desperately do not want to witness while you relax in your bathtub after a long day.

A few of the most modern popular trends for bathroom ceiling renovation are sombre multi-colored improvements or grey-black-brown picks for furnishing the ceiling. The latter, grey-black-brown painted ceilings will give the appearance of gothic expression.

Be sure to correct the cracks on the ceiling and apply a primer coating (double if necessary) before painting the bathroom ceiling with your choice of color.

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#2 Unleash Your Creativity On The Bathroom Floor

Bathroom renovation ideas

Perhaps the easiest and doable renovations you can add to your bathroom is by jazzing up the bathroom floor. Go for a Victorian, Arabic, or Gothic painting. You can either sketch the layout of the designs yourself on the bathroom floor or buy a pattern of any design of your choice from the widely available options in the market.

If you are unsure about procreating a sketch design for your bathroom floor, then go for grid/square/circle patterns. Geometric patterns are much simpler to execute on the bathroom floor, and the results look fabulous.

#3 Paint Your Bathroom Walls And Tiles With Unique Hues

Bathroom renovation ideas

You start and end your day refreshing yourself in the bathroom. Your bathroom sanctuary must also have a positive vibe to free you from all the stress and negative energy. Painting your bathroom walls and/or tile with a pleasant, unique color will give you positive enthusiasm, and a delightful touch from the moment you enter your bathroom.

A few of the common choices you can opt for while choosing your wall or tile paint-color are lavender, peach, soft yellow, sky blue, light coffee, sombre pink, and a rosy shade. Rich colors like scarlet, purple, and navy blue do not go well on the bathroom walls so, refrain from using them.

#4 Add-In Mirrors On The Walls Of Multiple Shapes

Mirror(s) in a bathroom

Introducing mirrors on the walls not only lets you observe your appearance every time you come across them, but also gives your bathroom sanctuary an illusion of being larger than it is in reality. Mirrors will also reflect more light within the bathroom, giving it a brightened and fresh appearance.

When buying a new bathroom mirror for renovation purposes, first choose one that will function as a basin mirror. Next opts for a full length, and circular mirror if the same is possible with your budget and space parameters. It is best advisable to go for as large as your bathroom space can equip when shopping for a mirror.

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#5 Jazz Up The Spaces Where You Store Your Bathroom Essentials

Jazzed up space of a bathroom

Bathroom essentials like your shampoo, soaps, shower gels, and more need particular storage for themselves to stay hygienic, dry, and away from the sun and bacteria. There are two choices you can choose from while deciding which option favors your style:

Open Shelves On Your Bathroom Walls

Open shelves on bathroom walls

Shelves on your bathroom walls is a modern and practical concept you can fit in your bathroom. For instance, your shampoo, soaps, and other essentials are always in handy when you need them; sitting on your bathroom shelves.

If you decide to install shelves in your bathroom, make sure they complement the décor. You don't want to be stuck with cheap plastic shelves on your shiny new bathroom walls. To prevent your shelves and walls combo from looking ghastly, consult a few designs online to obverse what compliments your bathroom design and color. 

One of the most realistic tricks while looking to place a shelf in your bathroom is to opt for a temporary shelf. A temporary shelf, fit in with a couple of screws, will let you get used to the idea of having a shelf in the bathroom and let you decide whether you want a permanent one or not. place lightweight bathroom products on the makeshift shelf so that it does not break. 

When you have finally decided on a permanent shelf for your bathroom, accordingly decide on what material your shelf should be. There are several different types of shelves available in the market; made up of different designs and materials such as wood, plastic, steel, glass, and iron.

There are no strict rules when shopping for shelves, a shelf's combination with the décor of the room may seem pleasing to someone else's eyes, but you may end up not preferring the same. For this reason, when shopping for shelves, pick according to your likings from the available.

Cabinets/Cupboards In Your Bathroom

Cabinets/Cupboards in bathroom

Bathroom shelves as a storage solution while renovating may not be everyone's fancied choice, and we agree. Shelves are sometimes a nuisance, take up too much space, and are not child-proof. 

Bathroom cabinets come to your rescue in situations like these. They can be fit on your walls, or placed on the ground. Cabinets/Cupboards are the best options if you want to protect your bathroom essentials from dirt and other troubles. You can also store in-house plants, and additionally, the top of the cabinet also works as a shelf when you require a quick-access to stuff. 

