Our houses are structures where you get to relax and enjoy alone time or be sucked into the joy of having family and friends around you talking, laughing, and playing together. One may say homes provide a sense of security and belonging. It is a place where you long for when not in. If you ask most people in the working-class category what is the one place they would like to go towards the close of business, without hesitation the answer would be home. Peace is the word many would describe their houses represent.

Due to this, we should make sure that everything in our houses contributes towards that goal of peace, relaxation, and enjoyment. From the color of the walls and floor to the type of furniture used, all this should be considered.  Let us talk about how the living room takes up the lion’s share in this regard.

The living room, for most people, is a place that welcomes you and other people when entering the house. We would all love to see it attractive, classy, and welcoming. Did you know rugs greatly influence the appearance of the room? Having the right rug enables you to stand out from other homeowners. But with so many rugs out there, one can easily get confused as to which color, size, and design to pick. We are here to help you choose the right modern abstract rug for your living room. We will do so by discussing how to choose;

  1. The right color for your rug
  2. The right design for your rug

 The right color

Color is a powerful tool if used skillfully in your house. It helps set the mood.

  • Consider the existing colors of a room

If the room already has a wide range of colors, just draw from the existing tones. However, they don’t have to be the same.

If the walls or the sofa sets are boldly colored, try a rug that is neutral hence creating a restful area. Alternatively, you can make layers of different shades of neutral but ensure there is a significant difference between the rug and walls or sofa sets.

  • Consider the amount of light in the room

In a dark room, introducing a pale-colored rug will transform the place while in a well-lit area, introducing a dark-colored rug brings out a dramatic effect.

  • Consider the purpose of the room

Ask yourself what you want to achieve in the room before getting cool rugs for the living room.

A dark-colored rug makes a room to be relaxing and intimate while a bright color represents energy. Practicality should also be a key factor. You wouldn’t want a black or white-colored rug in high-traffic areas.

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The right design

A well-patterned rug adds depth, interest, and personality to a room.

  • Consider the scale of existing patterns

Never combine patterns of the same scale. The reason for this is the eye struggles to focus. The majority of patterns on the sofa sets tend to be small, hence an oversized rug offsets the place and transforms it.

  • Consider the shape of existing patterns

Although no one will stop you from repeating designs throughout your living room if you like, it’s always in your best interests to contrast modern abstract rug design with the patterns closest to it.

  • Consider the room’s overall aesthetic

The rug should complement the overall beauty of the room not overturn it.

  • Consider the room’s purpose

The living room can hold any rug design. It is where all your imaginations come true if you let them. Living rooms are ideal places for bold patterns since they display the vibrant nature of the room and its personality. Having bold patterns also increases the rug’s practicality in high-traffic areas compared to plain ones.

I hope that this content helps you in choosing your preferred rug. For all your rug needs, search and get them from therugscafe.com 

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