Now, the choice comes between wall-mounted cabinets or floor-cabinets. Wall-mounted cupboards do take a lot of space, and they are much more applicable in a considerably large bathroom. If you have a large bathroom in your abode, wall-mounted cabinets might be the right choice. Plus you can opt for a vintage or modern stunning wall-mounted cabinet and uplift the whole renovation and décor of your bathroom. You can also fit in a mirror to your wall-mounted cupboard. 

Floor cabinets/cupboards are functional. The choice of bending down to reach for everything inside the cabinet might not be fanciable for some. At times like this, take the aid of a stool and place the floor cabinet there. Even if you have a small bathroom, you can place the cabinet right outside of the door. The floor cabinet may also offer some flexibility in budget and other criteria. 

#6 Bathroom Renovation Calls For Towel Renovation Too

New Towels Bathroom renovation ideas

You do not want your brand new renovated bathroom to be equipped with torn and tattered towels. Updating your towels is necessary and affordable. You must also remember to change your regular towels after every six months. Do not store in washed-out rags that no longer resemble a towel inside your bathroom, not only are they extremely unhygienic, they also ruin the whole outlook of the bathroom.

Fresh and new towels will change the whole look of the bathroom, only you know how to show them off properly. Your best option to store your towels inside your bathroom is to keep hanging on steel towel holders, on your bathroom shelf or cabinet or you can bring in your small wooden ladder inside your bathroom and hang your towels there. 

The main objective to keep in mind while storing towels inside your bathroom is that the central aim of the towels is to boost the energy and look of the bathroom. When you or your guests venture inside the bathroom, the fresh hanging towels must catch their attention.

#7 Update The Status Of Your Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories

Soaps, shampoos, and towels are essentials for your basic hygiene but most likely, they are not the only bathroom accessories you use. Your bathroom is your sanctuary and you should devote some additional time and think about how you can make your bathroom situation more practical and interesting to relax in. 

A few of the things you can additionally store inside your bathroom cupboards and on shelves are Bath sponges, soap case, dispensers, scented candles, bath salts, essential oils, and other exciting things. Your bath time shouldn't only have to serve its basic purpose of cleaning, it should also be relaxing and fun for yourself. Allow additional bath essential to lift up your mood and calm your body. 

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#8 Bathroom Wall Stickers To Add Some Life

Wall stickers in bathroom renovation ideas

Staring at the blank and bleak wall every time your shower or bath might be tiring for your eyes sometimes. Moreover, light bathroom tiles tend to get darker and dirtier with time eventually. We surely do not want to stare at the upsetting discoloration of the tiles too. 

Bathroom Stickers are extremely easy to add-in anywhere you want on the walls. You may choose to do only one wall and see how it appears to you. The major advantage of these bathroom stickers is that they can be efficiently removed from the wall, and your bathroom wall is back as it was before.

Did we mention that these bathroom stickers are also super affordable and widely available? You require no skill or minimum renovation skills and experience to add bathroom stickers on the walls. Just rip the glue paper off and stick the patterned beautiful paper onto the wall itself and voila, you have got yourself a quick renovated brand new seeming wall without creating a hole in your pocket. 

#9 Give Your Bathroom Tiles A Clean-Up

Cleaing tiles with a brush in hand

As mentioned before, your bathroom tiles will eventually become dirty and discolor with time. Of course, there are certain steps you can practice to delay this discoloration on your tiles but the due stains on the walls can not be avoided without a thorough cleaning that you have to do on a regular basis. 

Discolored and stain tiles on your bathroom walls ruin the whole appearance. What you can do to freshen up your tiles and make your bathroom shine like new again is by picking up the cleaning tools. With the help of a humble old toothbrush, a good cleaner (preferably cream cleaner), and some rubber gloves for protection, you can renovate your bathroom efficiently.

After rubbing the cleaner on the walls with the aid of a toothbrush, leave the paste to sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing the same off the walls with clean water. You will notice a considerably cleaner looking wall right after, and if there is just too much space to clean on the bathroom walls, bring in some help from your partner or your friends. 

In the unavailability of any cleaner for the washing of stained bathroom walls, you can make your own bathroom cleaner mix with ingredients available in your home. Blend Baking soda and vinegar and create a paste. Apply the same paste on your walls with the toothbrush and let it sit for 30 minutes or so to work its magic. Wash off the paste from the walls afterward, and you will notice brightened walls as a result.

If you fail to notice any considerable or satisfactory clean up of the bathroom walls, redo the cleaning up process with the help of cream paste or use a grout pen to reduce the dull appearance of the said walls. 

#10 Bring In House Plants Inside Your Bathroom

In home plants in bathroom

House plants not only improve your mood, and increase your abode's oxygen levels, but they also brighten up any room you store them in. House plants do not take much space inside your bathroom. Alternatively, you can choose to hang these house plants from your ceilings.

These hanging pots of plants will create a marvelous look inside your bathroom, and they take up any floor space. Moreover, these hanging plant pots will bring new life to the bathroom and result in a thriving indoor garden. You can also keep these house plants on your bathroom shelf, and the result will more or less be the same. 

#11 Bring In Some Change To Your Shower Curtain Situation

Curtains along a bathtub

You can not renovate your bathroom to the fullest extent without changing your yellowed and worn-out shower curtains. Shower curtains come in all price ranges in the market. If you want a durable and affordable shower curtain then go for a plastic one.

For shower curtains to match your bathroom décor, you can get a new gorgeous shiny one, granted you may have to spend a few more bucks on it. Cotton, polyester, and linen are some of the go-to shower curtain material you can shop for if you want to renovate your bathroom and add some more color to it. 

#12 A Few Pictures To Create a Story On the Bathroom Walls

Pictures on a bathroom wall: Bathroom renovation ideas

Staring at a blank wall is boring and becomes monotonous soon enough. Well, no one likes their place of sanctuary to become monotonous. So what you can do is hang up some pictures on the walls. They can be family pictures or art pieces to bring in a bold and vibrant touch to your bathroom.

Sitting in your bathtub, you can reminisce about all the beautiful memories, stare at the pictures on your wall and calm your soul. Your personal choices and images on the bathroom walls will showcase a personal touch and style. Moreover, having a gallery wall does not break your bank account either. 

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#13 Create The Illusion Of A Bahamas Vacation Bathroom

Illusion of Bahamas Vacation Bathroom

If you have not been on a vacation for quite some time, you can bring a vacation to your own home. More specifically, one of the most marvelous things about a holiday resort is the bathroom most of the time. I mean, who does not like spending time in a white-and-free, bright-and-airy bathroom in the tropicals?

Well, you can bring the same illusion of a tropical holiday resort bathroom to your own place. All you have to add-in at are a touch of greenery from a few house plants, paint your bathroom walls white and open all the windows to allow the sunlight to brighten up the room. You can fix-in a bamboo roman shade too if you want to complete the whole bathroom renovation look resembling a refreshing tropical vibe. 

#14 Fixes For A Small Bathroom Renovation

Fixes For A Small Bathroom Renovation

If your bathroom is comparably tiny and practical, serving the basic purposes of keeping you clean and hygienic, you can practice minimalism and save space with pieces of furniture like a pedestal sink, alcove walk-in-shower, and the like in your personal bathroom and that can be your sanctuary.

A bathroom does not necessarily have to be large and fancy in order to bring you joy and make your bath time relaxing and fun. A small bathroom with an energetic vibe and functional additions ticks the boxes of functioning as a sanctuary too. 

#15 Bathroom Wallpapers - A Feasible Idea For Renovation

Wallpaper in a bathroom

Not everyone can afford to spend their energy and time on painting their bathroom and we understand that. Painting is a difficult job and requires time, money, and help sometimes. In situations where painting the walls is not the preferred option for a bathroom renovation, wallpapers come is as a rescue.

Bathroom wallpapers are simply amazing. They are incredibly easy to paste on the wall, in case you are using a self-adhesive removable wallpaper for the same purpose. On the other hand, if you are using an old-fashioned, glue-paint wall first and then stick wallpaper, you are going to spend more time and effort on this.

On the bright side, this latter kind of wallpaper look superb on the bathroom walls and bring in a classic charm to the room.

#16 Change Your Bathroom Window Blinds

Bathroom window lights

Your bathroom window blinds serve a lot of purposes. For instance, these blinds prevent unwanted sunlight from entering the bathroom and give you the privacy you need. Moreover, the bathroom blinds also affect the whole décor of the bathroom. You do not want to have rags for blinds hanging covering your windows.

To create a more stunning look to your bathroom, renovate the same by bringing in viable and beautiful window treatment in form of blinds. Roller, film, and Roman blinds are some of the window blinds you can choose to renovate your bathroom. Remember not to create too much striking contrast between your window blinds and bathroom decors, instead opt for a softer look and let the window treatment blend in with your beautiful walls. 

#17 Give Your Bath Panel A New Look

Renovation of bathroom panel

While stepping into your bath for a relaxing and calming time might just be the only highlight of your day, you want to make sure nothing kills your mood when you are entering the lavatory to run a bath first. Supposedly, there are too many chances of stains and discoloration on the bath panel dampening your mood right when you are going to put your toe in the bath.

To avoid witnessing such mood-dampening in the future, renew your bath panel by painting it. A plain white bath panel might only take a few months to look its charm, but the same will not be the case if you choose to go in for a color bath panel. You can color your bath panel with good-quality, vibrant paint to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the bath panel for a long time and thereby bringing in a renovation to your bathroom. 

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#18 Enhance The Bathroom Brightness

Enhanced brightness: Ideas for bathroom renovation

Lighting has a huge impact on a room, as it can literally break or innovate your place for the better. The same goes for your bathroom lighting, too much harsh overhead lighting might ruin the whole décor and energy of the place. You might have become habitual with the same, but bringing in some improvement in the lighting and preferably going for a delicate and warm vibe will make your bathroom appear bright and modern.

Overall, there are several choices for affordable lightings to choose for in the market, just remember the outlook you are going for your bathroom and purchase accordingly. 

#19 A Chic And Modern Marvelous Expression In Bathroom Renovation

A Chic And Modern Marvelous Expression In Bathroom Renovation

Modern spy thrillers often showcase the protagonist's dwelling to let us gain a perspective of his hard, cold, and exciting character. Imagine 007 and his bathroom, one of the most striking features are its trendy and chic look with transparent, mono-colored themes with striking fittings and pieces.

If you desire to replicate the décor for your bathroom, well that calls for a simple renovation. While most of us do not have the studio budget to replicate the same appearance to the bathroom, we can create a resemblance by adding transparent and mono neutral colored bathroom furniture, fittings, and pieces.

A mood of contemporary minimalism, bring in transparent chairs, candle holders, mirrors with black and grey settings, and more. Remember to blend the décor in and make a stunning expression of your desire for this bathroom renovation.

#20 Vintage Meets Simplicity Charm In Your Bathroom Renovation

Vintage touch: Ideas for bathroom renovation

Rather than throwing supposable vintage old stuff away, you can fit in your bathroom décor. The old candle stand or jewelry box will pair up nicely in your renovated bathroom settings.

Begin a search for places where you can place your household ancient artifacts and create a personal and classic expression inside your bathroom. Your grandmother's old saucer can function as a soap dish.

Similarly, look out for things you can show off on your washstands, cabinets, and shelves inside your bathroom. 

#21 Multiple Tile-Style Bathroom Renovation

Multiple tile style on bathroom walls

Do not be afraid to mix-and-match sometimes and what better place can you take a risk while renovating and bring in self-satisfaction than your bathroom sanctuary?

Although it may appear overwhelming at the start, you can successfully mix-in different patterns of tiles in your bathroom walls and exhibits your personal eloquence. Brick tiles surrounding the bath, hexagonal tiles on the ground, and blue patterned mosaic encompassing the sink create a vibrant, trendy, and contemporary style inside your bathroom that you'll come to adore at a first glance after the renovation. 

Bonus: Go For A Mediterranean Style While Renovating Your Bathroom

Mediterranean Style

A Mediterranean-style bathroom renovation is bound to look strikingly beautiful, only if you do it right. A few of the additions you can bring in to create the illusion of a Mediterranean vibe inside your bathroom is by adding in a concrete sink perhaps, vintage wallpapers, sconce brightness, a few mirrors on the walls, and a tarnished one of the door reflecting the main.

To bring in the ultra-modern vibe, bring in an ultra-modern faucet. This Mediterranean bathroom renovation might just come out to be your own personal masterpiece.

The Bottom Line

We heartily agree with Alicia Keys' explaining the need for a personal beautiful bathroom:

"If I want to be alone, someplace I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want - I go to the bathroom."

These bathroom renovation ideas and suggestions will come of use whenever you observe that your bathroom needs a change-over. Renovating your bathroom can make it more utilitarian, efficient, and pleasing to look at.

Whenever you are planning to renovate your bathroom to improve its appearance and functionality, keep the mentioned above ideas in the back of your mind. Bathroom renovating is always worth your money, after all, it's your sanctuary.

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